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  1. based on my experience when I played rdr online on release: just play big matches (forgot how it is called in game), try to do more headshots and deadeye kills that will give you more exp. good match can score you with 600-800 xp per 15 minutes. Not sure what are rates now unfortunately enjoy the pvp experience and lvl 50 will come naturally. I got my achievement in a week or so just playing 3-4 hours a day. and that was without xp boosting events, now it should be even faster due to those events. grinding fort will make you hate yourself after couple of hours.
  2. 195 all crowns, but still have arena quests farming and a bit of other achievements to do.
  3. Trophies are very straightforward. But I wish that icons for the trophies would have been a bit more beautiful >.>
  4. It's already a platinum man >.>
  5. if you still have PS3 - Dead Space 3 If not - Surgeon simulator Both are really hard enjoy the challenge!
  6. you mean all points to be completed during one replay mission? Yes.
  7. I have finished the story yesterday and would like to share with you some thoughts. The game is definitely not dull, but not RDR2 level intrigue but hey! no one expected it to be that way Personally I have decided to play on Nightmare difficultly and it was a right decision I would say. Some bosses felt like (let Gods forgive me) so darsoulish that I was very impressed. Not every of them unfortunately are sharped to be what you people call "fair" on Nightmare difficulty, but I still enjoyed. High level difficulty makes you use most of game mechanics and not just run into pack of mobs -> overpower shot -> next fort. What I would like to add, IMHO, the world felt a bit too big. I am not saying that it is a bad thing, but developers could have used it in benefit of the game not visa versa. It really felt as it was just cluttered with ? marks just to be cluttered. Some of them were very nice (I refer to one that , it made me smile) but most were repetitive. If they have cut the number of those by 1/3 it would be very nice. May be it is just me, but it was really hard to run past locations and not to explore the ? mark and finish every side quest out there due to little OCD I have. In the end I like to say that I will continue playing until I get my plat and finish all available free DLC trophies, but unfortunately for now I am not considering to buy season pass as I need to have a good brake from the game.
  8. Iron Mutant seems very likely be the IronMan mode from Xcom2 and it will be a little pain in the bottom to do that Others are not that difficult, but the upgrades of weapons and skills could take some time. What your thoughts on the list?
  9. Can state one more time: got the few an proud last night by demolishing GTS before network tower. Did it with my exquisite timing trophy. Good luck 0/
  10. apparently the bug still exists, dont worry he will show up in ch4 read more here
  11. well may be I was a little under impression of that fact, but the guy really did great in games. I managed to get only half of the level during the session, with average of 400-500 per battle, so it was max 5-7 battles. seems a bit more possible with buckets and increased exp per kill from that perspective... was a late night for me seemed strange and wanted to share and get the opinion
  12. Yesterday I was playing with a high level player (level 88) in large series, he played very well, been MVP several times. But during all my ingame session that lasted about an hour he managed to level up to level 91! so it was like 4-5 battles.... so here is the question, how is it possible? it's around 15k exp, there is no way he would get that much in 5 battles, even beeing MVP all the time.
  13. you need to play the cutscenes for it not to glitch happened to me also
  14. Can comment on few of those. Pursued by a Memory - just use pistol or revolver. And before attracting wolves run a bit further from them. That helped me a lot. Just A Social Cal - pretty easy one. I did it with 30 seconds buffer for the timer. Don't wait for Dutch - run straight to the objective killing enemies on the run, and using dead eye only on enemies that are on bridge/water tower. You need to know where enemies are coming from. At the end, before horses, explode the tank with fuel and there will be only three enemies on the left, then run to the horses. Next shooting 3 headshots - is a bit hard, it was at least for me. Did it on the 3rd or 4th attempt. An Honest Mistake - it seems that you do it not stealthy way. Uncle only shoots when enemies notice you. Make it crawl to enemies from behind. I did it from the right side of the rock when you start to hide. A New Jersualem - this is peace of ****, tried like 10+ times, never did that objectives. Other missions were not on the list, so I skipped them. Read my previous post, I wrote replacements for the missions in the list that did for me the best.
  15. The same with me. Still dreamcatchers in the log, but I have got my 100%
  16. So yesterday I have finished 70 medal trophy on replay mode and wanted to share my thoughts. I have skipped from the list - A short walk in a pretty town (seemed impossible for me due to time limit and health problems) - Paradise Mercifully Departed - The king's son (headshotting with bow without any dead eye boosting tonics is such a pain) - A new Jerusalem (80% accuracy with hammer, made me replay that mission like 10+ times, and I never did the requirement. I have tried several ways that I was able to find on the Internet and none of them worked) - Exit Pursued by a bruised Ego (didn't manage from the first time by time and decided not to replay) Instead I have done the following missions: - Friends in Very low places (pretty easy if you enter cinematic mode when robbing, it stops the timer and makes time requirement very easy) - A really big Bastard (also easy one if you know where to go, made it from the 2nd attempt) Good luck everyone !
  17. So can someone do a poll? is it large series or small that reward you the most? as I have really mixed feelings and it seems sometimes that it doesnt matter what you play
  18. Hi guys Has anyone came at bug for the mission 'paying social call' ? During my replay I can't get 80% accuracy check Im sure I havent missed a single shot It seems it is bugged somehow Edit: my bad, I'm just the worst player Seems using only pistol and doing some multiple shots in the body made it to work As previous runs I used repeater and did only head shots
  19. all pamphlets are obtainable at fence after some point in main story
  20. I don't care really about cash and prices, all I need one repeater and and ~2500 for trophies, and this will come naturally during lvl 50 grind but what I care for is the exp amount gain for that grind, I hope they will increase the rates for that bs. reaching not only lvl 50, but lvl 100 for its perks will take like 300+ hours and that is crazy
  21. AFAIK it is locked by some chapter, as I remember it is chapter 6 after that chapter you can reach max honor/dishonor
  22. hi guys! how long is introduction in RDO ? I mean how long before I can play with my friends? edit: i'm not showing off that I have friends haha just asking
  23. it is a random drop in the world go kill some guys and you will get it
  24. you got a bug don't worry, he will be back at ch4 after few missions in. got the same issue but everything went fine but through the full 4 chapters I only managed to get only 5 requests for Errand boy, so be careful to get them all done. as I remember it was Jack, Sadie, Dutch, Horsea and the last can't remember, but unfortunately that's the only requests I was given during first 4 chapters.
  25. I got a question and decided to put it here do anyone know how to best auto-aim or any other tips for doing headshots easily using sniper riffle? as it seems not to have any lock one feature while in sniper mode