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  1. So does being off leaderboards stop support? Cus I been waiting 48hrs for some genuine replies for Persona 5. I have 10 days left to fight Kamashido and so-called "trophy hunters" only advice is "do the palace as soon as possible" -- that makes no sense cus I am level 05. Can I get some genuine help please? What should I be doing for the next 8-9 days to rank up? Please... REAL help needed.

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    2. Mako


      do it as soon as possible. :y 
      seriously, you can't do any social links (can't remember p5 name) with teammates until you clear the palace, if you feel you need to level up then just kill stuff and congrats you level up

    3. dokkanexpert


      @Mako if I visit NOW is it a one time deal or will I be able to leave and come back?

    4. Mako


      you can go as many times as you want, but ideally should only go once or twice early as possible, you should be fine without many items

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