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  1. Quote 5: "Goddammit, I trusted you!" -Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2
  2. Entry 4 "Poor bastards dont stand a chance" --COD MW4
  3. Entry 3 "Do I have your attention, boy? You are about to see something wonderful." -Resident Evil 7
  4. Second Entry We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us." -Bioshock
  5. First entry "Would you kindly" -Bioshock
  6. It's not hack, but it is cheating
  7. Lol not sure what is so "classic" about this remaster
  8. Uh too bad this is EU only...
  9. Wow these are some really good sales
  10. AC Revelations
  11. Yeah...i really do hope this game gets a guide though, from the title, it seems like a fun game
  12. Street dighter 5 Destiny 2
  13. No, it doesnt count You have to see the ending screen and actually win the match
  14. It's rare for japanese games to get a guide made for them...
  15. I guess to each his own...