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  1. Hi guys! how can i find th waiting line (liste?) in LBP1.
  2. You re lucky, i havent the Roxana's quest, so i paid, did all the quests; killed the guy and... nothing!!
  3. hi guys i ve got the same problem i tried when he doesnt move, when he moves, i killed above 800 skeletons during this, i won two bonus levels in speed and health and nothing's to do is an immortal one. it s boring to death and its the last thing i've to do for the platinum...
  4. Hi Guys i've got. Ratchet Ratchet 2 Ratchet 3 Ratchet Deadlocked Ratchet ACIT Ratchet into the nexus Ratchet All 4 One Ratchet full frontal assault And i had great game