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  1. The season pass is on sale right now in the EU store with 60% off (not sure about the US store). Will buying the season give me everything I need to go for 100% in this game, anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  2. Quick question: can you tune the cars to their full capacity in the garage and use them for the events in this trophy? Just wasn't sure if the tuning option could affect anything in the offline mode.
  3. Using this setup worked well for me thanks. Do you happen to know the best tuning settings for Tarmac surfaces?
  4. Are there any trophies in game that are online only? I actually didn't think this game would have a multiplayer component.
  5. I've mentioned this previously, the most difficult thing about this trophy is you only get one shot at it. Yes yes there's plenty of other harder challenges in the DLC but you can rinse and repeat them 100 times until you get it right. With this it takes 1 spin of the wheel, 1 clip to the tail of the car, 1 bump at front of the car... and your tier 1 goal is OVER. Anybody can make one minor error at any given time, particularly if the course take 3+ minutes. The Audi feels slippy even with the best tuning applied to the car, whilst the majority of other players can chose vehicles that handle much better. It is beyond me how anyone can claim this trophy is relatively easy, it's hard as nails to finish in the top 10%.
  6. I actually retract my statement that it's the most difficult trophy of all time because it's also obtainable in Delta Daily - I was previously unaware of that. Still haven't managed to get it in the normal dailies so the Delta should be a saving grace for most of us, Having said that I do still believe it would be the hardest out there if the Delta Daily wasn't an option. I've looked over the DLC for Dirt 2.0 and yeah the Flatout trophy is going to be one big stressful ordeal. But it's nothing I don't think I could conquer eventually after trial and error / practice and regular restarts. You just don't get that luxury in the daily challenges, and that's what is causing a major headache. My advice to anyone going for this trophy is to just wait until the Delta Daily comes around. Save your time, energy and stress levels. It's better to have a 50% chance of getting this trophy than a 10% chance.
  7. Ahh in that case I hope that Delta appears sometimes soon with the right circumstances in place, that would be truly merciful to me and those struggling.
  8. i thought that was the case, but trophy description on this site says it top 25% Top 10% is just ridiculous.
  9. It's the fact that you only get one chance at it on average 1-2 times per week. The pressure can really get to you and it's so easy to mess things up. Then when you start acting on emotion, being nervous etc all rational thought goes out the window and you can't think straight. It's more a psychological thing than it being the most difficult circuit of all time. You have the triple threat in terms of difficulty for this one trophy - luck based, grind in practice, skill required. I 100% DriveClub a few months ago. Had to re-do some of the tracks many times but the fact you have unlimited retries makes anything from it easier than this one trophy alone. Just imagine in a few months time when the player base dwindles for the game - getting in the top 2,500 out of 10,000 players (today) might not be a problem for some people (it still is for me), but getting in the top 250 out of 1,000 when mostly vets will be playing by that time it's going to be even harder.
  10. Well I just tried and failed to reach tier 1. I was about 9 seconds out after making a small error. It's lead me to the conclusion that this is the most difficult PlayStation trophy in this game (including DLC) AND the history of racing games. Here's why: - Both luck (which course you get, the performance of other players, how many participate that day etc) and skill are required. - You can spend hours practicing in different modes, all for nothing. A massive time-sink all for nothing is demoralizing. - There are no do-overs, if you fuck up you cannot retry. This is crucial because on other challenging racing games it's a case of rinse and repeat til you get it right. - You need a near-perfect race. - The car handles terribly and puts you at an unfair advantage to those with different vehicles. - To place within the top 25% of the players means that you have to be in the minority, the odds are always against you. It really is such a daunting task for trophy hunters.
  11. Whats the difference between a special event and a community event? I had assumed one was online against real players and the other offline against bots, but then that's what the AI challenge is for... quite confusing!
  12. Thanks for the guides. I tested the theory by going offline, and here are the modes which are unavailable to play with no server connection: Events (My Team). Garage (My Team). Staff (My Team). Race net Clubs. Any trophies associated with the above modes are therefore online-only.
  13. Can't find a trophy guide for this anywhere on the net. Does anyone know which of the trophies are online-only (including DLC)? I sometimes find that racing games similar to these have leaderboard related online trophies as well. Thanks!
  14. 1. Start new game on hard mode. 2. Complete the first 3 levels. 3. Create / use an alternative PSN profile on your PS4. 4. Add the dummy account to your friends list. 5. Repeat steps 1 & 2 on the alt account. 6. Log back into your main account and check the leaderboards for level 3 - trophy will pop. The above method will take 15-20mins if you already have an alt account.
  15. Nice guide! Completed this game a few years ago, used 2 PS4s as well... wouldn't even bother without self boosting as it'd take far too long.