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  1. My first game was Infamous. It came with my PS4 and I played for 5 minutes and i said : damn this game so boring. I was a kid . A few years later I tried to give it a chance and it was the best thing I did. I loved the game and I loved the storyline. Definitely one of the best games I played .
  2. Now I get it and totally makes sense. How can you find out if it was purposely ?
  3. Well I didn't read the entire dispute , but can you tell me why gta is an exception? What's the difference between getting your trophies popped by an hacker in Gta or in Black Ops or any other game ?
  4. Wow I didn't know that people already had this problem , thank you for the reply , appreciate it
  5. Hello I recently bought SquareBoy vs Bullies Arena edition and when I play the game , after 5 or 10 minutes the PS4 closes the game showing an error. The error shows 2 solutions , one of them is to make sure if I have the latest game update and the other is if I have the latest PS4 software , I have both updated and the game still crashes , I already deleted it and downloaded 5 times and still crashes , that's the only game in my PS4 that crashes , all of the others play fine. Anyone has any solutions?
  6. Well you still need to hide the game , I see a lot of people saying that's not possible hack LBP2 trophies but it is , I saw it . It's just like BO2 , once you join someone with modded PS3 with hacks for LBP 2 you instantly win all the trophies .
  7. Thanks , actually I didn't know it was against psn tos . Guess I won't do it
  8. Is selling psn account with games forbidden here ? Because I have one psn account with 9 games that I bought only for getting easy platinuns and now I don't know what to do with that account
  9. Well I also didn't know psnp existed about 2 months ago , and I have earned trophies since 2009 , fortunately i never used a save file to unlock trophies . Back in the day in LBP1 if i knew that save files worked to unlock all stuff I would use it because I didn't care for trophies . But I would regret right now.
  10. Well , not saying to keep an extra eye on it , what I mean is that no matter how old or new is the profile , if they cheated , there will be anyone who will flag , there is a lot of people who simple just go through profiles to check if they cheated , 60 K cheaters have been removed from the leadboard and this will keep going on , anyway , this was just an opinion, no matter what decision the mods do , I'm pretty sure it will be the best one .
  11. Well if he unhidden the game , just report again and should be removed . People here can search even in the deepest profiles in psnprofiles, so that shouldn't be a problem , look at this guy , he joined 2011 and only today he was flagged
  12. If you are gifted that means you are a good person 😛 Well if that's it, he may leave since he only used the site to check his trophy stats.
  13. In this case the flag should be lifted but the game must still be hidded . That's my opinion , no need to punish people who did it legit , you still be flagged for 2 games but the third one should be lifted and game remains hidded ,therefore this guy won't ever have another opportunity . Only in the case I'm talking about
  14. Oh sure , so bad and stupids things you did when you were younger shall be hunt you for the rest of your life SMH . I'm not saying every premium member should get a third opportunity , I'm saying this one should since he joined 2011 and he cheated maybe before that