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  1. Every track is kinda easy except Sewer Speedway and Dragon Mines (a little bit Crash Cove - but than you master SF it's gonna be easy) ,'cause those two must be done without any mistakes + the shortcut on the Sewer Speedway is kinda tricky one/ I've done all tracks today, it took me about 7-8 hours to deal with this trophy/
  2. Correct me, if I'm wrong, but you choosing difficulty for Adventure mode, and it has nothing to do with time trials, there are constant times for N. Trophy and Oxide for every one. Also, the access to the time trails thought the main menu, not the Adventure mode
  3. I wonder, but is there any reason for this? Dunno, some people got their pre-order before, and there wasn't any information about "no-no"
  4. Mortal Kombat 11 disappeared from the Playstaion store ukr. Hello every one, just wanna see is anyone got this problem except Ukrainian region PSN/ It's been five days since and I'm really upset (wanna get my pre-order) Are there any news or smth.?
  5. Yep, thanks for the tip, i've done it already. Next hard thing were air steals, but with a bit of the practice I made it. Plat took 6-7 hours with a little brake
  6. Can you tell me how to do this sh*t? It's f*cking unreall Scuttle BonusDestroy your own plane before it hits the ground after ejecting from it It's falling down so quick, I can't do anything
  7. And there are your 100% sure?) They brought back Complete First Season edition, so you still need to upgrade it to GOTY)