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  1. Almost every Call of Duty is difficult and there’s like 14 of them or something.
  2. You can still get it in the EU if you find a digital code somewhere. That's how I got it a year ago.
  3. Yeah I can't get anything to work either.
  4. They should add the Killzone and Resistance series and turn the servers back on. Probably not but I can dream.
  5. I can't connect to autolog either. I used the online pass last year and it worked fine but now it doesn't even give an error message it just does not connect. I tried the game with a brand new account and that couldn't connect either. I think the new ps3 update might have broke it Edit: by online pass I mean the 2 day online trial
  6. Merry Christmas everyone, this took a long time to make.
  7. ...that kinda makes me want to do it more
  8. I've always done COD Zombies solo if possible so I understand pain.
  9. You've inspired me to go for Uncharted 4 Survival solo now that I know it can be done. How long did it take?
  10. 1) Star Trek (TNG & DS9) - I will never not feel sorry for anyone who has never seen Star Trek because it's 'that weird old nerd show' 2) Better Call Saul 3 & 4 tied) Breaking Bad, Urasawa's Monster 5) Fresh Prince - Best sitcom hands down Honorable Mentions: True Detective (Season 1), The Wire (have not finished it yet), Game of Thrones (you know why it's not in the list), Spongebob Squarepants
  11. The Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr | Imperium Edition is currently 80% off right now. It includes all DLC.
  12. I did this on my 2nd run, it's super tempting to guess when it stops firing. Felt like a complete idiot.
  13. Can confirm it is faster but it's not worth it if you don't have two PS3s.