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  1. I bought a year membership & then I lost my house, lost family -- and now I see ads (it was *that* long?). I am sorry if I was a D**k in the past... I have lost nearly everything a man can lose (except my life) -- so I see things in a new light. If I wronged you or was rude: I apologize. Please, I ask for one last chance at redeeming myself. I have no grudges, so much has traumatized me since I been here -- I don't remember what I did or IF I did anything. But when I came here, I just felt guilty. I feel a little better. I want to be your friend. I want to be a respected member here. I just don't know what to do. This lockdown has my head in shambles. I hope everyone here is safe!

    1. dokkanexpert


      I saw a "warning: member abuse" on my profile. Whomever you are... I apologize.

  2. Days Gone is supposed to Auto Download today. Does anyone know when exactly?

    1. SaltyCat


      Usually 48 hours before release so midnight on the start of 24th probably.

    2. dokkanexpert


      Thanks for the reply and info @SaltyCat. I'm new to preordering lol.

  3. So does being off leaderboards stop support? Cus I been waiting 48hrs for some genuine replies for Persona 5. I have 10 days left to fight Kamashido and so-called "trophy hunters" only advice is "do the palace as soon as possible" -- that makes no sense cus I am level 05. Can I get some genuine help please? What should I be doing for the next 8-9 days to rank up? Please... REAL help needed.

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    2. dokkanexpert


      @Mako thank you! And I also thank you for being polite. Ok so I will do the palace a few times to level up. Appreciate the answers. Everyone kept saying Go Go Go but nobody until now said I can go multiple times. So thank you.


    3. dokkanexpert


      @starcrunch061 please stop your smartass and rude remarks and leave me alone. Thank you!



    4. Hemiak


      You can go multiple times, until you beat the palace, then it disappears. One thing to note though, on a day you visit the palace you can't do anything afterwards. So if you need to shop go before the palace. 

  4. It's my birthday on MONDAY!!! I will be 35yo 😭

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    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Happy early birthday! 🍰

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      Yeah, happy early birthday!

    4. dokkanexpert


      Thanks everyone!

  5. If u didn't know already, BLACKOPS 4 IS FREE TIL 27TH!!!

    1. SaltyCat


      Can only play Blackout mode though.

    2. dokkanexpert


      Yes. I don know what that mode is but at least people can try it out now and decide if they wanna buy.

    3. SaltyCat


      It is the battle royale for the game, pretty fun imo

  6. After 1yr & 4 mos I finally got this trophy... And the pose is Perfection!


  7. Hey i was browsing the game trade forum when I noticed you said tou live in OC. 


    Do you live in Orange County, California?

    1. NERVergoproxy


      I do. I normally sell off my stuff on craiglist to locals but these last few months had been pretty unsuccessful. I even willing to trade but nothing is really working. Maybe if I put FREE, people might get interested. haha

  8. "Best in the West" is my final 🏆 of 2018!


  9. Sigh... I'm sorry. Tbh.. Xmas is shitty. My family promised to see me today & chose other plans over me. I'm just stupid & super emotional & lonely. Sorry for my last status update. Just being a sore loser i guess.

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    2. dokkanexpert


      Yeah i'm totally sorry @NekoRave. It sucks being where i'm at. No family. No friends. No tree. No presents. No "life".

      It really hurts.

    3. BSKkayfabe


      First off @dokkanexpert i feel for you and you have my sympathies as I'm in a similar situation. Second of all @NekoRave shameless plug of a give away is utterly, truly, shameless......

    4. NekoRave


      I wouldn't say shameless as his first status was about it and I was responding to it.


      And yeah dokkan don't worry about it Merry Christmas

  10. Anyone playing RDR2 Online & wanna join my Posse; The Unforgiven?

    Prefer Honorable players.

    1. jackmadrox


      I'm still playing story mode, but when I'm finished, I'll join your posse!

    2. PermaFox


      If I get this game for Christmas I'll join with you!  

    3. TheLakota


      I'll join for sure, hit me up!

  11. Finally got the Zooligist 🏆. Shoutout to @A_B_Y_S_S_1 for the personal help.

    1. GamingWithAbyss1


      One trophy down that's a big one but there's probably still more to come good luck with them all

    2. dokkanexpert
  12. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone & my good friend on here who got me a One Year PSPLUS membership!! Thank you sooooo much bro!!!

  13. Today I got the Ultra-Rare bronze "Skin it" 🏆 from Red Dead Redemption 2. Only two more Owl's & I will have the "Zoologist" 🏆. 

    1. closertim


      Sweet. Can you do mine as well?

    2. MidnightDragon
  14. If you want a cheap copy of the RDR2 Strategy Guide, you can get it from its $24.99 in store but $19.99 if you buy online (ship it or pick it up in store). Use the code "FALL10" & get $2 off! ENJOY!!!


  15. Do you have an RDR2 Strategy Guide you no longer need?? If so -- message me please. I really need one. I can buy it or TRADE you for Monster Hunter World/The Division.



    1. Sir_Bee


      So I guess it isn't actually yours for another 49 minutes? :-P


      I hope you enjoy it :)

    2. dokkanexpert


      LOL @Sir_Bee -- LMAO this comment made me laugh so hard! Thnx bro!

    3. MaximumOverdrive
  18. Spider-Man v1.10 (4.340GB) Update Info:

    New Features

    • Added support for "The City That Never Sleeps - Turf Wars" story pack.
    • Added new frames & stickers to Photo Mode
    • Added colored speaker's names to subtitles
    • Added options to hide the Mini-Map and Control Hints on the HUD
    1. douchebro


      might as well mention the new dlc trophies.. 7 added

  19. I GOT A SPOILER!!! So we all know that tonight is RICK GRIMES' last episode in THE WALKING DEAD -- but I got the episode summary from the DVR for S09E06 (next week)



    Episode 06 takes place "six years after Rick's disappearance"




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    2. Masamune


      I had to wait for the actual episode to air, it was definitely good though. xD


      So they didn't really kill him off, I was wondering it they were going to do something like that. Apparently Rick is going to be on a different spin-off series (movie?) now. :hmm: I wonder who's going to be the new main character on the main series? Michonne, Daryl, or maybe Judith (who apparently is a 10 year old badass now)? Either way, I'm looking forward to the rest of the season, & the other projects they're planning. ^_^


    3. dokkanexpert


      @Masamune -- yeah Rick will be in 3 AMC TWD Movies (Or Silver Screen?) which should cover the Commonwealth Arc which takes place AFTER the Whisperer Arc (and another). Maggie (prediction) should be going to the commonwealth since next week is HER last episode as well.


      Overall, GREAT EPISODE! That scene with Rick over all the bodies was straight from TWD Issue #100 cover. And Negan begged for death from Maggie I believe that is Comic #147.


      To answer your question is a bit of a spoiler (regarding who the next lead will be)



      Negan eventually escapes the cell and ends the Whisperer War. He eventually imho will become the next leader. Who hasnt bitten throats or executed people in this world? a true "hero" in this series. I'm sure if we followed Negan and the Saviors from the start of TWD, we'd have been rooting for them to beat Rick & Group.


    4. Masamune




      Seriously? Cool, I was kinda hoping for something like that. ^_^ When it came down to the villains of the story, I always kinda liked Negan (completely opposite of the Governor, who I kept thinking; when are they going to kill this guy off?). xD 


  20. Platinum #039 - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

  21. SONYREWARDS will be back up in 16 hours! Can't wait to redeem my $20 code & get RED DEAD 2.

  22. October leaks were correct! Can't wait to add Yakuza & Burly Men to my Platinum collection!

  23. Platinum #037 - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune


    Next: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves