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  1. Max out everything you can buy at the convenience store and vending machines. Those items are in the RNG pool but if you are maxed out you won’t pick them up in food bags. I wouldn’t worry about it til the post game and then combine this while running around collecting leftover souls.
  2. Shout out to the SSD for making this so much faster (still took me 30-45 minutes)
  3. You also want HDR off! The HDR is somehow horrible
  4. I think that headless guy is awesome! He has solid HP, melee and ranged attacks, and he teleports around.
  5. What is a barren tile? I’ve spent an hour on the dirt tiles and half an hour on plain grass tiles. I’ve saw the merchant a bunch of times while playing naturally, but now that I need to find her I can’t get her to spawn.
  6. Appreciated. I finally did it.
  7. This worked for me so thank you so much! What I wanted to clarify for those that don’t get a fox by this right away though is what happened with me. when trying to advance time I had made it all the way to 2023. I had to advance to a date beyond my latest possible saved date that was the same region to get the bases and checkpoints to repopulate. even though I had saved it again after that future date, the save still knew what the Las test date was. Hopefully this helps.
  8. Yeah…me too
  9. I’ve completed the game, have every trophy but Seen It All. From what I can tell I have no missed side quests. Im missing 2 in Geography 2 in Monsters 5 in Travels anyone have any suggestions?
  10. PowerPyx has his guide up https://www.powerpyx.com/tales-of-arise-trophy-guide-roadmap/ Looks so incredibly doable in comparison to the usual Tales list. missable(s) seem super manageable too!!!
  11. I bought the game via my PS5 and got both. I couldn’t find separate listings. So I think you just get both
  12. Thanks for the feedback, I just wanted to make sure I’m not insane. I really figured by the time I finished the epilogue everything else would’ve happed.
  13. I’m literally 12 encounters away from having every single trophy except Divided by Death (and Cthonic Colleagues by extension) what am I doing wrong. Achilles and Nyx have nothing to say to me. Do I seriously have to just keep running to Elysium to see Patrocles and keep my fingers crossed?
  14. I haven’t done every quest, but I can assure you that all of those quests through phase 10 Yuito involving the L1+ combos
  15. I keep hearing this. It was my understanding that 2.01 IS the day 1 patch. Am I mistaken?