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  1. SXP

    I see online that you are supposed to get SXP for defeating enemies, however I don't seem to be getting any. Am I doing something wrong Sheesh. Nevermind. I see that you use your gained sxp from the locker menu. Maybe this will help someone else.
  2. I see the body oil just beyond a wall in the mountains. Anyone know how to reach it? Edit: The location of the portal needed to reach this item is located directly above the portal entrance to the second screen. Use the ledge high up and to the right and your double jump gun, and with a wind gust to the left, you should reach it.
  3. Several trophies are not popping for me. Anyone else have a remedy to this situation? For example, I have defeated the Bird king and gone through Dwayne's portal several times, and still I can't get those trophies to pop. I am now on my second partial playthrough because the same situation occurred in my first playthrough. Does anyone have a full-proof remedy to this situation?
  4. This plat is not as easy as you think.....