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  1. Me and a good friend are running through this on co-op - unless you are an expert in the Sniper Elite series do not attempt to do this solo. It's always useful to have that second player there to revive you if mistakes are made (and they tend to happen 2 or 3 times each mission on this difficulty setting).
  2. Thanks for confirmation - 1 online trophy is better than 23. To chime in on the argument that Europeans are frustrated for getting a baseball game... a sport which they have little to no knowledge on... it makes you wonder why Sony still included this game as a PS Plus title when they removed PES 2019 just a few months ago. Unquestionably football / soccer is the world's number 1 most popular sport, but not so much in the States, so perhaps this suggests they value the North American market more than any other.
  3. As someone else has already pointed out, the game is marked a 'Single player' but the guide calls out multi-player only trophies. Can anyone confirm the online-only stuff?
  4. I just checked these events for you to see if there are any other available cars to select... there are not. You need to do a few things now - go to your purchase history and take a screenshot of Driveclub Season Pass. Next, contact PlayStation support via email and attach the screenshot (do not use Twitter or any other social media outlet). If they still don't reply after 5 working days, call the support team - they may charge a premium price I'm not sure, but it's your last option before going to the US store and purchasing everything all over again if all else fails. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  5. What are the names of the 3 events which require these cars on the Apex DLC?
  6. This is beyond a joke now... on my main PSN profile I'm ranked 40,000 in the world - but by the time you factor in how many people are behind me due to their profiles not updating, I'm probably placed 80,000th! What is the point in using a trophy website when it isn't even tracking the stats properly? Plus the main page says that unregistered profiles update on a weekly basis - that hasn't been the case for over a year now! The people who run PSN Profiles need to sort it out or just shut this amateur operation down.
  7. If you have completed this game and there's still one thing left for you to unlock from the main menu... it's probably the Zurr en Arrh Skin. The only way to get this was to sign up for an account on the official WB forums and make a post under the Batman Arkham Knight section. Howeveer, this no longer exists, making it impossible to attain this skin. I recently asked Warner Bros about this on their twitter: Their reply: So, if anyone wants a chance of being able to unlock this in the future, you'll have to send a similar request to @WBGamesSupport through their social media outlets (to me it looks like they have left the door open on the skin being made available again one day). Good luck!
  8. It's my understanding that the maximum HD you can have for your PS4 which is internal is 2TB (because the larger capacity ones won't fit). I don't want to use an external one which i know can reach 6TB, because i transport my console regularly and don't want any hardware or extra wires attached to it at all. Will there ever come a day when a slim enough hard drive bigger than 2TB can actually fit inside your PS4 do you think? If so, when?
  9. Use this link to contact the Devs and let's hope for a fix (if enough of us ask): https://support.deadbydaylight.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  10. Medic is completely broken and unobtainable, making the platinum impossible for this game.
  11. 1. Create an account selecting the US region and apply a fake United States postal address either on your PlayStation system or from PS store (use Google if necessary). 2. Top up your new account using dollars from a prepaid card - you can find these on a few websites such as CDKeys.com 3. You can then share any games between your main account and US account so long as they are compatible - DLC is usually not so for this instance you'd need to buy Driveclub on the US store (delete the EU version), the DLC you need and then play these together on your main account to get your trophies.
  12. Just to clear this up for anyone concerned, you only need 1 of these 4 Expansion packs (AMG) to get 100% of trophies in DriveClub; you do not need Driveclub Bikes Expansion, Finish Line Expansion, or MV Augusta Expansion. Feel free to correct me if you think that information is incorrect, pretty sure it's accurate though.
  13. Given the time the DLC was delisted (about 17.00 GMT on Friday) it makes me think that the necessary staff required to maintain the PS store only work weekdays, so made the decision to remove content and just went home for the weekend. Shocking.
  14. As per the title, can I get all 110 trophies with a one-off purchase of the season pass on the PlayStation store? Or are there some DLC packs missing from it (it doesn't mention this on the store itself)? Thank-you in advance.
  15. The majority of the DLC, such as the races & drifts, are quite straightforward and shouldn't pose a problem. That being said, there are 2 or 3 time trial tracks which you have to get 3 stars on which make the difficulty go up to 9/10 or even 10/10. Take Back to Black in the AMG pack for example, you have to get a time of 1.17 to attain all stars, and the world record for this track is 1.12.259. So in other words, you must be less than 4.8 seconds away from the world record... that is just ludicrous. Other time trial events follow a similar pattern so get ready for perhaps hours of frustration and practice - not fun stuff at all.