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  1. Loved the first game plated it on another gamer tag think i spent about 200 hours on this or more
  2. first season is now only £12.99 for anyone thats wants it here note you will need to have a europe psn account to redeem the code
  3. About to preorder this in the uk now looking forward to season 3
  4. PSN THE-COKE-MONKEY UK time Playing Destiny 2 Ni no kuni 2 Far cry 5 borderlands the pre-sequel yakuza 0 Street fighter v still trying to learn when i get time to on and off starting either detroit become human, monster hunter world or vampyr over the weekend or by monday hopefully will be on new destiny 2 dlc if its any good when its launched looking for people to do the hard raid with
  5. yeah having a few problems with street fighter v trophies seem to be a tad hard to get might take another look at it at the weekend. really wanna try and crack on with ni no kuni 2 i think next
  6. Thanks starting monster hunter world 2morr might be playing vampyr as well if it shows up
  7. Mine should come 2morr got it for £35
  8. Hi how is everyone doing? Oldish trophy hunter doing what i can on my games Been hooked on dragons crown of late. Trying to plat destiny 2 on trophy left do the raid on hard. Oh yeah no im not a coke head i just drink an alwful amount of coke thats all lol