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  1. #32 I never got the chance to ever play the original re2 or 3 but when I heard that this was being remade, I wasn’t sure how it would have turned out but I was quite surprised since the original came out 20 years and me experiencing this for the first had me gain a lot of respect of how long capcom was working on this game and how lengthy it was and how much of a replay ability it has, here’s hoping soon enough code Veronica gets remade next:)
  2. PSN: Jonsnow95 i would like to meet some trophy hunters or players that play for fun if they can communite from time to time, recently a lot of players in the past have added but barely respond and we’re just ignoring me, so if u are one those people that likes communicate id appreciate that and I’d be more then happy to help out anybody who needs help with any trophies in multiplayer or co op, I hope all of you have a lovely day and stay safe🙂
  3. #28 one of the hardest and rariest platinum I have achieved, I feel so proud of myself:) I didn’t think this game was as great as outlast but it was still good and the atmosphere was pretty creepy.
  4. #25 Master Of Kyrat-Obtain all the Trophies this is probley considered my least favorite Far cry, I have played and beat the story of almost all the far cry games from 3-new dawn and this just made me disappointed, i wasn’t a fan of the story or the characters you interact with but the gameplay was decent enough to keep me playing the only person I cared about during the whole game was mainly pagan min and Troy baker did a excellent job voicing him😊 difficulty 4/10 enjoyment 7/10
  5. ASSASSIN'S CREED IV BLACK FLAG All Rounder-Play on every game mode, and use every ability and ranged weapon once in Multiplayer.
  6. I’m looking for other friendly people to talk Too and to play games with or boost, I’m mainly into single player games but I’ll play cooperative games if somebody wants a hand, looking forward to meeting some nice players soon:)
  7. #23 I have enjoyed heavy rain and beyond two souls but I would probley put this on top of the two in terms of characters, soundtrack and story and even the high tech technology that is in the game makes it really interesting:)
  8. #22 Difficulty 4/10 enjoyment 7/10
  9. #21 difficulty-2.5/10 enjoyment-9.6/10
  10. 19# Getting platinum in the remastered version was quite easy and fun, they was no MP which was satisfying, I would probley put this game behind far cry 5. enjoyment 8.5/10 difficulty 4.5/10
  11. #18 Spider-Man and 100% truly my most favorite ps4 exclusive game, getting the screwballs trophies in the dlcs were hard but also fun at times, hoping that there will be a sequel in the next few years
  12. Prophet Finish the game without hiding in a barrel or closet Add to Cabinet
  13. Bible Study Collect 40 documents
  14. MIDDLE-EARTH: SHADOW OF MORDOR - GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION RECENT Stinking Rebels Brand 5 Bodyguards of a Warchief, turning them against him in combat. Add to Cabinet PLAYERS19,988 (19.88%)PLATINUM ACHIEVERS38%AVERAGE COMPLETION2,825,857TROPHIES EARNED2,446 (2.43%)100% COMPLETEDMIDDLE- GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION
  15. Iðunn’s Orchard Fully upgrade your Health Add to Cabin
  16. #17 Easy platinum, great game, hope there will be a sequel one day🙌
  17. Please add me, just let me know your from PSNPROFILES, I don’t really play any multiplayer games but I do love other game genres!
  18. #10 Infamous First Light Noble Achievement
  19. Watch dogs T-bone pest control- complete act 3
  20. Resident evil code Veronica- when I heard it was coming to PS4 I was really excited but when I got the game and played it I couldn’t get used to the controls, I hope one day the game gets a proper remake like resident evil 1.
  21. BOWELWHISTLER-Finish the DLC in Insane mode
  22. LUNATIC Finish the game in Insane mode
  23. Hey everyone I’m willing to accept any friend request, just make sure to tell me that your from psn profiles, I mainly play SP games but if you have bloodborne or the last of us we can play PSN jonsnow95