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  1. PowerPyx has his guide up https://www.powerpyx.com/tales-of-arise-trophy-guide-roadmap/ Looks so incredibly doable in comparison to the usual Tales list. missable(s) seem super manageable too!!!
  2. I bought the game via my PS5 and got both. I couldn’t find separate listings. So I think you just get both
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I just wanted to make sure I’m not insane. I really figured by the time I finished the epilogue everything else would’ve happed.
  4. I’m literally 12 encounters away from having every single trophy except Divided by Death (and Cthonic Colleagues by extension) what am I doing wrong. Achilles and Nyx have nothing to say to me. Do I seriously have to just keep running to Elysium to see Patrocles and keep my fingers crossed?
  5. I haven’t done every quest, but I can assure you that all of those quests through phase 10 Yuito involving the L1+ combos
  6. I keep hearing this. It was my understanding that 2.01 IS the day 1 patch. Am I mistaken?
  7. They’re all four during boss battles that are pretty easy to save prior to.
  8. I’ve been watching the chest count in the journal specifically during the interlude between chapters 6 and 7 and the chests have not been added to the total. This leads me to believe the chests in question do not count. At the very least I know they don’t all count.
  9. It is, crossbuy as well. I suspect it’s a percentage being displayed right now, we’ll see how these things shake out as more games use that trophy tracking
  10. I got 2, died, reloaded. I have the two, but the icons remain on the map. No matter how far back my save goes this persists. Am I screwed?
  11. I said no to the monument (default answer and it’s stupid) so I could get the ally ring. I went ahead and did everything else for playthrough 1. How hard is it gonna be to get back to Pure White Character tendency?
  12. Yup, I was thinking about Urbain, my bad
  13. It would if those were the last spells/miracles you didn’t have. This is the method used to plat the game in 2 playthroughs instead of three. you have to back up the save to the cloud though to be clear: if you spend the boss souls to buy the rest of Frekes spells and the trophy pops, you can reload and instead spend them with Yuria (or vice versa)
  14. I love it, though I do think that’s it’s length prevents the major emotional moments you get from 2018
  15. I bought the standard digital edition on PS4 and on day 1 it was just in my PS5 library to download. No upgrade for the digital version, you just get both.