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  1. I cannot figure out how to do this, are you not allowed to pick up free skills? Does it have to be done on a specific dungeon?
  2. I can 100% confirm that each item needs to have 3 DIFFERENT abilities maxed out, it doesn’t matter if they’re powerful or not, but you just can’t have a weapon with the same ability twice (Ex. Leech preach radiance)
  3. I’ve been utilizing rest mode predominantly for about 20 hours of gameplay (about a week so like 7 ish rests) the only trophy I encountered that didn’t pop was life of the party. I Relaunched the game and reloaded from right before I got the last collectible and it popped immediately after getting that final drug package.
  4. Popped “Devout Believer” accidentally as a visitor. I did technically defeat the boss without breaking any statues, although the person who summoned me did. So theoretically you could try to search for that level specifically as a visitor. Don’t know if that’s even more efficient but I thought I’d share.
  5. I got the the end of the tech dungeon, and after I popped the trophy for reading all the notes I couldn’t get any other trophies to pop. Killed the last two bosses, nothing. Credits, nothing. A shame since it’s a great game. I don’t regret my time with it, and I’d still recommend it, but not for the trophies unfortunately.
  6. Definitely worked. Kinda silly, but whatever! Thanks for the tip!
  7. Thanks so much!!! So to clarify, nothing is missable right?
  8. I’m in the post-game (only remaining quest is the alchemy one) and I’m running around the glimmering grotto and in an hour I saw two good dragamuffins and ABSOLUTELY NO BEDRAGGLES. Am I just stupid unlucky? And I am fighting everything
  9. I’m very curious. Would be interested to hear HOW Grundy it is. I don’t mind a grind like say Skyrim or even Death Stranding, but the grind in a game like Wolfenstein Youngblood was soul crushing.
  10. Holy crap, that was it for me. Thanks so much!
  11. I’ve seen the guide and it was indeed very helpful, but the trophies are not the same, so I don’t know what exactly the score needs to be, probably the lower of the achievements, but then since the trophies aren’t popping I can’t confirm or deny that. Trophies finally popped. I had a score of over 400,000 in hi score mode for that gold.
  12. So I’ve done a bunch of the ACA games before but for the life of me I can’t figure out why no trophies are popping. futhermore I can’t find any TROPHY info other than what the PSN tells you anywhere. like what is the high score needed to upload in Hi Score mode?
  13. That guide is on YouTube. When I was talking about drone info tracking, I am referring to the tracking NOT UNDER STATISTICS. Under Log/Info/Spy Drones you can view the files they drop, that is a more accurate tracker. The actual statistics page said I got 18. its tedious but the 2-3 hours it’ll take to use these guides will be more efficient than doing it without the guides!
  14. I absolutely rolled with the rocket launcher while drone hunting, better safe than sorry. as for reloading drone saves it’ll only help you get that specific one if it flew off. Also, and this was weird, the last few drones I got didn’t always drop new intel. I was at 26 drone intel, killed one, was still at 26 and then the trophy popped for me at 28 pieces. i used the wonderful guide on ps4trophies and the one Powerpyx made, between the two of them (and obviously keeping an eye out while playing naturally) it’s really nowhere near the worst collectible experience I’ve had.
  15. Can anyone confirm if reloading a save from several hours earlier to grind out the last few would work?