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  1. Commenting to further confirm you do not have to buy overalls.
  2. Your Lucre carries over into NG+. I got the Wealthy trophy during my second playthrough. You'll just earn it naturally as you go for the platinum unless you go out of your way to mismanage your funds.
  3. Just got the plat after putting this glitchy nightmare down for over two years. It still glitched on me halfway through, causing me to need to reset. It's clear the bugs will never be fixed. Play at your own risk.
  4. Anyone know if the Li'l Cactus (Cacti?) are missable? I'm on my first playthrough and I just got to the Free City of Maia and I haven't seen one yet. I guess worst case is I can get them on another playthrough. Edit: Bumped into the first one on the Golden Road. Can't miss the first one. I got ahead of myself.
  5. I did this earlier and he seemed to despawn, I even checked the spawn further south and the one north of the White House.
  6. So they're fixing this? Great! What about the Hard As Nails trophy? Do you need the DLC to access hard mode?
  7. WTF. The plat's unobtainable? Welp... looks like I'm done with this game until further notice. Edit: I see there's a patch coming now. Woo!
  8. Wait. So I'm in the post game. I can't set the difficulty of story missions to Hard. Do I seriously need the DLC in order to unlock the Hard As Nails trophy? All I get is "Selected difficulty is beneat global difficulty. You may set global difficulty from the Map or Manhunt screens." But to do that, I need the DLC?
  9. Every time a Mega Man collection comes out, I get them intending to revisit all the titles. I still have the physical copies of most of the games on each collection, but I want to support Mega Man (and get the trophies)... then I just forget to actually play it. Maybe this time will be different. I've never played any of these Mega Man games, so this collection will be a great way for me to experience them. Hopefully I actually get around to playing it if I pick it up. Lol. As for the list, some of them are weird... listen to three tracks then beat a game and listen to the ending? View 30 cards then the secret background? Interesting.
  10. Just commenting to report my experience. Yesterday, I uninstalled the game and reverted back to version 1.00. I did the 5,000 XP grinding method up to level 93 (The Extreme difficulty does NOT yield additional XP). As I went to get off for the night, I saw the main menu did not have my updated level, it still showed 78. I got nervous so I did one more iteration of the grind and there I showed the right level. It was late, so I quit for the night there. The next day, today, I got to 99 and a half, then updated to 1.04. The game still showed that I was level 78 but when I completed the first chapter of Mission 1 (Reporting In on Dead Ahead), it showed me gaining XP towards leveling up. Then another thing made me nervous, I don't see level 100 ahead but a gold level 1, basically prestige. Based off the wording above, I got a little worried that I was skipping a level because I had an old save or something. But nope, leveled up and got the trophy (and plat)! TL;DR - Definitely revert to 1.00 to grind for 5K XP then update to 1.04 at 99 and a half to hit prestige. If your level isn't shown accurately on the main screen, it's okay. There is no "level 100", just a prestige level 1 basically, so don't worry if you don't see a 100 at the end of the XP bar. Can confirm this works!
  11. Will this be getting a physical copy? It seems interesting.
  12. I haven't seen one anywhere, but it's honestly not that hard to keep track of. Just use the standard notes feature on your phone. That's what I'm doing for Hard mode and what I did for the Four Player completion, which I finished tonight.
  13. Been looking forward to this one!
  14. Somehow I've never heard of this franchise. It looks like a lot of fun. I don't like Call of Duty zombies, but this feels more Left 4 Dead, but more arcadey, with a mix of... well, modern things like supers. I can dig it. I may be picking this up now.