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  1. Yep finally, those 2,5 days felt extremely long. At first I thought it was because I live in Europe and we got the game before USA but turned out that wasn't the case, Ubisoft being as lazy as they always are lol not even remastering FC3 just porting it. But honestly I don't care that they only ported it because I love Far Cry 3 as it is. (Completed main story 5 times atm) Almost at the platinum trophie on PS4 right now, finished the main story with some extra things 20 mins ago
  2. Yeah they better get them trophies on the servers ASAP! I want to platinum this game and sync them up before it releases to the public...
  3. I've had this problem yesterday when I came out, I just had to change the input setting on my TV from Game Console to PC. My (2017 Samsung) TV has less input lag when switching over to PC mode. If your TV has that option you should try it out. But still I have a small amount of input lag, but after grinding this game for about 12 hours already, I got used to it