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  1. Over the past 3 days I spent about 8hrs trying for this trophy. My time??? 15.05!!!!!!!! I am sooooo happy!!! I've already got two more Trophy's down. 15.05 seconds!!! Beaten by a measly 0.05 seconds lol.
  2. Ok bro. I have to disagree. Collectible Tracking in TLOU2 vs TLOU1 is amazeballs turn on your HUD to Setting 1 & then slide your touchpad. Enemies will be red, collectibles will be gold. If you go into the traversal settings You can setup collectible tracking & u can even make it so u send out a "ping" like echo location.. Like a scanner. (Set it to 30m every 1s). As you can see below, two of my ­čĆć popped while I was using the HUD change. I made sure to swipe it off when I found the last trading cars & coin... But the two trophies below show that I did use it. And it is very very helpful. I'm now on Survivor+ for supplements & scrap.
  3. Hey everyone! I spent several hours trimming gameplay, transitions & connecting scenes to make what I feel -- on a first try -- is very emotional cinematic movie showing the conflict from BOTH SIDES. Now I made this movie for two reasons. The main reason was I heard a lot of people had review bombed the Games Score so in Three parts, I wanted to show those who had no plans of playing or thinking they knew the plot that they were wrong. And secondly, the story just amazing. I'm gonna make a better video someday. Naughtydog was smart asf -- cus I honestly thought the game was abput revenge cus bigots killed Dina. Anyways.. I hope you enjoy. The total length if you watch all three parts is about 45mins. It's a playlist so it will Auto play the next one if you wanna watch here. Enjoy!
  4. I bought a year membership & then I lost my house, lost family -- and now I see ads (it was *that* long?). I am sorry if I was a D**k in the past... I have lost nearly everything a man can lose (except my life) -- so I see things in a new light. If I wronged you or was rude: I apologize. Please, I ask for one last chance at redeeming myself. I have no grudges, so much has traumatized me since I been here -- I don't remember what I did or IF I did anything. But when I came here, I just felt guilty. I feel a little better. I want to be your friend. I want to be a respected member here. I just don't know what to do. This lockdown has my head in shambles. I hope everyone here is safe!

    1. dokkanexpert


      I saw a "warning: member abuse" on my profile. Whomever you are... I apologize.

  5. I loved the first game. I'd like to continue the Story & get me some easy Trophy's but I read stuff about the Platinum that I am unsure about so I thought I'd ask those who played it first. Do I need the deluxe for Platinum? If not, are the extra few dollars to play as Max worth it or beneficial to the Story? I would appreciate input please.
  6. Isn't this an awesome pose? I finally got it!!! Took me only 16 months!!!
  7. Enjoy!!
  8. I remember, "who's footprints are these?" In snow being so amazing. Hideo invented Movie-gaming.
  9. Redeemed bro. Thanks!
  10. So does anyone know what trophies we can earn in NG+? Has this info been released, cause I google checked and couldn't find anything. Any help would be most appreciated, thank you!
  11. So right now I am level 3 & want to fight this Griffin & move on. I have no more ?'s & its getting boring asf now. But reading ahead on guides I read something about before meeting the king (after the griffin) you get asked questions based on your W2 playthru. So the questions I will be asked, can someone who has finished W2 & W3 please tell me what I should say? I know one of the questions results in a quest. I never played W2 & im not going to. Just looking for the best dialogue choices if im going for platinum. I appreciate the help!
  12. I still dont know which options affect what later in the game. Anyone? But what about the one that gives a quest? One of the questions asked (depending on my answer) will bring 1 character "back to life" & another gives a quest. I most certainly want that quest!
  13. So I tried running as fast as I could w/o moving the ball and by the time the game loads i always am at the same spot, just coming clear of the "forced" run and able to move left right or forward -- but the game loads. Is this maze even possible cause I'm pretty sure solving the maze will be a trophy! HEADS UP WARNING: IF YOU CLOSE OUT THE GAME -- /YOU RESET EVERYTHHHING! I spent about 5 hours on this game yesterday, leveled up a LOT and had tons of ammo... I open it just now, all my ammo, coins, level ups, ALL GONE. I'm soo mad.
  14. I was thinking that when you view a trophy guide you could see what trophies you've gotten and need to get for that particular title. I'd also like to see a revamp of the entire "guides" system. I think both these ideas would improve the site and also get some more premiums.
  15. Anyone discovered something cool or new yet? I discovered the trophy pop's are just a *tad* different, but noticeable. ANYONE ELSE? EDIT: Ok, the Trophy Pop here it is: BEFORE UPDATE: AFTER UPDATE: Ok, I didn't know this was old. I've only just now known about this because I use two controllers (for DUO MODE) in Beyond: Two Souls.
  16. +1 rep to all genuine replies. Especially those who have played it. Is The Witcher 3 good for me if I loved Monster Hunter World & Horizon Zero Dawn??? How long is the Story?? Is character development good?? I loved Detroit: Become Human Storyline... It was incredibly great!! Is this worth it for $14.99 how many hours of gameplay??? The more the better!! Anyways, I hope someone can talk me into getting this. Still waiting for Persona 5 to go on Sale.
  17. Thanks to all replies. Everyone who replied got +1 rep. I finally beat it & got 15.05 -- just barely!!
  18. So I'm looking at Days Gone and it says Auto-Download Date is 04/23/2019 -- which is TODAY. So my question is when will it download??
  19. Days Gone is supposed to Auto Download today. Does anyone know when exactly?

