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  1. It's EU, US, and Chinese. The Chinese stack is hard to find unlike the easy non-stack versions on the Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. I did buy the Hong Kong version (when it was on sale) that is localized in English, Chinese, & Japanese.... and it's the same version as the US trophy list for some apparent reason.
  2. Those VNs all have save data if you would like to see for yourself? I stated above my account has a lot of PSN purchases, now why would I loan out personal info and all my Japanese content? i even have play-Asia receipts from 2006 to now. However, I don't have to prove that, my eBay seller account says enough with 1300+ feedback. Accusations thrown for trophy service & CFW, when I buy or borrow games from friends and sell the games on eBay. i currently have some games on sell that I just completed last week or don't have time for. (Psycho Pass) I don't have much time to play as much as I would like to trophy hunt since 2016 due to my health, or just playing something for fun is whenever I have time to kill. I even went small hiatuses where I have to stop playing VNs, and to play something random on my backlog games to try to get them completed. Again, never hacked and never trophy serviced my account!
  3. No CFW whatsoever nor do I want anything pertaining to CFW since I have a lot of store purchases on multiple accounts. i have two ps3s and they are both super slims. If you're talking about my rarest platinum, it was used through by using multiple Japan copies of the game + my systems on a gambling type games called pachinko. The odds took forever to get that damn trophy to unlock, anyone that thinks it's impossible can go for the platinum on their own time and process. I'm not the only person in the world that has the gold trophy trophy that took 20million odds of ever obtaining. i have written many guides, overall respected gamer for eight years on PSN, and don't appreciate the accusations, but I guess they allow anyone to throw stones with cause instead asking how did you get the platinum? Instead of trying to public shame someone, why not ask instead first before insulting them.
  4. MainComptonese Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I used my own save, but hexed the values on the save's spec op missions values since it has no protection to do so. That was the only part of the save that I hexed. If so to exclude, I will gladly hide trophies if preferred.<br /> <br /> Thank you,<br /> MainComp LittleBigPlanet 2 I completed everything legit on this and did it by clearing level without dying & collecting all bubbles on each level except the final story mission where I got the DLC complete story, ace it, and collect all bubbles trophies. I kept practicing the final level until I did clear it with no deaths and 99% bubbles very frustrating way, I wanted to unlock them, but I thought it would be cool and make people think how in the f*** and why play it like that, but I did.Got the final bubble prize for no death, clearing + aced the DLC story and that's how they popped. I even have a vita and proof of DLC that I own this PS3 DLC / Digital + the Vita DLC to play the content. I will add that my girlfriend did help me on some parts especially on the final level that I could make things go faster without the hassle of controlling a vita & DS3 controller. <br /> <br /> I do not download or use game saves! Don't even get me started!<br /> <br /> Thank you, <br /> MainComp
  5. Having the same issue with the trophies being out of order. Recent played games are out of order, and have tried fixing it by loading a new game on the PS4 and getting a new trophy, but no luck. When I refresh my Vita trophies via PSN & vita system, the first games that pop up are the three Rugby World Cup 2015 stacks. Thinking of formatting my Vita, probably have too many trophies saved to the profile and vita system.
  6. Just so you know, this stack is not the Hong Kong version, but the mainland Chinese version. The HK store does have this, but it is the English version only (either it is one of the US or EU stacks).... However, the HK version is not stackable nor does the Taiwan store does not have this stack, neither.
  7. Besides the "i-Pin", you need to actually live in Korea, or at least know someone who does. It is highly illegal in Korea for a citizen to give out their personal info to others, and hence why they created the I-Pin, so the South Korean government can avoid their residence from fraud or identity attacks. They also don't sell PSN cards in Korea, so good luck on getting this or anything from the Korean PSN store. I was sad when I bought "The Evil Within" (PS3 KOREAN Stack), and found out the base game had the DLC added onto the trophy list. I knew the Korean PS4 stack of "TEW" had DLC, so I avoided that at all costs because non-Korean residents can't create a Korean PSN account. Thank you PSNProfiles for not updating the The Evil Within PS3 Korean trophy list, but it's cool... whatever.
  8. Just so you know, I thought the stackable Korean & Chinese PS3 versions had the base game only. After updating to patch 1.05, additional trophies from the 3 DLC packs were added to the trophy lists. The Chinese PS3/PS4 versions + DLCs can be purchased with Hong Kong, or Taiwan currency. Lastly, it is impossible to make a Korean PSN account, unless you have proof of your residence and Korean Social Security #.
  9. I am currently a Level 45 Commando & 52 Assassin, and need help against Terramorphous the Invincible. You can send message or friend request to MainComptonese
  10. The trophy is still running good with the trophy popping after the 5th win.
  11. I'm thinking about picking up Rui Ha Tomo Wo Yobu.

  12. For the western side of the world ... 2/3 of a year. However, in a couple more months from now... it will be a year since it was released in Japan.
  13. If the DLC is for the Japanese region, then it will work as long as your PSN account is Japanese. For example, my PSN account is Japanese but, I cannot use any US DLC / online pass for a US vita game like Reality Fighters, Resistance, Gravity Rush, etc. The code is unknown because it doesn't meet its region requirements. With the ps3, it's a whole lot different since, you can have multiple accounts on 1 system. However, the vita system is for 1 PSN account only.
  14. I feel like the SOCOM save file trophy glitch is not considered hacking but cheating. I have never hacked any game(s) and all of my games are legit besides the SOCOM plat. If I could remove that Socom platinum ; I would gladly do so. Personally, I thought my close friend just wanted to play some online matches then all of sudden 30+ trophies popped up after each other trophy and knew that something wasn't right. Though, thought it was fishy that he said that he needed his USB flash drive to play his SOCOM stats on my account. I feel the SOCOM plat is extremely rare now and glad to see people were dedicated to earning this, but I would prefer my stats to be intact, but not on SOCOM per say. Though, I guess what I'm saying is ... there are some people that are labeled as a "Cheater" when they truly aren't one. PS ... no complaining , just my 2 cents.