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  1. I wonder, but is there any reason for this? Dunno, some people got their pre-order before, and there wasn't any information about "no-no"
  2. Mortal Kombat 11 disappeared from the Playstaion store ukr. Hello every one, just wanna see is anyone got this problem except Ukrainian region PSN/ It's been five days since and I'm really upset (wanna get my pre-order) Are there any news or smth.?
  3. Yep, thanks for the tip, i've done it already. Next hard thing were air steals, but with a bit of the practice I made it. Plat took 6-7 hours with a little brake
  4. Can you tell me how to do this sh*t? It's f*cking unreall Scuttle BonusDestroy your own plane before it hits the ground after ejecting from it It's falling down so quick, I can't do anything
  5. And there are your 100% sure?) They brought back Complete First Season edition, so you still need to upgrade it to GOTY)