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  1. Hey I'll play your level if you play mine. Comment on it so I know. Would be useful if you heart my profile too :). PSN: Sirpickle311 Level: trophies Thanks everyone!
  2. Hey guys looking to get the CREATE trophy so heart my levels and my profile and of course I'll do the same for you PSN: Sirpickle311 Level: psnprofiles311 If you can't find me feel free to add me. It also might be easier if you comment on my level. Thanks everyone!
  3. Slightly easier than the PS3 version as you don't have to upgrade lots of weapons.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, I'll do The Evil Within when I get around to doing the PS3 version. Akumu is pretty messed up.
  5. I've put way too much time and effort into this stupid thing and honestly I think my videos only got watchable this year. Really I just started it so years from now I can look back at how stupid some of the things I put myself through were. Devil May Cry 2 is the one people seem to like the most so I'll link that one:
  6. Just lost a 4 win streak to some guy who pushed me off right at the end. Life is pain.