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  1. Indeed looks like it's back to working for me too. Just restarted each missing game for a minute and clicked on sync with playstation network and all appears to be back to normal phew!
  2. Noticed this issue crop up on 5th December after having completed Steins gate went on to finish One night stand and start two more games none of which show up on the games list under my ps4 profile page. Everything is right with the trophy count,(not sure of number of games played)and it all displays correctly on the ps4 mobile app and psnprofiles. Have already contacted sony hope they sort things out soon.
  3. Indeed the episodes are now available in the store finally!!!
  4. Having this same issue on uk ps store for last few days. Managed somehow to download episode 2 from within the game however no luck with episode 3. Upon searching the store only the season pass(which i own) and episodes 1,4 and 5 are visible. Contacted sony support though no real help. Got a reply from Telltale support instead which offered a hopeful solution quote; "We have been in contact with Playstation regarding this issue. We have requested that they make some changes to the back end of their servers to help potentially resolve this issue.We are hoping to have a response from them regarding when these changes will be implemented soon. Thank you for your patience as we work out the problems." Hoping for a fix real soon really enjoying the game.