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  1. Hello Everyone. I have bought everything from Vulgrim, equipped all cores and still I cannot reach more than 750 power while a lot of people reached like 1500.
  2. This game deserves definetely more attention.
  3. Thank you! I had the same problem.
  4. I have discovered that on PS3 this trophy is glitched but in a good way because for me it unlocked when I had 8 barrels.
  5. Hello, I have a problem in this game. I have installed Call of Duty Warzone and when I go to MW19 Campaign first it tells me that the installation is suspended and then, when I select the campaign it asks me if I want to delete it. How can I play the campaign? I have installed everything(Including campaign packs)
  6. In those videos you can see how you can do some optional(or bonus) objectives. Unfortunately, this guy did not show all levels. Select on the title of the video and you will be linked on the playlist.
  7. After you have completed the game, all you have to do is press ''Continue'', going again to the steak swimming pool and the trophy will unlock without having to play this game twice
  8. Thanks!
  9. The counter for this trophy is glitched and it doesn't count every shark you kill. Instead, it increases by 1 every time you kill at least one shark per life. So to get this trophy, kill one of the sharks, then jump off the edge to kill yourself, and repeat 19 more times.
  10. I did it but it seems that they do not care.
  11. Sometimes the game will not count the drones that you have collected.
  12. This is probably the best FPS I ever played.
  13. I have collected all toys but the trophy did not unlock.