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  1. Persona 5 is very tempting...
  2. Hi! PSN ID: foursmols PS4/Vita Let me know you're from PSNP
  3. PSN ID: foursmols 👋
  4. PSN ID : foursmols PS Systems : PS3, PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests : Yes! But let me know you're from here anyway.
  5. HI Pooh! 👋
  6. Same here. I'm still hoping for a remaster of them both for PS4/PS5.
  7. Looks decent! Shame the other game is PES 2019 though. 😄
  8. PSN: foursmols Right in the middle of like two handfuls of games 😂 Add me if you want to play, boost or just to say hi! Just let me know you're from here