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  1. Yeah, this one is going to be a challenge. I'm looking forward to it, though. Most of them can be done through trial and error and learning the game, but beating a quest line without dying is the one that'll break people, I suspect. You can always cheese the local co-op to revive another player.
  2. Shame this doesn't seem to be getting a physical copy in the West. =(
  3. Seems like it's getting a physical release, but sites for retailers haven't updated yet. Very excited to play this. Ever since I got my Stardew Valley platinum, I have wanted a similar experience, but the Harvest Moon game on PS4 just looks... rough to say the least.
  4. I've since given up alcohol, but there have been several games I've played with friends drunk. Call of Duty: Black Ops III was surprisingly great when intoxicated. Especially private lobbies when we made drinking games out of it. Other honorable mentions are Smash Bros. (of course), Mario Party, Mario Kart, and Screencheat.
  5. They're certainly not "cheating" since everyone has the same access to them. I enjoy them. If I'm completely honest, I like how wacky and weird some of the trophy whore games are. I enjoyed My Name Is Mayo for the humor in addition to the easy trophies. I'm a relatively new trophy hunter (started out seriously about a year ago) and it was a fun way to "catch up." Now that I've broken 100 platinums, I'm also getting harder platinums. But even still, the easy ones are a nice way to mix things up. For example, I got Far Cry New Dawn last night (not that it's hard) and decided to speed through Awesome Pea afterwards. At the end of the day, play the games you wanna play. You enjoy easy games for the trophies? Great. You want to avoid easy games because you only want harder games on your account? Great. Just enjoy the ride, whatever you do.
  6. If anyone wants to boost, let me know. Just send me a PM on here or on PSN (also Nightowljrm)
  7. Not all RatalaikaGames releases are shovelware. Devious Dungeon is actually quite a lot of fun!
  8. Are the servers still up?
  9. I got the PS4 version. Thanks!
  10. Update: I ended up playing co-op with QUAD_RETURNS and got the three kills in two seconds through natural gameplay on the Palace mission. Thanks for the help, Quad. Anyone else who might need help, PM me and I'd be happy to help.
  11. There's a section of the game where you get a shotgun and you're in an office building that seemed like could work. I'm gonna try that. Or maybe the beginning of the Second Mission (third if you include the Prologue) where you're supposed to sneak. I think three enemies are there that I may be able to take out quickly. I'll do some experimenting and update here with whatever works.
  12. Message me on PSN: Nightowljrm I'm in Central Time, USA. Any time after 4PM my time is perfectly fine. We scheduled a session. Will update when complete.
  13. Any tips for killing three enemies in two seconds or reviving your team mate five times? Also, I need a partner for the co-op trophy. PM me if you want to help or need it too!
  14. The food stalls near where you dance with Rapunzel.
  15. Thank you! This information was exactly what I was looking for. =)