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  1. It took me 5 days total (not play time) judging from the time I acquired my first online trophy to the last. I fucked around a little bit. Not bad at all, story is decently harder imo but also more entertaining. It was a lot easier than I was expecting using the collector role. I have 3 monitors side by side, one of them being my PS4 making it pretty easy to use the jeanropke map. I did a collector run every day and focused on other online trophies if I felt like it. I avoided the plants, eggs and random markers for the most part but plants/eggs might be good for the first run. In the beginning you should probably focus on getting tarot cards until you unlock the metal detector for the more rewarding collectibles. It was a mind-numbing process. One thing to make it easier is to let your horse auto path to the destination whilst sprinting (spam sprint while opening cinematic camera) and open your map. It doesn't pause since it's online obviously. I just watched/listened to something on my other monitor while auto piloting. A few trophies can be hard to get, namely "The Real Deal" because you need to get MVP 3 times and some people are pretty advanced at PvP at this point. Horse races was how I did it. This is where you get lucky or you don't. Keep an eye out for "All's Fair" too while you play. Overall it's not difficult, just very monotonous just like the story trophies.
  2. Sekiro, almost there. Just going for the last ending. Getting Days Gone tomorrow so that'll be my next.
  3. I'd really love to have Kiwami. Looking to plat it and it would be better not to use a GF slot, especially with all these new games releasing.
  4. Secret War. It looks unique, I like the colorway, and it's the only one I felt okay with using in cutscenes and not feeling too disgusted with myself. I do wish I could've used the last suit sooner.
  5. Mergo's Loft: Middle is what I did before chalices. Find and equip the 3 moon runes before you farm. You can just run past the first group of Yharnam, you get a free visceral on the first pig, then just run into the group of Yharnam and let them and the pigs battle it out. Video For very very late game, after you've created a FRC (Fetid, Rotten, Cursed) Pthumeru Ihyll chalice (root chalice required, it's the last one that drops in this series of chalices) search for the glyph w6qvjakg. There's two hunters with their backs turned for easy viscerals in the first room. They're quite tough, but drop 170K echoes each with 3 moon runes. I found them better than heir runes since I rarely got a chance to kill them with viscerals. Video Reddit post, for more detailed information.
  6. Nope, never got around to it. I did get around to this though:
  7. I personally had no problems. I skipped hundreds of times. Even messing up and going back an entire month, but always set it to the intended time afterwards. All trophies popped as intended. I never turned my PS4 off, it just went to sleep. Just my experience.
  8. Yep. I have software called fences that hides all icons on double click. About as minimalistic as you could get and it's brilliant. Win to bring up hidden taskbar.
  9. Horizon Zero Dawn. Lore is good. I dig the concept but found my self bored as fuck, and whilst beautiful, the world feels soulless and generic. The combat was very mediocre eventually to tedium and the characters in the world uninspiring and uninteresting, including Aloy herself. I took it upon myself to read/listen to all the collectibles and that's probably my favorite part of the game. I can just go read a better book in that case. GTA V. Not terrible, but only praised so heavily because it fits inside this massive demographic of normies and players with a hard on for online gameplay. Not to mention how popular the IP, you know, just is. Fortnite. Normies, children, the inclination to play what's popular with everyone else, drake, free to play, and the snowball effect. Not horrible for what it is, but fuck it's not the game of the century.
  10. You just have a much lower chance of getting raiders when you compete with everything else. With 29 pop your only possibilities are fires, roaches, and raiders instead of adding molerats, ghouls, scorpions, and deathclaws into the mix.
  11. Only your current vault. Same with the lunchboxes. If I were doing this from scratch, I would get the pets and halt my population for raider only attacks, and do everything else requiring pop afterwards. There's still stuff you can do in the meantime with low pop.
  12. Honestly, no idea. I didn't obtain the pets until I was going for this trophy. I did the 100 quests one at a time. Sad but happy for others to hear it works for the quests though. That grind was mind-numbing.
  13. No, it doesn't matter. You might want to wait until you get at least one attack before you skip again, though. To be safe, not sure if it actually matters. I dropped $20 to get the pets. Well worth the time saved to me.
  14. What's your concern here?
  15. It works for the trophy. Even if in stats your number is lower. Clearly, or I wouldn't have mentioned it. For getting this trophy? No. Time skipping 15-30 minutes won't get you another raider attack.