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  1. I changed my PSN name. Let’s see if it shows up here Nope, not yet, atleast
  2. I assume you started on PS3 and like many, didn’t know how to get the capital letters?
  3. Yeah but it’s just kitty sullivan... maybe I should’ve put Mr. tagged on Ah, okey dokey I don’t know about those.
  4. I hear that. Too many people assume I’m a I kinda can’t wait to change mine
  5. Latest I’ve heard is my buddy is unable to play COD PS3 games as they freeze up whenever it shows the PSN name on screen. Which is upsettinggg as I want to reply through Mass Effect series. I’m hearing CoD MW3 and Blk OPs 2 is freezing up Why ignore?
  6. Glad to see Mass Effect was tested...
  7. It probably had to add that special code to their profile.
  8. Did your name change appear on the ps3?
  9. Sony stated, when I spoke with them about this, that the original PSN name would remain in place. Hence why they offer a “revert” back feature for any unsupported games.
  10. Swapping won’t happen. The original PSN name is still ther account Identifier.
  11. That’s what I said. She’s got the best damned name by far
  12. I wanted to change mine but damn...idk now. It’s either roll with a new account or just be Kitty forever...strangely enough, the things you risk losing seems to be on par with what sony would warn customers of when having a forced PSN name change due to some of you “creative” beat the automated system types... I seriously think you have the best damn PSN name I’ve ever seen. It’s oroginal, creative and easy to understand the reference.
  13. Thanks! I need to get an image hosting account eventually.
  14. Well, most of us have seen the guidelines...seems like the risk outweighs the luster. What is everyone’s thoughts?
  15. No problem at all.