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  1. Hi I know it's been a good few years since you made this post but I'm wondering whether you can remember if the Vita Version of this game (GOW I & GOW II a.k.a. GOW Collection) were ever made available for free to those who downloaded just GOW I on PS Plus in Feb 2013. I've been trying to get to the bottom of this for a while, any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi. I'm new to this game and just downloaded it from the PS Plus section. My question is are there any online-only trophies in this game? From what I can see there is no trophy guide on site, hence my asking. I know that there are daily tasks but not sure if they are related to online at all. Thank-you in advance.
  3. How are some trophies possible to be done solo but all trophies in the guide are listed as 'online required.'?
  4. So... no they don't autopop from PS4 to PS5?
  5. ... in a good way. Both these trophies can randomly pop for you. To save the biggest grind ever known to VR gaming, you'd better hope this happens because it's going to take over 1 million XP to achieve both. Not much is known about this glitch, only the following has been confirmed: - You must be playing in the same match as another player who has legitimately earned these trophies (does not work with those who have also had the glitch). - It does not matter which team the legitimate player is on. - It does not matter if you kill this player / beat this player / win with this player. The glitch activation is totally random. - Also does not matter what level you are / how many weapons & attachments you've unlocked. I can confirm these above methods are accurate and true because I boosted in a group whereby the glitch did happen to several members and did not happen to many others. Having experienced this game extensively; I would estimate that the vast majority of players who have the platinum did not earn these trophies legitimately, so messaging them to step into a lobby to help activate the glitch is probably a waste of time. Even if you found an eligible player; they could spend hours helping out and nothing pops for you but it does for everyone else, it is just that random. My advice would be to play the game naturally in public lobbies and hope you across one of the pro players in this game. Good luck.
  6. Just to check... is The Watcher a paid DLC pack or was it added as a freebie in a patch? Thanks in advance.
  7. After reading through this topic I'm still none the wise whether or not I need to buy any of the DLC to get 100% in this game. It's so unclear that the question has been asked at least four times already. Can someone set the record straight once and for all lol?
  8. So the $50 version includes all DLC required for the 100% ?
  9. So I added the Legends Edition of the game to my library and I enjoyed the game so much I now want to upgrade to the full version. How do I go about doing this on the PlayStation Store? I can only see a three available options: - Ghost of Tsushima Legends (already owned). - Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut (not available for purchase). - Ghost of Tsushima Bonus Content (seems to be an artbook). Nowhere on the store can i find the full version anywhere - is it a physical only title? Or have I screwed myself out of getting the trophies for this game by downloading the Legends Edition? Thanks.
  10. Aren't all disc copies non-updated until you install the latest patch that comes with the game? Or do some force you to do this without having the option to stop?
  11. I'm about to start this game but wondering whether or not I should load the game onto my main profile due to a glitch I've heard about. Apparently there is a missing mudokon towards the end of the game which prevents you from getting the final badge trophy. Can anyone clarify? Thanks
  12. There's slightly conflicting reports on this. Because we were told that GTA V will be free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers mid-March 2022. But does that mean that only PS Plus subscribers can play the game, or is it free for all to download? Thanks.
  13. Yeah I don't think for me it will possible, I counted again including today it looks like I only have a total of 41 days until 28th March if the final war ends on 27th March. I'm one day out, if only I had seen this yesterday lol. My only other small hope is trying to find some sort of DLC on the JP Store for this game and hoping it provides me with a few extra flags. But from briefly looking at it, all I can see is the 10 extra flags and employment rights (whatever that is). Whelp!
  14. Looks like I would have to download and install the game today because by my count there is 42 days until 28th March (including today). Even then I might miss out by 1 day / flag. Just a quick question... when does the daily war actually end? Is it 00.00 each day or at another specific time, or perhaps exactly 24 hours after you've completed your turn?
  15. Wait... so the platinum is still obtainable on the JP version of the game until March 28??