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  1. Appreciate the info. I will give it a go and let you know. Thanks again!
  2. Anybody know good locations post game to get any kill trophies that may have been missed? Specifically I am looking for hack a droid kill and explosives. Thanks!
  3. And you could probably post on a non trophy forum.
  4. I didn't see anyone else mention this. The coin grind is a pain but I decided to go the good old fashion route and change the date and time forward. This works in respawning the coin crates without having to wait 24+ hours.
  5. Definitely some weird stuff right here. As if there wasn't already a bad stigma in regards to female gamers, let's create a list for those weirdos to stalk them.
  6. A little late, but if anyone was still wondering, you tap cross when the ball is coming at you, then try to time it right and tap cross again.
  7. Thanks for posting this!
  8. I have completed every level and not missed a single item but 3 trophies did not pop for completing levels and collecting items. Anyone else experience this?
  9. Basically, this. It gets annoying when people say things are super easy or make guides with claims of low difficulty and short time when for most, that isn't the case. You have to look at it from an average gamer perspective, not necessarily your personal experience.
  10. I haven't watched the videos as yet, but does your last post suggest we wait until post game to complete our collectible hunt? Or is the Catacombs the only place the has post game items?
  11. I see this in the current Flash for 3.49. Is it still buggy? Are the trophies attainable?
  12. This could have all been avoided had they not force fed all the Hitman 1 trophies. If they wanted people to experience it new or again, cool. But don't add the trophies too considering how long the first game took to complete.
  13. This is what I was thinking. But if it were a glitch that made it harder on us or stopped a trophy from popping, we'd still be waiting for a fix. It's all good either way, just an interesting observation.
  14. I think it's both. I agree the call was horrible and played a role in the loss. But I agree with you that you can't give up 4 goals on 4 minutes either. As for the Hurricanes, I can't root for them. I am originally from CT and still feel the sting of the Whalers leaving town.
  15. Anyone try Bounty Hunter mode? It is the biggest pile of garbage they've released sp far in my opinion. Essentially, if you don't get lucky enough to get to a stash when you drop in, you may as well quit the game. Not a fan of the new Waterworld either but I will at ;east give it a little more time to grow on me. As far BH, I'm good. Especially coming off the very cool Heist and Alcatraz maps. What a let down.