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  1. I just got the trophy today doing it nearly exactly the way you described. It does count across multiple worlds, I was getting 83 emeralds a run. What i done was make a copy of the world, load up the copy, go through the run, save and exit. Make a new copy of the original world and load that. Rinse and repeat. BUT i didn't delete any of the worlds until the trophy popped. I had 13 copies of the world when the trophy popped, then i deleted them. So that should have been 1079 emeralds, so maybe some of them maybe get missed. Hope you unlock it soon. PS you can use the quick trade as well, i used that for the entirety of my run
  2. Hey would anyone be awesome enough to run me through haderax one time?
  3. No i cant find them anywhere, the only character left is a level 15, Not the max level zero and commando i had.
  4. I was wondering if someone here could help boost me up to a high level. My characters seem to have vanished and i just need the last dlc to 100% the game. Many thanks
  5. Hey guys im looking for someone with a map room trophy setup? I can pay it back by helping with the 500m minecart ride. PSN is Longclaaw