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  1. a permadeath mode with no saves in a game where it is longer than 3 or 4 hours long is always a bad idea because of potential crashes ruining your run.
  2. july 2009, dead space for ps3 was my very first platinum. almost 14 years later, dead space for ps5 will be my 400th platinum. my trophy journey has come full circle. lol.
  3. after putting 1000+ hours into world/iceborne, i think im gonna skip this game. ill just wait till world 2 or whatever they call it (monster hunter universe or galaxy lol)
  4. i recently updated my profile and my games went from 500+ to 48 lol. all ps3 and ps4 games are gone from my profile, only ps5 games remain. i never hid any of these games on my ps5 and went into the ps5 settings and nothing is hidden. what the heck happened?
  5. level 27 to 28 is over 4400 xp, so thats winning around 29 FFA games if youre playing legit. so yeah, its a real fuckin grind.
  6. man this hot potato trophy is awful. i feel like i have the timing correct but randomly get blasted before hitting 15. i think my high was around 8 or so.
  7. in the video it says you cant afk, did that change? do you disconnect and have a bot take over and fight for you?
  8. not sure if my joke referring to the controversy of EA battlefront 2 loot box debacle (pride and accomplishment was one of their reasonings) went over your head or not lol
  9. a sense of pride and accomplishment. lol
  10. i remember a dev talking about how there was going to be a trophy for seeing every death animation in the game. glad they got rid of that. id hate to have to constantly die on purpose for all the death animations.
  11. ya this is too little too late. the leaderboards are already killed because of these games and all the stacks. they shouldve never been allowed in the first place. why cant sony have someone determine if a game is ACTUALLY a game before releasing on psn?
  12. 3d Dot Game Heroes Shadows of the Damned Vanquish Braid Split/Second Castle Crashers Dragons Crown BLOODBORNE
  13. so 60/8 is $7.5 per hour (less if you buy physical and then sell used once finished, yay physical!) do the people who say this isnt worth the money also get mad when a movie is 2 hours long and the ticket is $15? i agree with the other guy. id rather have a super fun tight 10 hour experience than a bloated 200 hour slog in whatever bloated open world game.
  14. FELL SEAL: ARBITER'S MARK, wargroove
  15. being a massive link to the past fan, i want to play this game but want to know what the trophy set is like.