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  1. I've searched for online games on all difficulties and I was always put into the same match with the same one person in it. Is multiplayer dead or did I just try to play online at a bad time? (mid afternoon, GMT)
  2. I bought it because it reminded me of Doom and Serious Sam. I like it so far, it's pretty difficult so far but I've only played for around 10 minutes so far. Can't figure out what the triangle symbols are that glow white when you aim at them though, any ideas?
  3. No, it won't work. You need a PS Eye.
  4. You can pick up a PSEye camera on eBay for pretty cheap, I got one for £2.
  5. Are there any music/rhythm games on PS4 where you can use your own music as part of gameplay? Maybe similar to Symphony on PC?
  6. Just received this email:
  7. Just received this email:
  8. Persona 5 is very tempting...
  9. Hi! PSN ID: foursmols PS4/Vita Let me know you're from PSNP
  10. PSN ID: foursmols 👋
  11. PSN ID : foursmols PS Systems : PS3, PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests : Yes! But let me know you're from here anyway.
  12. HI Pooh! 👋
  13. Same here. I'm still hoping for a remaster of them both for PS4/PS5.
  14. Looks decent! Shame the other game is PES 2019 though. 😄
  15. PSN: foursmols Right in the middle of like two handfuls of games 😂 Add me if you want to play, boost or just to say hi! Just let me know you're from here