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  1. all these posts and no one mentions people who vape into the mic? mute your mic before sucking on your flavored robotic penis and pretending to be puff the dragon.
  2. guys if youre having trouble with the diamond girls jump kicks, just do neutral triangle move when they are in the air. it always counters them and itll keep your combo.
  3. looks cool. ill wait for a sale though like pretty much every other digital only game.
  4. how exactly does seeing a story and saying to yourself "well i dont like where that headed, i dont think ill buy the game now" result in someone being a "little entitled fuck"?
  5. ill put my lowest S rank scores stage 1 - 26799 Adam sor1 stage 2 - 26791 Adam sor1 stage 3 - 20495 Adam sor1 stage 4 - 26316 Blaze sor4 stage 5- 29174 Adam sor1 stage 6 - 35253 Adam sor1 stage 7 - 16171 Blaze sor4 stage 8 - 26673 - Blaze sor4 stage 9 - 26157 Adam sor1 stage 10 - 27092 Blaze sor4 stage 11 - 26746 Cherry sor4 stage 12 - 36636 Axel sor2 ill update more later on once i unlock more
  6. S rank is most about high combos that arent getting broken and health. getting an out of this world combo is a ton of points. not saying that high of a combo is necessary but it def helps.
  7. for this boss, once one goes into the mech, i just focus on the mech. the mech has a pretty easy attack pattern so just pick your spots to attack and then retreat. once you get the one person in the mech, the other will jump into the mech and just repeat with a slightly different attack pattern.
  8. special moves dont count as damage. you can literally spam Floyds neutral triangle move (which has crazy i-frames) the entire stage on easy.
  9. chapter 4 where you fight the bunch of cops at the end of the pier, a few drop tasers. once your beat them, go through the door to the right with the taser in hand and hit the machine with the taser and itll go to the retro level. its just a little 1 vs 1 fight and you get a star afterwards.
  10. worked perfect. thanks!
  11. i dont see how this is possible. 2 straight days of playing and you only just surpassed 250K in points? ive played through the game twice. once in co-op with my gf and once solo with axel both times on normal and i have a lifetime score of almost 450K.
  12. platting this game is going to be a nightmare. the 5 million points trophy is a massive grind and S ranking every stage on hard is going to be ridiculous.
  13. the only gameplay stuff that leaked that ive seen was ellie and her gf or whatever just riding a horse through the woods talking about stuff. also someone was driving a car and ellie shot an infected through the car window before it crashed.
  14. these two games are so niche. in the last 6 months, ive only played 3 ps+ games. not a good ratio.
  15. yeah but if they find out who exactly leaked it, that person is going to get sued into oblivion.