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  1. Idk, we’ve had plenty of “incremental” updates, NONE of which deemed a beta, none that can recall. System performance updates could be tested in house. For them to beta test it, it seems like they put in grounds for a framework for something, and need to see how it interacts with the database across a vast amount of users.
  2. The latest update didn’t seem to add much at all, but warranted a beta test...seems kinda odd if you ask me. Anyone else feel there’s more going on under the hood than what Sony is letting on? Like maybe slowly incorporating the framework for something much larger, perhaps name changes? What are your thoughts?
  3. Yeah, internet if fine. I get 600mbps. It’s just weird. When I go to reply, I can type my response, but the notify me of replies button doesn’t work unless I press an inch to the right of it. The submit reply button doesn’t register at all. must be an iPhone thing, as it works fine on my iPad as of now. Strange Pc and iPad are fine. You know what, just remembered, I’m running iOS 12 on my iPhone. I’m a beta tester for apple for this iOS version. I wonder if it’s something to do with a new Appkit or something in new Safari that’s breaking compatibility with this sites CSS or coding?
  4. Anyone else having trouble replying to posts? What I mean is, when you type your stuff in, and try to submit your reply, nothing if the button is inoperable? Ive used Both Safari and Google Chrome on iPhone and iPad, with same problem....
  5. Curious, what is a cheap game, indies qualify, that we’re $5 or cheaper you only got because it was so cheap, and ended up having tons more fun than you had originally anticipated? I bought Cats Quest as a joke, and 3 days later I was still playing it...
  6. The Division. Boy did My buds and I have some major high hopes for this game, talking about it everyday until it’s launch, and boy did it bomb fast...we all felt like we wasted $60.
  7. I used to adore Xbox achievements on the Xbox 360. Eventually moved to PS4 on launch, didn’t give much thought into trophies. Idk, sometimes I’ll go for trophies, if it’s a game I really like. Other games, I take what I get and move on. I guess you could say I treat trophies like sort of a checklist of sorts?Eventually I disabled achievement/trophy Notifications across both platforms and honestly, it’s interesting to see how many trophies I get, not even paying attention.
  8. Man I remember when I used to worry about gamer score. Trophies are nice, but damn me if I only strive for the ones I really’s looking at you Duke Nukem and MW Remastered
  9. I was thinking this. Nothing wrong with a delayed game either. I’d rather them iron out kinks now instead of adhere to the policy of ship it broken to meet date, fix it later BS mentality a lot of these developers have been doing for the Past 10 years.
  10. Cheers to whoever get 00001/50000. That fucker will sell for $800 or more on eBay...
  11. It may just be me, but busting balls to achieve a certain percentage or amount of plats seems more like work and a job than having fun for the enjoyment of games. I only say so because I use to be like this with my Xbox account and gamer score. It became tedious and not fun. Getting acheviements and trophies are still fun, on games I actually enjoy, but forcing myself through games I don’t like just for the sake of a pat on the back for completion? No thanks.
  12. Kitty Sullivan... James “Kitty” Sullivan from Monsters Incorporated. Boo always called him kitty...I like cats. It works. Sometimes people think I’m a chick and I get free stuff in MMOs...I can settle for that...
  13. This is what I’m thinking it will be as well. It might in fact be the only way possible or feasible if one assumes they used the PSN name as the primary key.
  14. The OP links are bad. The correct link is:
  15. Glad it helped.