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  1. Still not working for me 😕
  2. I got it eventually! Took me until wave 44 though 😆
  3. Same here. Showing my last played game was Dead by Daylight last night when it was actually Sonic Origins earlier today.
  4. Is 5,000 Zombies bugged on PS5? I'm on wave 40 and it still hasn't popped...
  5. Anyone else noticed playtime for games not updating after updating to the beta?
  6. Yes, Vs A.I. you can unlock trophies 👍
  7. Do trophies unlock for host and guest when playing co-op or only the host? I've had a look around online but can't seem to find an answer.
  8. Better yet, put on Alert and play an offering for The Game. I got the trophy within 3 matches. 😆
  9. I cannot say the same 😆
  10. There was a patch today. I tried again. Got 20ish mins in and fell through the world when walking down a staircase. Just because you haven't personally run into any issues doesn't mean other people are having the same experience. There are screenshots and videos on Twitter, I'm not just complaining for the sake of it.
  11. I'll try that, thanks. Hopefully that'll sort the audio glitches too. I've had two characters in a conversation and only one character's audio plays...
  12. How are people continuing to play this with all the audio and graphical glitches? Did they not playtest this at all?!
  13. PSN ID: DirectorsCuts Country: UK Language: English PS5 Play a lot of Dead By Daylight, just started Potion Permit
  14. Do trophies autopop if I play the PS4 version first, then the PS5 version? I'd prefer to be able to do two separate playthroughs.
  15. It had previously been confirmed the PS4 version would upgrade to PS5 for free. Kinda annoyed they went back on that.