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  1. Yeah, I'm not a fan of them either. I played Rei 99.9% of the game, only playing as the other characters when I needed to. In case you didn't know yet, just do the boss rush, which is unlocked after beating the story, and leave before Rei dies (with Rei as the character you're playing as) and that's the best way to level up. I'd be curious to see if you can use anyone to hit 99 and unlock the trophy, but I'm definitely not playing again to find out. Lol
  2. At the end of the day, aren't we all trophy thots? 😂
  3. Only Rei!
  4. So it looks like at least multiple playthroughs are required. Looking forward to this one, though it seems like it could be a long game. Either way, I'm getting anime vampire Dark Souls day one. I just hope I can get through Borderlands 3 and The Messenger before it's out.
  5. Great! Fun stuff then, seems like a stress-free, fun plat.
  6. I'm looking forward to this. I've barely played Borderlands 1 or 2 so I'm looking forward to diving head first into this one. From what I know (and as others have said already), the list looks pretty straight-forward. Just do pretty much everything. Does Borderlands have a tendency to have quests you can lock yourself out of based off how you complete other quests? That's the only way I can imagine some of these are missable.
  7. Based off the Spectre names, I do believe you are correct that he only spawns there. I was checking the area directly south since there are some Hedonist Y enemies down there and I was hoping one would eventually spawn as the Revenant Marx. I'm doing a run of the boss rush now to break up the monotony and then I'll give that a try! Also, from my own notes (that I'll type up when I'm not on mobile) also confirm nearly everything you posted in your spreadsheet. Marx was the only one I never encountered naturally while beating all the Ordeals.
  8. You are a saint! I think I found a couple tricks to manipulate spawns in other areas, but Marx is being stubborn and not showing himself. Haha.
  9. Man, I keep running End Point and I can't seem to spawn a Marx. I never even saw one in my initial playthrough. I'm at 98/99 thanks to it, I have completed the memoirs with everyone else. Blah. Gotta keep grinding, I guess. Maybe it also spawns elsewhere?
  10. Wow, this list is phenomenal. I have been taking notes as I've been playing and I'm about 24 hours in. So far everything seems right, though I didn't look past the first few sections since I know bosses are at the bottom of the list. Crazy how fast some of you have gotten through the game, haha. I'm impressed! Thanks for this! I'll keep my notes going so I can add to this in some way.
  11. How long did it take you, roughly?
  12. Do different Revenants spawn in each instance? This is how it has worked out for me so far (I am on mobile so I apologize for poor formatting): 1. Play through every story Ordeal, making sure to kill *everything* and checking the Memoirs of the Dead between Ordeals. 2. Once the Optional Ordeal is available, complete it. At this point, I either already have all Revenant memoirs up to this point completed except for bosses and one Revenant. 3. Run through the Optional Ordeal once to clean up the non-boss Revenant memoirs. 4. Go back and kill the boss(es) of that layer in Purgatory to complete their memoirs. 5. Move on with the story. I haven't had to run the Optional Ordeal more than once. Maybe! I was kinda hoping to do it myself, but I also don't want to create competing guides, either. Haha. I'm really enjoying the game too. It has its faults, but there are some really special ingredients in this game, especially the theme and music. I am usually not one who cares much about story but I'm pretty invested. I even find myself reading about the Revenants too.
  13. Yeah, I'm not understanding the RNG issue either. Just pay attention to the Revenants and you're fine. And like you said, play the Optional Ordeal and you'll likely fulfill all the "normal" Revenant memories. The boss ones can be replayed on their individual missions. On the Ordeal select menu, the objective will mention that Revenant by name once you've completed that Ordeal once. I'm still taking notes as I play though. I kinda wanna make a guide and this game will be my first one.
  14. I started the game tonight and got through the area that basically serves as the tutorial before getting off. I plan on diving head first into the game tomorrow and really getting into it. The English voice acting is surprisingly great. It has some of the stiff animations and "budget" look some niche JRPGs have, but the music, atmosphere, themes, etc. are excellent so far, especially if you love dramatic, Poe-ish, "beautiful sadness" themes.
  15. Yep, "DLC costumes" is a bit misleading. The swimsuits can be found once you reach the bedroom. (Apologies for not knowing the character's name yet, I was reading about the game last night since I own it but can't yet play it since I'm outta town and I came across a forum post about this issue).