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  1. im not too crazy about PS NOW, even on a 600mpbs connection, streaming can be hit or miss, however from my last few weeks of using it, the trophies you earn, even while on the trial, will show up on your ps4 trophy list. PS NOW made me give up and forget all about completion ratio. Too many games to test and try out unlocking that one trophy for pressing start or opening a door, you know the usual. When you first load up the ps3 XMB, it will sync your messages and trophies from ps4. It will save your games to the cloud. Even if you cancel the trial and wait a few months to renew, your saves will still be available via their cloud. Trophies work the same as they do on PS4 while using PS NOW. As for buying the physical copies and retaining your save, I am not 100% certain. I wanna say, no. but again. I don't know for sure as I do not have a ps3 anymore to test this for you. Some caveats, and PS support is clear about this, but not everyone reads, so remember you CANNOT share play a game nor can you take screenshots/video unless you use an external capture card or medium.
  2. HMU. I play other stuff too. Just check my list
  3. Stupid me watched the whole ps e3 waiting for name change announcement... i have to say though, Xbox did really good this year snatching up some good first party studios. But PS4 blew me away as usual. EA? Their good for the Sims 4....still glad to see tomb raider but sad ubi didn’t hint at all of a new splinter cell. Guess we’ll have to settle for the “hint” in ghost recon wild lands. Ubi is good at le@ving shit out, like what happened to CPT Scott Mitchell unless you play Hawx.
  4. COD MW Remasted has NO multiplayer trophies still.
  5. Welcome man!!! If you play ESO, add me.
  6. Ive thought about doing just this. Until MassEffect goes on PSNOW
  7. Sheer power, the Xbox One X wins hands down. but there are some major caveats that give ps4 the lead. Take Fallout 4 for instance, it runs (still) like ass on Xbox One X at 4k. Constant stuttering and frame rate drops in wooded areas whereas the ps4 Pro, while only running at 1440p...i get no framerate drops in the same areas....then you get to games like Skyrim SE, the opening scene runs stutters on ps4 Pro, but buttery smooth Xbox X.... each game varies for the most part. In theory the Xbox one X should run everything better, but sadly it does not. Ghost Recon Wildlands, i cannot tell the difference between the two and i play it on both consoles. I have friends on both so it is what it is.
  8. I’ll put it this way. I have both, Xbox one X and PS4 Pro. My PS4 gets way more use than my Xbox. If you do get a PS4, I would get a PS4 slim or the Pro model.
  9. Add me if you want. Im always looking for COOP buddy on Ghost Recon that isn't an a55hat charging in to screw the whole team. and yeah, a couple of buddies i served with in Iraq are on PS4, and yeah again, quite a few my xbox friends moved over to ps4 recently too. I still have an Xbox One X, but honestly my ps4 gets way more play time. funny how that happens. you know. I'm just got off the floor from laughing.. you are absolutely correct, that sir may be the deciding factor right there.. i can't stop laughing thinking about this right now. Thanks for the laugh. It was much needed. You know what, how do i lock a thread? I'm new to this Forum thing. Some of you made some really good points and made me get a good laugh as well, for the right reasons of course. Imma continue to roll with the kitty_sullivan ID. Add me if you want (mention this forum though plz). Screw the haters. This ID has 3 years of sentimental value to me on Xbox and PS4 so I'm gonna stick with it. Not my fault, others misinterpreted it from my original intentions. Thanks everyone.
  10. I was originally gonna do that, even tried to convince PS Customer Support to change the K and S into capitals...but they said they couldn't.
  11. You might be right. Part of me really wants to keep the psn id. it does have sentimental value to me. It is a damn shame as you said others see it for something else other than what I had intended.