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  1. Just looking for some clarity on the following trophies before i start this game: Tall Tales & Massive Mythology. Playstationtrophies.org lists them as unobtainable for European regions. I have the European version downloaded but I've seen other European players obtain them on their profiles... so I'm just wondering if they had to download the US version? Or is the information from .org incorrect? I expect I'll have to wait a while for any response but once anyone can confirm / deny please let me know.
  2. Can't think of a single one as bad as this. Or did I miss one?
  3. ^^ Thanks, having some success with these. Amplify looks to be the second best option if chaser is not available.
  4. Yeah mate, footy is no problem, it's the TDM / DM levels with the 4 characters mentioned. Can't even get close to 20 odd kills with any of them. Will keep trying! Edit: It's Ultimate Burn Circuit 1 & 3 which usually require you to hit at least 20 kills to win... that works out at 1 kill every 15 seconds, which is outrageous.
  5. Finishing the Ultimate Burn Circuit is proving to be a massive challenge. So far, I've picked up on the fact you can use a chaser mod and that helps a great deal. But there are 4 characters which don't have this ability - Blade, Tik Tak Toh, Alice & The Baron. And characters with a low defense are dead within 2 or 3 seconds of being shot at. From everything else I've read online people are saying that this isn't really difficult, just time consuming... so I'm wondering what exactly I'm doing wrong. Any helps or tips?
  6. Had this in my backlog so came back to do it on the PS3. The game crashes on the title 'Halfbrick' screen, can't even press the PS button to reach the XMB menu. Tried about 6 times now, and even used different profiles, same result every time. Anybody else had a similar issue or know of a workaround? Thanks.
  7. Just sprint to the ball pushing down L3, then go towards the goal and score. If you're getting fired at by bots, you can shoot the ball as close to the goal as possible, and go back to it after the respawn. I found Gridiron to be the most simple mode to master, as the AI is just stupid. Deathmatch wins and getting the most kills out of any player is proving the most difficult thing to do by some distance. I'm using the method provided by Testosterone, and I've managed to win a few games but that was only by luck, and it's still proving to be a massive struggle. God help me when I attempt the ultimate burn circuit... One more thing, anyone thinking of starting this trophy list further down the line I would advise you not to do so. Just because it shuts down on July 25th, don't rest on your laurels and get started with this game ASAP - if the difficulty isn't an issue then the massive grind will be, and time is not on your side.
  8. Thanks I'm going to give these a try. Do you have to activate the boosters in the middle of the match, or is it just automatic?
  9. Any tips for the 15 ranked deathmatch wins trophy? Winning bot usually manages around 20 kills in 5 minutes and I just can't get that high in such a short time-frame!
  10. Thank-you for this useful information, much appreciated.
  11. Is this free DLC, or paid for? I did check the store & there is an 'Ash vs Evil Dead' pack, but I'm not sure if that's just a pack to play as Ash exclusively. Hoping I can get the trophies without having to pay for anything else lol.
  12. Sorry yes I clarified it for you because your response suggested I needed to dumb it down and simplify it for you. All done and cleared up for you now :-)
  13. Well you could at least thank me for replying to you, it's not my fault you misunderstood my first response lol.
  14. To be clear, you have to buy the US version, download it and get the trophy on that downloaded version whilst playing on your main account. There may be some other way to get the Old School trophy on an EU downloaded version, but this isn't the method I used.
  15. EU player here. I got 100% on Syberia 2 a while ago. Simply create a US account on your PS3, download the game then log into your main and start the speedrun.. Good luck to all!