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  1. Idk I just love it and the suspense. I dont get that with F13. Plus there is a variety of trophies, and plenty of sweet DLC
  2. Thanks for the info. I have had it download for the longest time but have yet to play. Dead by Daylight on the other hand is a personal favorite but never tried to really platinum it
  3. Just to clarify, this CAN be platinumed 100% strictly in Private matches?
  4. I played the prologue of Vampyr last night and I have to say from what I played (Maybe 20 mins or so) I did enjoy. I sold my PS4 this morning and ordered a Pro so no playing for me until Monday though unless I play on my sisters PS4 😂

    1. ZexionPonty92


      Great to know! I'm going to buy that game soon.

      Congrats for your new Pro 🤑

    2. ProfessorPlat
  5. Wow thank you haha
  6. Just wondering when I will be able to post status updates on my own profile? I can post messages to other users but not on my own profile yet. Is it post locked? Cheers😀
  7. The game has twice as many achievements as it does trophies so I just dont know why they gave them separate lists
  8. I know that games obviously dont have to have a platinum, and I dont mind it at all! Im just curious as to what made them decide to give the xbox version twice as many achievements as well as a full 1000G list, and then not on PS4? I wonder what goes into play when it comes down to something like this.
  9. Probably by changing the date on their console?
  10. Wow, this just made things 10x easier if it works. I havent researched this game much yet, but now that its free I am more than interested
  11. Ill definitely be doing this. Haven't played yet, but does this give the player a pretty good advantage?
  12. It varies to what can be earned offline/online and the truth is people are pretty uncertain of what those are. Some kill trophies pop, some do not. My advice is researching the specific trophy it is that you are after and seeing that way. Personally I forget which ones were said to be able to be earned offline. sorry m8 tis a grind. The good news is if you platinum it, then you can get the other version of the game, and most the trophies will auto pop;)
  13. Thanks for the reply, I just watched a few of your boss fights and it persuaded me to buy it. Its downloading now:)
  14. What game would you compare this to? Might pick it up today
  15. If you are still interested, its literally not grindy. Theres only 5 quick chapters, and you will have the kill 1000 enemies by the end of chapter 3. There are multiple parts in the game where it forces you to play as Shaqtus, diesel, etc. By the time I beat the game (which is short) I only needed 2 trophies which can be done in chapter select