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  1. Just wanted to mention, I got Toy Tinkerer and Old World Gadgets to pop playing on 1.00, then updated to the latest patch. I found the "mirage panda" in the south east corner of the map much more frequently than elsewhere (3 out of my 4 encounters).
  2. I'm playing unpatched and I'm 6h 3min in and I haven't seen the bear spawn either, only those red foxes.
  3. I've been looking forward to this one and still am, despite reviews being all over the place. I haven't had as much time to play lately, so a 25 - 30 hour platinum sounds great. It's a shame that a trophy is probably bugged... I hope they fix it quickly, but an additional hour worst-case is not so bad.
  4. Yep, pre-ordered!
  5. I reached out to the developers on Twitter. They didn't give a lot of information, but they said they were working on it and that patches were coming soon.
  6. Dang. I just started playing, hopefully they patch it soon. I rarely play games like these so I'll probably take it slow anyway. Sucks though.
  7. Do the devs know?
  8. My hope is the title screen somehow counts, but I doubt that...
  9. Yeah, I'm not a big RTS guy but I love vampires so this has been on my radar. It seems simple enough. I imagine you can win a match without your Lord taking damage on Easy, same with the other trophies. It'll just take some time for the rest.
  10. I imported the Japanese version when it was released and used Google Translate on my phone to read the menus or any text I needed to read and it was still an extremely easy plat. The trophy list is identical here as well. Just play the game and go for the side-objectives and you'll be golden. Once you've upgraded your jet ski, even the races are mindless, but it's still fun. This is one you can mostly turn your brain off on and enjoy.
  11. Commenting to further confirm you do not have to buy overalls.
  12. Your Lucre carries over into NG+. I got the Wealthy trophy during my second playthrough. You'll just earn it naturally as you go for the platinum unless you go out of your way to mismanage your funds.
  13. Just got the plat after putting this glitchy nightmare down for over two years. It still glitched on me halfway through, causing me to need to reset. It's clear the bugs will never be fixed. Play at your own risk.
  14. Anyone know if the Li'l Cactus (Cacti?) are missable? I'm on my first playthrough and I just got to the Free City of Maia and I haven't seen one yet. I guess worst case is I can get them on another playthrough. Edit: Bumped into the first one on the Golden Road. Can't miss the first one. I got ahead of myself.