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  1. Thank-you guys. I hadn't noticed that there was a guide available on site. The reason why i had to ask is because I researched some of the trophy guides related to Wipeout 2048 which features in the Omega collection, and on that game there were some online trophies related to both ranking up & campaign mode.
  2. Hi, I'm new to the Wipeout series. As there is no trophy guide for the game, I had some questions about the online trophies. Other than the win 10 / finish 10 online races & Destroy 50 ships in Online Eliminator (so 3 in total), are there any other online trophies for this game? Thank-you.
  3. Thanks, went ahead to try and get the trophies and it worked. I did massive mythology with a turbo controller, so if it still isn't unlocking for any EU players then I guess you must have to do it in 1 sitting.
  4. Anyone know if the same problem can be fixed using a digital download copy of the game (I assume you were using physical).
  5. The Medic trophy is definitely not working, as nobody has earned the achievement since 19th May which is more than 2 months ago, thus making the game impossible to platinum at this moment in time. Handy man still seems possible though as there have been recent achievers. Information about the medic trophy needs to be relayed back to the devs, as this piece of evidence pretty much proves that at least one of the trophies is completely broken.
  6. Not sure what country you're in, but I'd recommend this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-PlayStation-3-PS3-Wireless-controller-Joystick-W-Turbo-Button-For-Sony-PS3/283181698039?hash=item41eef1cbf7:g:FjAAAOSwAqFbq82f Just bought a Hori one for the PS4 which is much more expensive, does anyone know what the 'target button' does on the back? The instructions came in Japanese writing so I'm not sure.
  7. Just had this glitch happen with me also. For anyone else wondering, if you're 100% sure you have all the skittles and didn't get the trophy, then just replay each level on Psychotic difficulty (via chapter select) and allow yourself to die at the first opportunity. Trophy should pop when you return to the main menu.
  8. Thanks, just wanted to know if the match would start if there are any less than a full lobby (which seems to be 5). So if there's 2 of you, is it possible for other players to join mid-match or 'hijack' the session after the game ends and sends you back to the lobby?
  9. One question which hasn't been answered yet is how many players are required to attempt to boost (minimum)?
  10. Boosting some games requires the use of more than 2 accounts, as the years went by more added up which i tend to switch between. Thanks for the responses.
  11. I have a number of PSN accounts that I use to track my stats on PSN Profile. However, for about a year they all haven't updated automatically - I must do it myself manually. Is this a known issue? Or is anyone else experiencing the same problem? The site says that registered users update daily, and everyone else just weekly.
  12. Would also like to know the answer to this too. Loaded up the game to try and find out but most modes are unlocked!
  13. Just looking for some clarity on the following trophies before i start this game: Tall Tales & Massive Mythology. Playstationtrophies.org lists them as unobtainable for European regions. I have the European version downloaded but I've seen other European players obtain them on their profiles... so I'm just wondering if they had to download the US version? Or is the information from .org incorrect? I expect I'll have to wait a while for any response but once anyone can confirm / deny please let me know.
  14. Can't think of a single one as bad as this. Or did I miss one?
  15. ^^ Thanks, having some success with these. Amplify looks to be the second best option if chaser is not available.