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  1. Thank you so much finding this way to fix the exploit.Worked perfect.But i had to do this twice, because i did something wrong on my first try.I have played complete offline with Update 1.07 on my SSD PS5. After i finished the game i followed these steps what are described in the original post. I only have to kill one robot now, and then I got shiny platinum trophy. @edit: I have got platinum now. Thank you all here for your amazong work to help other people to get the platinum trophy.
  2. Hard is one thing, online stuff another thing. Most of the people online drive unfair as hell.They pushed you out if you are leading.That makes the online part a nightmare. If it is offline and hard i can live with it.
  3. i had no problems with anything.Play it on PS5 and everything was ok. Not the best racing game, but good enough.Just a little bit grindy.
  4. What a joke that the developers doesn’t deactivated the trophies in easy mode.I played the original game with the original difficulty mode two times on platinum.So for me it is now a punch in the face.That suck’s.
  5. If they show up again. However, you can be just as unlucky and wait a few weeks until the right cars come back. Nobody knows exactly how the cycle works either.
  6. Correct. That was my basic thought behind my statement. Some are really extremely petty.
  7. Maybe they must be really racecars like the Sauber C9 or Mazda 787B or the Jaguar XJR-9?I know it was only a theory but who knows really what PD was doing at the end?
  8. The only really difficult challenge for me was S-7 with the F1 car. This really tested my patience. Was about to throw the PS5 off the second floor. All the others were not the most difficult challenge for me. Sure it depends on your driving skills and your persistence, but they are all really doable if you try them over and over again.You just keep getting better and faster with each additional try.
  9. Did anyone think it is easier to get the platinum in coop mode?I want to give it a try with my best mate.I think alone it would be too hard for me and him.
  10. Cheers mate. I was able to complete it with your tip.
  11. I can't believe nobody knows anything about this trophy and the cars required to unlock the trophy. The developers are a complete bunch of incompetent good-for-nothings.
  12. Hello folks. The only challenge I'm still missing is the Multi Strike Challenge. Is there a good place or trick where I can easily farm the challenge threquires me to kill two enemies with one katana hit? Thanks very much.
  13. Have the same problem. I miss one Checkpoint. There is no one shown up on the map now. Ubisoft is a really piece of sh**. They can't do nothing right. Stupid id****!!!!! Is there anyone who knos a workaround for missing Checkpoints or anything elese!?
  14. My last missing Rot on Rusu Mountain was there after patch 1.08.I got the platinum now.
  15. I will try it but i have the Problem on Rusu Mountain and not the Village!Hopefully they will patched it?I didn’t want to made another playtrough on this shitty game.I didn’t enjoy.I was so hyperd until i played it for the first time.