    1. SaltyCat


      Usually 48 hours before release so midnight on the start of 24th probably.

    2. dokkanexpert


      Thanks for the reply and info @SaltyCat. I'm new to preordering lol.

  20. dokkanexpert Sound Shapes Cloud Sync. Sound Shapes Clous Sync. Sound Shapes Cloud Sync Sound Shapes Cloud Sync Sound Shapes Cloud Sync As for the PS3 version, I originally did that on the VITA before I lost my system before I could sync the trophies.
  21. It was my birthday on Monday (the big 3-5) & someone here gave me a $25 code so I immediately bought Persona 5. Ok last night I saved and stopped playing so I could get some answers so some replies would be great!!! I have 10 days to fight Kamishido in his palace. Every day & night, Ann & Ryuji keep asking me to go but I keep putting it off. I have a job at the convenience store & I only work when its rainy. Ive read a book on the train & found out the hard way that the library & the Cafe wastes a whole day or night. Where am I exactly? Well the Cafe guy where I live *just* gave me the permissions to go outside in the evening. Currently, I am "after school" with 10 days left. I know to take my time so thats exactly what I am gonna do. But I need help. According to the "World Stats" -- everyone is level 09 where I am at & I am only level 05. I have the option to "train" with Ryuji right now OR do something else? I want to get my stats up. Can a palace be visited multiple times or once you say "Lets Go!" then its a one shot deal? What did you do with 10 days? How can I rank up my stats, Skills, level & what should I be doing within these 10 days? Can ya'll help steer me in a direction? Like #1 do this #2 go here #3 read this at this location -- I dunno what to do but I got 10 days left until Kamishido expells us. What should I be doing? I appreciate any and all replies and will give ALL helpful replies a +1. Please... No Spoilers!!! And I never played 1-4 either.
  22. Everytime I start a game I go to google and type "GameTitle Trophy roadmap" and get the proper trophy guide info I need. Hopefully this helps you too.
  23. So does being off leaderboards stop support? Cus I been waiting 48hrs for some genuine replies for Persona 5. I have 10 days left to fight Kamashido and so-called "trophy hunters" only advice is "do the palace as soon as possible" -- that makes no sense cus I am level 05. Can I get some genuine help please? What should I be doing for the next 8-9 days to rank up? Please... REAL help needed.

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    2. dokkanexpert


      @Mako thank you! And I also thank you for being polite. Ok so I will do the palace a few times to level up. Appreciate the answers. Everyone kept saying Go Go Go but nobody until now said I can go multiple times. So thank you.


    3. dokkanexpert


      @starcrunch061 please stop your smartass and rude remarks and leave me alone. Thank you!



    4. Hemiak


      You can go multiple times, until you beat the palace, then it disappears. One thing to note though, on a day you visit the palace you can't do anything afterwards. So if you need to shop go before the palace.