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  1. This looks very promising.
  2. I am saving it for the 4,500th trophy. Don't know a fun one yet for the 100th platinum. Was thinking about Doom Eternal that comes out in March. Don't hate me for this one, but Knack isn't that hard. Go for that one if you still have the game. The RNG can be annoying here for the diamonds you need to collect, but if you go for all the chest locations at the first run, you should be able to get 10 of them after 4-5 runs imo. Add friends who have this game too, so you can switch parts of lesser rarity for a more rare part. This way you will have your items faster and the jewels will drop more often ,or always if you have all the items, thus increasing the chance for diamonds.
  3. Dante's inferno
  4. Go for God of War, truly a masterpiece.
  5. Wolfenstein 2.
  6. "Florida man, downed yourself by grenade or explosion" Nice one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  7. One piece pirate warriors
  8. Asura's wrath
  9. Let me add a few tips too: -Know where to find the weapon upgrades, especially in the beginning. You'll want to upgrade your weapons even almost at the end of the game. -Know that many of those who have the trophy have spent A LOT OF TIME into getting it and you probably will too. -The first time in the ausmerzer when blowing up a tank with a grenade and proceeding down, you can farm for throwback grenade kills here to get more time for grenades to blow in the future. Don't leave the first room where you kill 2 nazi and put pressure by shooting 2 bullets every 3 seconds. You'll notice they throw a lot of grenades to throw back. I sometimes got to about 8 kills in a run. You can search for throwback grenade farms to see what I mean. - When reaching the reactor: take your time to deal with the nazis and avoid the huge *** robot of seeing you. The robot can easily be dealt with later. -The courtroom tactic is usefull but when you can, try to pick up dropped weapons and ammo by using minimal movement from the safe spot. You can get killed if you move a little too far away from it but normally you can easily get a hold of a shockhammer and this can be used to easily dispatch the dog and soldier behind the gate and a soldier or 2 in the line of path between the safe spot and spot 2. -When riding the big bad metal puppy, know what to do when the puppy dies. Just try fo figure out something. My tactic was running back and lean from a wall and take enemies down from an insane distance ( almost shooting shadows) -take breaks when needed, drink something every now and then and know that concentration will drop when frustrated. Frustration is good, means that you care, but will kill you in sections you normally ace. -when going for the 100% of the game, go immediately for those trophies. You have trained to be as efficient as possible in the mein leben runs, so doing the dlc right after the mein leben run will feel like a breeze. Hope it helps.
  10. Rage 2, did not buy it yet.
  11. Go for God of war. You'll enjoy that one, I'm sure of it
  12. I've obtained some difficult platinums but one that I am amazed of that it is not an ultra rare one is most definitely Crash Bandicoot 1. Those time trials were a pain in the ***. Had to do like 4 hours of trial and error for the level with the wooden bridge. Same for the extra dlc level.
  13. Wolfenstein 2: The new colossus
  14. Sign me up, champion of the gods here, I've got all seven 😌
  15. Batman arkham: origins