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  1. I never knew people were so unaware of From Software's old catalog until this thread - wow. I don't mean it as an insult, I just figured the Souls series would've prompted more people to go back in time. Anyway, this is in no way an asset flip and I'm very much looking forward to seeing this re-released. Shame GameStop has exclusive rights to the retail version. (I know Special Reserve is going to have their copies, but I don't consider them a retailer; they're very niche).
  2. Fair enough. Hopefully they get to it soon, I don't think I'll be picking it up until then - there's plenty of other games to play in the meantime. Thanks for responding!
  3. Are trophies still glitched?
  4. Any update if the trophies have been fixed? Would like to play this sometime.
  5. I really hope this gets some sort of physical copy.
  6. Just a heads up, in order for the trophy to pop, you need to watch the credits after beating the final boss all the way through. Watching them from the main menu does not count. Press and hold triangle to speed the credits along. I made the mistake of skipping the credits so I had to beat the boss again.
  7. Interestingly enough, I've found enough keys and other miscellaneous items to say I somehow wasn't affected by the bug. I started on 1.01, went to 1.02, and now 1.03 and I'm at the very end. I've been able to find the plunderer's ring in all the right places, I've found the craftsman's key and the millionaire's key, in addition to the silver bromide, and I'm about to beat the game. (I really wanted to finish it sooner, but life kept getting in the way). Looks like the path to the platinum should still be clear for me. Hoping to get it this weekend.
  8. Okay. I didn't get to play yesterday and I'm not at the desert area yet, so I'll see if I end up getting it there. I plan on doing nothing but playing Bloodstained and Black Ops 4 this weekend, so I'll get there.
  9. I'm assuming Usurper is for the bad ending? Do you plan on getting the plat? I guess keep us updated if you end up with items not registering as found or if you discover you're locked outta something.
  10. That's a fair point. The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking about starting over. I'm really curious to see if my game is glitched (I really don't know why - I'm just nosey, I guess), but I'd hate to get to a point where the platinum is just grinding just to start all over.
  11. Alrighty, thanks. I think I'm just going to press on. As Optinooby said, it is concerning no one has 100% of the items yet. Such a devastating bug being introduced in the patch really hurts my confidence that the 100% trophy isn't bugged (or perhaps continuing with 1.02 with a save that originated from 1.01 locks you out of it somehow). I'm thinking I'll continue, but part of me does want to go ahead and start over. IDK. It's a shame this happened, because the game is magnificent in every other way.
  12. Oof. That would definitely suck. Maybe I'll press on just to beat the game on this save and go for the plat on NG+?
  13. That's right, that's exactly how I got it! Thanks! A wall on the ship?
  14. Yeah, I feel you there. My morbid curiosity is getting the better of me. I wanna see if it's possible to be exempt. Also, I had a thought. If an enemy can drop the pirate's hat, maybe that's where my first one came from. If it originally came from the chest on the ground, whatever ID that chest's ID swapped with is likely opened now without me seeing it. When I can play I'll check to see if anything I've killed in that area can drop them.
  15. Thank you, so I may be okay, it seems like. Do you know where the Plunderer's Ring is now in 1.02 so I can see if I can get that item in my current save? I know I currently don't have it. That may be a good indicator of if my current save is locked out of the platinum.