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  1. He literally takes 0 damage unless fighting himself. Its 3v3 unless you choose him, so if you do he arrives late and you have to survive 3v2 until he gets there.
  2. You should just have to log in and play a game, but sadly it hasn't worked for me.
  3. Ive played multiple matches VS players and bots, deployed manually, everything. So, so annoying that t trophy you have to wait months for is glitched.
  4. I played a duel match and I still don't have it. This will absolutely suck if I have to wait another season for my plat. 😒
  5. When I went back to Fountainhead Palace
  6. Popped in NG+, all is good!
  7. I've killed all bosses besides the Shura ending bosses, I've been everywhere I could think of, and everywhere all lists I've seen says I should go.
  8. Yeah there's only 8 or 9 main areas. I'm hoping it pops in NG+ so I don't have to do another regular NG playthrough. Still annoying though!
  9. Anyone had trouble with this trophy? I've been to all areas (Fountainhead Palace included) but it still hasn't popped for me.
  10. Yeah its £25 on the UK store too, think I'll definitely wait for a sale. Annoying they made all but two obtainable without having to buy it 😒
  11. 47 Crash Bandicoot
  12. Awesome, cheers guys, appreciate it!
  13. Just wondering if any playing who already order the game, with this coming onto plus, if everything is still obtainable, including DLC? Thanks!