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  1. Weird that you read I specified a knock off chinese made, not the actual licensed controller, and then ignored that.
  2. I've been using a ps4 controller for it, but alot of the games I try to play either dont work for the L2-R2 and I cant change controller layouts for that stuff
  3. I've needed a new controller for a while now, and I keep looking on Ebay and amazon, but am not really trusting of the off brand, chinese made controllers. I dont have a game store anywhere near me that accessible either. What do you guys use/prefer when it comes to yours?
  4. Yea, I did all of that when I died, but it still hasn't gone up, I even made a new character for it, and that characters time hasn't gone up at all either, I made a hole in the ground for it so it wouldnt be exposed to weather and left it overnight. And when I came back to it, it was still at 0.0. And it should have definitely counted as an extreme because the planet was basically covered in storm Crystal's and had storms every 5 minutes
  5. I've spent time trying to get my extreme survival up, more than 30 hours worth of time, both afking and running around and playing, but my sols survived stopped going up at 18.1 sols. So I started a new character to see if it would fix itself, but that one also wont go up. Any ideas on what to do?
  6. Fuck that, i dont want a 0% fortnite list on my account because my friends told me to play with them and then they never opened it with me. Edited for spelling errors.
  7. Got BloodBorne before i went to sleep at 3 am about.
  8. Nah, those are trophy hackers. Fuckin sick if you ask me.
  9. It wont fill in. Im almost positive that you have to be right at the nuke symbol before it hits the ground. As in, get that thing slammed into your face.
  10. Your right about them learning. But that wasnt his point, his was that its such a terrible game that you lose credibility in any situation. I enjoy fallout 76, but could it be better? Yea, of course. What game wouldnt be better if you really think about it, with minor changes?
  11. Alright, im gonna have to stop you right there. Not liking Final fantasy 7? Sorry pal, but i got a grave here for you.
  12. You really dont though. I have it. Bought it for the trophies, not because i think its a good game.
  13. I actually got flappy goat, believe it or not. But there are a few, like horizon zero dawn, i have to play the entire game throughly again to get one cause i fucked up at the end. There are like 12-13 games im only 1 or 2 away from, but they are all boring grinds for me.
  14. I know this is an old post, but once you get to level 30, just turn the difficulty down to recruit, and it makes the game a joke for all the side missions. If you want to do the tier one mode it will make you go to extreme difficulty with is a pain in the ass. But to get around that, right before you complete a mission activate it, and you will get the rewards. The only really dumb thing about this game is the c4 kills, the mine kills and kingslayer/legends. Everything else is cake for it. Also, with the new tier one mode, assuming you can still get decent exp, it makes it easier to get resources. I have about 85-90% of the skills and i havent finished the game yet.