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  1. his collab album with czarface is really good too. heres hoping that mythical doom/ghostface collab album has some unreleased tracks that will see the light of day.
  2. battlefield bad company 2 monster hunter world uncharted 2
  3. blazing chrome, valfaris and huntdown should be put somewhere. 3 of the best side scrolling shooters that have come out in the past couple years.
  4. it has a 55 on ps4 and xbox. id say its getting crucified on there. the pc version obviously runs better, thus its getting a better score a game that makes its 8 year development cycle budget back on release solely based off pre orders is not a flop. people forget how broken skyrim and the glitcher 3 was on release and those 2 games are heralded as some of the best games of the decade. this game will eventually get to that status, just gonna take a year. which is why i didnt pre order.
  5. ya i still had to beat it legit. i saved that mission for last to see if it would pop before that.
  6. i just had way of the vanquisher beneficially glitch on me. i didnt beat it and it popped. i played the mission through the torii gate with a random. we died to the second boss and while in our hut the trophy popped.
  7. certain ways of killing wont count. bleeding, poison, death cloud, etc... youll get the kill and the souls and the weapon, but the character tendency wont go whiter. its dumb.
  8. you dont need a couch co-op partner. just use the second controller to start and have the second player lose all the lives. they will be dead and you can run through the game with 1 life and solo everything then. thats what i did.
  9. while rings cant be dropped, the sword can. You can trade a Large Sword of Searching with Sparkly the Crow in 4-1 to obtain the ring. The sword is obtained by upgrading a +8 curved sword with the Hero Demon Soul at Blacksmith Ed. Note: The Large Sword of Searching has to have been created from a SCIMITAR and not just any curved sword. does anyone have one of these swords? via reddit:
  10. for those who want to, contact bluepoint and tell them to patch in a way to get the providential ring via in game: https://www.bluepointgames.com/contact i thought i would be able to pick a new starting gift in new game plus... i was wrong. 😡
  11. so if i accidentally said no in the beginning, my character tendency is still basically pure white even though it doesnt say it? ive helped 3 people with bosses and killed 5 phantoms and still nothing. although i read if you killed phantoms with bleed or poison/death cloud it wont carry into your PWCT. i might just fuck the plat and move on.
  12. i killed all the phantoms and am still not pure white. i read online if you answer NO to that question in the beginning, itll mess with it. can I still get PWCT by helping others fight demons or am i screwed this run? or can someone just give me a fuckin friends ring lol
  13. ha i came here to ask that specifically. why is uploading and downloading my saves from the cloud such a pain in the fucking ass with the ps5? seriously, i cant figure out how to upload my saves to the cloud without it auto uploading.
  14. im strictly after whatever the plat requirements need from me. so rings, spells, and miracles.