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  1. Essential PS4 Platinum Trophies Hello to The PSNProfile's Community! The PlayStation 4 has recently achieved over 100 million console sales and with a very strong focus on huge AAA single-player experiences exclusive to PlayStation, I believe that the PS4 will go down as one of the greatest consoles ever. I started this generation with buying my first PlayStation and falling in love with trophy hunting and platinum trophies. So the topic of the forum post, what are the essential PS4 platinum trophies that every trophy hunter should have? The games can be easy or hard, long or short, the biggest AAA to the smallest indie, as long as you believe people should have the platinum trophy in their collection it can be on this list. Feel free to type a list or a love letter to one specific game. Here is the list of every game that's been submitted to the forum. This list turned into some good platinum recommendations and inspiration, so I linked guides to every game with at least 2 votes if a certain game strikes your interest. And to clarify you can list any game, it doesn't have to be a PlayStation exclusive. Thank you for reading and the submissions. Have a nice day!