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  1. is this the game thats basically an advertisement for a shitty band?
  2. and rightfully so. imagine paying a lawyer because you cant platinum a game. Lmfao
  3. when sifu added an easy option, the salt from people was epic and that game wasnt even on the same planet as necrodancer is in terms of difficulty. making necrodancer easier would be an epic popcorn moment when reading the responses from people who take trophies wwwaaaayyyyy too seriously and think trophies have any impact on their lives in real life besides time spent.
  4. not really since every user i clicked had a private profile
  5. @trewth2002 are you ending the run after killing all 4 bosses or are you continuing on for it to count? i messaged the devs on instagram and they said they are aware of the glitched trophies. i might as well just wait since my adventure runs is currently stuck at 70 since the new patch and i cant win a pvp game without it crashing since im at 24 wins.
  6. it seems this new patch has stopped my adventure runs from tracking. anyone else have this?
  7. is there somewhere to show me how many figures i have? my thing is stuck at 1, but i have way more than that.
  8. real missed opportunity by the devs to have the platinum be called Catinum and not the generic All Done
  9. ya, im mixing up that final part of chapter 2 into chapter 3 haha
  10. the raids are manageable with the proper builds and good communication. the 3rd chapter of the raid is the only hard one. i wouldnt attempt them with randoms as mics are basically required.
  11. ripsnorter is easily achieved by having someone else do it. if youre in a group of 4 and 1 person completes it in under 10 minutes, the whole party gets the trophy even if the other 3 died. starting a boosting session might help you.
  12. most speed run trophies have quite a bit of wiggle room, i highly doubt this is going to be any different. or you can just not go for it and still enjoy the game, fucking crazy thought, right?
  13. gamefly is so fucking under rated. $15 a month (or less with a code) and i could play all the new games. from march to june, i joined gamefly and for under $60 i played and platinumed: Kena Bridge of Spirits, Drunken Fist, Horizon Forbidden West, Ghostwire Tokyo, Tina Tiny's Wonderland, Sifu, Stranger of Paradise, Elden Ring and Roombo. 9 games, mostly very new. Come october or november, ill reup and play all the new games again like GOW Ragnarok, Callisto Protocol, Dead Space Remake, Resident Evil 4 and many more.
  14. yup i must be at 24 wins cuz now when i win everyone just runs in place.
  15. the first pvpo game i won, the trophy popped. won almost all 8 in the next battle mode game and my trophy tracker didnt update at all. still at 0% edit: just won a few more and the trophy for 10 wins popped even though it was at 0% tracking