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  1. It is, crossbuy as well. I suspect it’s a percentage being displayed right now, we’ll see how these things shake out as more games use that trophy tracking
  2. I got 2, died, reloaded. I have the two, but the icons remain on the map. No matter how far back my save goes this persists. Am I screwed?
  3. I said no to the monument (default answer and it’s stupid) so I could get the ally ring. I went ahead and did everything else for playthrough 1. How hard is it gonna be to get back to Pure White Character tendency?
  4. Yup, I was thinking about Urbain, my bad
  5. It would if those were the last spells/miracles you didn’t have. This is the method used to plat the game in 2 playthroughs instead of three. you have to back up the save to the cloud though to be clear: if you spend the boss souls to buy the rest of Frekes spells and the trophy pops, you can reload and instead spend them with Yuria (or vice versa)
  6. I love it, though I do think that’s it’s length prevents the major emotional moments you get from 2018
  7. I bought the standard digital edition on PS4 and on day 1 it was just in my PS5 library to download. No upgrade for the digital version, you just get both.
  8. I did it on my first try on PS5 and then it took my like 10 tries when I played the PS4 version. It’s just a little hard to not get hit. There were times I didn’t think I got hit but the health bar wasn’t totally full. Just keep at it, you’ll get it. So glad the app just spawns crimes though!!
  9. Ok I’m pretty confident I’ve figured out what the problem is here. Use quick fire, do whatever you want. The trophy is for DEFEATING 50 with remote mines. While the benchmarks category is worded the same way, it actually counts individual HITS instead. my evidence is that the benchmark number went up while is was hitting a boss with them. The boss didn’t die, but the number was rising.
  10. Do you think you need to be aiming while you hit L3 or just for firing? (I’m at 76 but I definitely used a lot of quick fire)
  11. After doing all paste up, drinks , and darts with one character twice (over a few days) I started a new game, went and got a construction worker and did ALL of them in one sitting. All three trophies popped partway through on ones I had done before. Tracking is BUSTED
  12. I did two complete laps. My second lap I redid each one, but on top of my previous paste up. I never managed to unlock all stencils despite confirming I did all 47 twice. I started a completely new game, got a construction worker and on Paste Up 37 it popped. It was not one o had missed. Tracking is just wrecked in the game. Same with drinks, halfway through my third lap on a fresh game it popped.
  13. Upon completing my third lap (this time all in one sitting, no crashing, no switch, etc) got darts, but not drinks.
  14. Same!
  15. I did and it didn’t help me so I would definitely wait to give yourself the best chance