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  1. I was thinking this. Nothing wrong with a delayed game either. I’d rather them iron out kinks now instead of adhere to the policy of ship it broken to meet date, fix it later BS mentality a lot of these developers have been doing for the Past 10 years.
  2. Cheers to whoever get 00001/50000. That fucker will sell for $800 or more on eBay...
  3. It may just be me, but busting balls to achieve a certain percentage or amount of plats seems more like work and a job than having fun for the enjoyment of games. I only say so because I use to be like this with my Xbox account and gamer score. It became tedious and not fun. Getting acheviements and trophies are still fun, on games I actually enjoy, but forcing myself through games I don’t like just for the sake of a pat on the back for completion? No thanks.
  4. Kitty Sullivan... James “Kitty” Sullivan from Monsters Incorporated. Boo always called him kitty...I like cats. It works. Sometimes people think I’m a chick and I get free stuff in MMOs...I can settle for that...
  5. This is what I’m thinking it will be as well. It might in fact be the only way possible or feasible if one assumes they used the PSN name as the primary key.
  6. The OP links are bad. The correct link is:
  7. Glad it helped.
  8. I found the correct link to sign up for the Firmware 6.0 Beta. It worked for me
  9. Just curious, if update 6.0 allows PSN Name Changes, even for a fee, are you planning to change your name, and if so, why or why not?
  10. COD MWR. I sat at 980/1000 GS on Xbox forever because of the stupid intel. When I got MW remastered for PS4, knowing I would get a plat, pushed me to actually play the game and plat it. I’m jealous because of Xbox having no plat, I had no strive to get those final 20pts.
  11. Yeah the link is dead. Maybe 6.0 will bring name change API. EDIT: July 26 - I found a working link and was able to register for beta. didn’t copy paste thr link, But if I come across it again, I’ll put it here. I know for sure the link did NOT include the actual update firmware number.
  12. Mass Effect 1 Mass Effect 2 Mass get the idea...
  13. I bought Legend of Kay for $2.99. 3 days later, I’m still playing it. It’s a nice game, if you like running around as a cat.
  14. Well thanks for posting my email...dang it! Just kiddongkidding
  15. There’s something similar being advertised on Facebook as well. Man, all I can think of is the old days of Nintendo and that good old Game Genie....