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  1. Oh my god!I hope that i didn’t run in the same situation like you.I have problems with the car collector trophy.
  2. I don’t get the trophy for car collector!Had 6 cars at the truck,nascar and othe nascar series.I didn’t get the trophy!I don’t know what i should do?This game makes me so mad.
  3. So annoying!I also can’t believe there is so much incomplete games out there.I have so much troubles now with Nascar Heat 5.🙄
  4. I had the platinum trophy on NH 3 & NH 4. I also completed the challenges on NH 5. What i hate on this game now is that a lot of trophies are buged.The didn’t popped up for me.That is really annoying.
  5. I have also problems to get them popped.Hate the conplete series!Everygame is buggy.
  6. I will wait until there is a lot of player who are unlocked the platinum.If there are no unobtainable trophies, i will give it a try for a cheaper price.
  7. It is really easy, but only the Helltower can be take a little bit longer and took some patience.
  8. Also for the NG+ and Iron Mode?Or only for the main game?
  9. Normally the trophies where synchronized when sony lists the game on there servers.I had the same issues with both versions of the game.But if you where offline both games where shown up with the platinum.
  10. Hi mate my friend Der_echte_Remix send an invite to your crew. Please invite him. Thanks a lot mate. My friend got the invite and get the trophy. He has leaved the crew immediately after the trophy popped.Thanks a lot.
  11. I am sure Sony will do something about that issue if the top trophy hunter will reach this limit.
  12. I can't stop laughing about this phrase..... 🙈
  13. Codemasters is not really able to made games they will work fine as they should. Same with F1 collection. every game frome them have problems or glitched trophies. I get really bored now from all the broken games who was released from this company.
  14. Hi mate. A good friend of mine (der_echte_remix) send you a crew request to join. He immediately leaves after he get the trophy.
  15. Oh my dear!I hoped that i can start with the game now and get all the trophys they where glitched.I can’t collect the platinum now at 2020 for this game. Another few weeks to wait.Relly boring and a really bad job again Codemasters.