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  1. I've discovered that you just need to play the last round of every match on hard,not the entire level.Select a level on Easy and when you will be on the last round switch it to hard difficulty (I know,bad english) This will avoid a lot of frustration and it will save a lot of time
  2. This trophy says that i have to kill all the enemy team in a round.I did the same thing for a lot of matches(Team death matches ranked and unranked)and it didn't unlock.I know that it must not be done on split screen,i tryed also with some players.This trophy is glitched?(Sorry for bad english) Do you know exactly what i have to do to unlock it?
  3. I've found all of the Egypt texts but the trophy is not pooped for me.It's glitched?I've noticed that on level 9 does not appear any text on Ps3 version.
  4. EA Games deserve a boot up their ass.i did 2000 kills and played for like 60 hours.They never cares about their customers,only about money.(Sorry for bad english)
  5. I think that this was a decision taked from EA Games,they force you to buy the DLC if you want Hardcore trophy.The same thing happened on DEAD SPACE 3.You cannot obtain all collectibles if you dont buy the DLC.
  6. You must finish also the DLC on hardcore to unlock this trophy.
  7. Everytime i try to connect Multiplayer it keep saying ''Connection failed''.I dont understant what is going on.Any solutions?
  8. Listen, that previous thread looked suspicious because after a while my brother stopped responding, and many people believed that it was because he got "caught", instead he just contacted me and i sent a PM to some of the admins, after having received no answer i decided to create this thread if we get down to the facts there is no proof that i have been cheating to get this trophy, i had the game since release and for what we know i could have created the mask in 2010 and unlocked the trophy later on, really just check my whole trophy history and tell me there is one suspicious trophy, there has been some miscommunication from my brother and im sorry im looking like a liar or a desperate idiot that is creating every single excuse because he got "caught" but i swear we didnt cheat to get this trophy.
  9. i know this might sound like an excuse but it's the truth, if you check the previously created threads you can see, that their grammar and overall english quality is not very good, we share the same account but i usually work in another city and im not always on touch with my brother, when he told me what happened i saw that he created the not so very convincing threads about our innocence, and i tried to solve part of the mess that he created if you really dont believe a word of what i am sayng just check my trophy history and youll see that i dont cheat and hack trophies at all. 1) my brother did say that true,or for the matter let's assume i did, since you dont want to believe that, let's just boil down to what i can prove since many of you dont believe that im being truthfull, that topic was created to ask why people where getting the trophy this late, it doesnt specify that i wanted to get the trophy or that i didnt have the mask to get it 2) i created the mask in 2010, i finished the campaign and i got several trophies for this game in that year, so i was active on this game since release, nothing prevented me at the time to just create a random mask on the site at that time, a process that required no more than 5 minutes.
  10. Hello there, a couple of months ago i was flagged for an army of 2 trophy, it's the DYC PMC, i guess because i got it in 2014 and the website to customize your mask has been brought down by EA 2-3 years ago, if you check my trophy history i have been owning the game since release, in fact my first trophy is from february 2010, i created the mask on the EA site shortly after, and since after completing the campaign i decided to play other games, my Brother moved to get the remaing trophies 4 years later, i want to remind that the trophy unlocks in the moment you equip the mask that you created in multiplayer, not when you create it, if you check again my trophy history you can see that i started to get the multiplayer trophies in 2014 when the website was alredy down, at that point i just needed to equip my previously created mask to get the trophy. If you dig in my previous threads many of your are gonna ask me why i created this thread 9 months ago, the reason for this thread was simply because my little brother, who owns the account along me and started to earn the multiplayer trophies an year ago wasnt aware that we alredy created the mask 4 years ago, and out of curiosity he wanted to ask why so many people got the trophy so suddenly, i then explained to him that i alredy created the mask in 2010,at that point i simply imported my previous save file,wich was in our old 40GB ps that we changed for our more recent 80GB to unlock the trophy. i tried to PM the admins, but so far i have received no answer from them, so please i would love if this matter gets solved me and my brother are honest gamers,you can check our other trophies if you dont believe this, we are currently holding n1 on of the world records of lost planet 2, and that took us 3 months to achieve that, we work HARD to get our trophies. Im eager to receive an answer, thanks for your assistance.
  11. I've done all of the Wasteland Legends but the trophies didn't pooped.What should i do?
  12. Warlord Glitch.It makes this platinum much faster.It was discovered on 2012