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  1. naughty dog is creatively bankrupt. they are currently working on TLOU factions, TLOU1 re-remake (presumably) and after that start TLOU 3. id play factions if it was as good as the first one but, the re-remake and 3 i have absolutely zero interest in.
  2. just like microsoft and nintendo.
  3. boredom
  4. hopefully this turns out as great as streets of rage 4 did
  5. i got jians today by ramming into 2 people when the spikes activated and then 1 more before the ult ran out. not sure if you have to r stick boost into them though like others such as boxtop.
  6. ya i have filled the 4 bars and avoided everything for 8 seconds, although i never saw anything gold related like the first person said.
  7. Prickly: is it really at once when the spikes get really big or is it just through the entire time of the ult? Stronghold: im filling up the 4 white bars and driving around (up to 8 seconds one time) without losing any and this still isnt unlocking. i am hitting abandoned cars, does this affect it?
  8. i fill up my 4 white sections with muna/gravitron then drive around avoiding everything and it still isnt unlocking for me. what am i not doing? this game is wearing my patience down fast.
  9. i dont think they count if they are out of a car, if that matters
  10. i think with cerebus you need to use the straight slam or the sideswipe slam with the R Stick. if you notice when you have his breaker active, if you press up on as if you were doing on of those speed slams, flames will come out of his car. same with the side, flames will shoot out of his car.
  11. these trophies are more luck/situational based than infallible was
  12. only this game isnt f2p. its a $70 game that will be available through ps+ for 2 months. come april its a regular retail game.
  13. his collab album with czarface is really good too. heres hoping that mythical doom/ghostface collab album has some unreleased tracks that will see the light of day.
  14. battlefield bad company 2 monster hunter world uncharted 2
  15. blazing chrome, valfaris and huntdown should be put somewhere. 3 of the best side scrolling shooters that have come out in the past couple years.