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  1. My last missing Rot on Rusu Mountain was there after patch 1.08.I got the platinum now.
  2. I will try it but i have the Problem on Rusu Mountain and not the Village!Hopefully they will patched it?I didn’t want to made another playtrough on this shitty game.I didn’t enjoy.I was so hyperd until i played it for the first time.
  3. Did anyone know if they solved the issue with the missiong rots?
  4. Completley frustrating. I can't understand why so much developers bring out non working games with a lot of huge problems and glitches or bugs?
  5. I missed one at Rusu Mountains.I checked all the places twice with two different video guides.I think i missed one feom the unmissable ones.This game is so annoying and frustrating with all the bugs.If i know it before i never had spending 40€ for this game.🙄
  6. The other version from PS5Trophies didn’t worked for me.So i try this version and it worked like a charm.Thanks buddy.I did it on the EU Version with patch 1.003 an got the trophy with this method.I play the PS5 version of the Game.
  7. I was one of the first who unlocked this trophy.Check my times in the leaderboards and compare it with the patched times.I had no problems with any historical races.
  8. if you are signing a team contract in the wrc class, you will get a lot of xp.I leveled up after joining the wrc class from 29 to 60 in one wrc season with short rally’s( 3 stages each rally). So normally if you play one realistic rally and 3 short rally’s in the career should be enough to hit level 80 in the career.
  9. You need about 100.000XP to reach level 80.If you skip the Rally you don’t get much xp. You only get 2.000XP for winning one complete rally.So i advise do as much rallys as you can.
  10. I'm not sure, but I can test it and try it out. But I am sure that if you skip all the races you will get fired from your team because the team expects you to get results. But if anyone knows more, please let us know. But I advise you better to drive the races because you have to reach level 80 in your career, and the higher your rank, the more experience points you need to advance.
  11. It is for me a easy platinum.I habe the game since yeaterday, and the only two trophies they are a little bit harder are get 10 gold medals in challenges (they are not really hard at all) and complete 12 classic rally’s.Some of them need a few tries.The other (like a boss) is that you have to complete a season in the wrc career with realistic length.
  12. Oh my god!I hope that i didn’t run in the same situation like you.I have problems with the car collector trophy.
  13. I don’t get the trophy for car collector!Had 6 cars at the truck,nascar and othe nascar series.I didn’t get the trophy!I don’t know what i should do?This game makes me so mad.
  14. So annoying!I also can’t believe there is so much incomplete games out there.I have so much troubles now with Nascar Heat 5.🙄
  15. I had the platinum trophy on NH 3 & NH 4. I also completed the challenges on NH 5. What i hate on this game now is that a lot of trophies are buged.The didn’t popped up for me.That is really annoying.