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  1. I used full mataza set + spear in the beginning then transferred to benzaiten set during last dlc with claws, because I was tired of spear. worked pretty much the same. honestly, just run what you have as DotD is not that hard if you know the game, if you're filling tough with some bosses use the shire to summon visitor or nioh discord is pretty nice guys.
  2. on the topic - a bit grindy, but not that much as any other grind game. also a question: do anyone can find a page of the game on ps store?
  3. Hey guys, If I have collected all crowns for base game, do I need to recollect them for Iceborne? As i know Iceborn list needs to have crowns from base game. Will I need to spend my time going for crowns that i have already got for mhw platinum?
  4. Can confirm for Blitz and for downed defenders. Got achievement by flashing and the downed player and killing him.
  5. Yesterday I have received Master trophy actually not being Gold rank. Actually it even happened during my loss match in ranked. Only possible explanation is that it still counts according to old rating system (but it doesn't explain why I got it during loss). Some screenshot proves below. Sorry for phone screens Also, may be someone want to go for squad trophy with me? I dont have friends playing this game
  6. Go to queens eyes in WotSamurai. Revenants in derrick's basement have it 90% of the time. Since Tsurugi was one of the guaranteed divines after Demon King, most people if running katana will have it equipped at that point. And please stop BS this game. As per your profile you are very skillful player, you can do it with no need to hate. This game is mine top games of past years, and I defend it not cause of it. I managed to do all side missions and main mission including dlcs like few weeks ago with almost stock weapons with no harm to my nerves and without cheating the system, just by learning patterns and using in game mechanics. I wouldn't consider any of the bosses unfair. Yes, there are some issues when "you should have avoided that hit but you didn't" and some other, but they are very rare. And speaking the truth which souls game doesn't have that issues?
  7. that what I thought also, did a breach kill in unranked and it didn't pop. oh well... unfortunately not much info on that topic.
  8. can anyone confirm what casual/ranked in trophy description stands for? as it seems for me casual currently is Quick play, and ranked is ranked. But Unranked doesn't count for trophies. I would like to hear your thoughts on that.
  9. wrong you need to reroll until the boss will appear it is fully random I have done 4 playthru no Ent and Clavinger for me, and no coin so it will happen when it happens
  10. Hello guys, I'd like to return to D2 and play a bit, but got a question. As I only own base game and first 2 free dlcs. Should I wait and buy only Shadowkeep or it would be better to buy Forsaken + Shadowkeep? also may be someone can advice all-include-bundle that I can buy, can't see any that will include everything
  11. for 30 traits trophy, you need 30? as currently there are 32 traits looking at wiki page and may be vigor and endurance doesn't count?
  12. @ManWezz how many revives and you being revived you did for traits to pop?
  13. just backup ur saves and create fresh start - it will pop no need to reinstall the game
  14. based on my experience when I played rdr online on release: just play big matches (forgot how it is called in game), try to do more headshots and deadeye kills that will give you more exp. good match can score you with 600-800 xp per 15 minutes. Not sure what are rates now unfortunately enjoy the pvp experience and lvl 50 will come naturally. I got my achievement in a week or so just playing 3-4 hours a day. and that was without xp boosting events, now it should be even faster due to those events. grinding fort will make you hate yourself after couple of hours.
  15. 195 all crowns, but still have arena quests farming and a bit of other achievements to do.