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  1. Turning Tides DLC Pack is now also FREE for a limited time.
  2. If you've never played this game before or starting for the first time on a brand new profile, you shouldn't encounter this bug.
  3. A word of warning if you haven't played the game since the last patch... (about a year ago)? You may encounter a black screen when loading up the game after it logs you into the MGS servers. There's no way of getting past this screen even after restarting, or deleting the game and reinstalling it. I read online it's a common problem and that you can try turning off your internet connection when booting up again. This didn't work for me though and even if it did that would restrict you getting online in the future. The only thing to remedy this unfortunately is to delete your game data and start from scratch. That's what I had to do and it did stop the black screen from appearing. Hopefully not too many of you will be affected by this though as it seems to just be older players returning back to the game.
  4. Since we've got it on the IGC last year I've been looking on the store to see if any of the DLC is discounted but it never is. Has it ever been on sale?
  5. So i assume there are only two online trophies for this game - 'Dialing Up The Wins' & 'Promotion'. i assume this because there seems to be no guide for this game on site. Can all other trophies in this game not relating to career mode also be easily boosted online? Thank-you.
  6. So there are only two online trophies for this game - 'Dialing Up The Wins' & 'Promotion'? Can all the rest definitely be done offline?
  7. And have they given any indication the the Firewall Zero Hero servers will be closed in the near future? I haven't heard anything unless the Devs have come out and said something relating to it?
  8. That did the trick, for some reason I was 1 match shy of 300 with one character even though I was sure I'd made no miscalculations. Thank-you.
  9. For the Play 300 Ranked Matches each using two characters.trophy I think it might have glitched on me... I've actually played 400 matches with two separate characters (so 800 total); unless it doesn't count rematches with opponents or I'm doing something wrong
  10. How is this possible if you need to play on a server (or don't you)?
  11. To clarify Season One: 3 New Campaign Missions Terror Lab, Blood Count, Deeper Than Hell 9 Character Packs & Outfits Undead Airman Character, Undercover Karl Outfit, American Sea Captain Character, Classic Boris Outfit, Renegade Officer Character, Gas Mask Headgear Bundle, French Resistance Fighter Character, Paratrooper Zombie Character, Lone Wolf Jun Outfit 15 New Weapons & Skins Mortar Shotgun Bundle, Bloodsoaked Weapon Skins, PPSH Submachine Gun Bundle, M1 Semi-Auto Carbine Bundle, Molton Lava Weapon Skins, Repeater Rifle Bundle, FG-42 Automatic Rifle Bundle, Solid Gold Weapon Skins, Luger Pistol Bundle, Shotgun Pistol Bundle, Wrapping Paper Weapon Skins, Crossbow Rifle Bundle, Carbon Weapon Skins, Flags Charm Pack, Crossbow Pistol Bundle 2 New Horde Maps Undead Wood, Undead Wood Season Two: New Campaign Missions Damnation Valley, Alpine Blitz, Dead Zeppelin... New Character Skins Zombie Gentleman Dress Uniform, Berserker Boris Outfit, Night Ops Jun Outfit, Armour Plated Shola Outfit, Afrika Karl Outfit... New Weapons & Skins Lee Enfield Rifle Bundle, Occult Ritual Weapon Skins, Halloween Charm Pack, Halloween Headgear Pack, Holiday Season Charm Pack, Holiday Season Headgear, SVT-38 Rifle Bundle, Sten MK2 SMG Bundle, Toxic Hazard Weapon Skins, Buckets Headgear Pack, 7.65mm Polizeipistole Pistol Bundle, Nagant M1895 Pistol Bundle, Black Ice Weapon Skins, Grease Gun SMG Bundle, Armoured Giant Weapon Skins, M1903 Springfield Rifle Bundle, Classic Sports Headgear, Bomb Lance Shotgun Bundle, Desert Damaged Weapon Skins... New Horde Maps Platform, Graveyard Shift... New Charm Packs Halloween Charm Pack, Holiday Season Charm Pack, Horror Charm Pack, Sports Charm Pack... New Headgear Bundles Halloween Headgear, Holiday Season Headgear, Buckets Headgear Pack, Classic Sports Headgear.
  12. Thanks for that. And the ranking / leveling system (getting to level 50) is offline too?
  13. Let us assume that next week the online servers are shut down for this game. I can assume that from the base game the only online trophy is for completing every campaign level with a full team of four players. Are there any other trophies (including DLC) which require another human player to play alongside you? Or are you going to need a full team to be able to complete just a few of the waves? I'm also wondering how the ranking system works... is this the sort of game which will only allow you to play as long as you're connected to the servers? Obviously I know that getting these trophies is going to be so much easier in online co-op, but is it the ONLY way?
  14. According to the guide on this site, only Feels like Home / Here comes a new challenger are online trophies for the game. I'm just wondering if any more require an online connection; perhaps setting a time on a certain track in the campaign, maybe something leaderboard related or even miscellaneous? Hoping to knock the online stuff out and then come back to this one in a few years you see, just don't want the plat to be become unobtainable for me!
  15. Yeah unfortunately you have to wait until the next day for the challenges to be recycled (as you know, only once you've completed them will they change).