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  1. someone on this site has the plat. seems legit too.
  2. i cant believe so many people are still willing to buy an EA game day 1. if it turns out to be ok, ill gamestop rent it.
  3. so the easiest way to plat is by doing easy and nice shooting tex, then chapter select for professional and high damage trophy?
  4. i can 100% confirm you dont need to capture a moly in every region because the first moly i caught was a mossy moly and i got both trophies back to back.
  5. download dauntless for free. if you like that gameplay, youll enjoy monster hunter
  6. you wont need rajang crowns.
  7. for shreiking legiana, small youll be the same size as the back leg hinge basically and large is when youre just under the shin/lower leg while its in a shock trap.
  8. i got a giant gold crown nargacuga in the guiding lands. it would absolutely be faster doing investigations, but since i wasnt doing crown sniping just yet, the large gold crown was just a bonus surprise. also got a mini gold crown for golden rathian on the optional quest with him and silver rathalos
  9. dont forget about Valfaris which is coming out in november
  10. all the variants use the exact same skeleton for non variants, so videos for those crowns are already out from world. thats what ive been using for those anyway.
  11. just stick to investigations guys. we all know what investigations yield gold crowns. i got 5 minis yesterday from about 15 investigation runs with 3 monsters each hunt.
  12. when you unlock level 6, does level 5 start decreasing or once it hits 5, it wont go under that? having these levels decrease is so dumb and frustrating.
  13. i enjoy trophy hunting, but seeing all this whining in this thread really makes me glad i dont give a fuck about completion percentage. days gone was just an OK game. id never play through that game possibly 3 more times just for a couple trophies.
  14. i have 2 rata games on my profile. cybarian and daggerhood. both are actually fun games. cybarianhas a very hard steam achievement list that iwish got ported over but oh well. most rata games are probably crappy but these two are fun and thats why i bought them, not because of easy trophies.
  15. my guess what bluepoint is working on is a demons souls remake.