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  1. So do only certain seals count towards the trophy? Like if I complete Forerunner, that won't count?
  2. This game to me personally is not good. I've never had this much trouble playing any of the EA versions. Why not have a visible swing meter to help gauge shots? For you pros, you can turn it off. I want to enjoy the game, not get frustrated because the swing mechanic varies with each shot. Every shot I take gets a very slow and veers off to the right. Not worth my time to get this frustrated.
  3. I did read. Congrats on having multiple accounts because why not play the big titles on your main like you have other games. You have some pretty impressive plats, not sure why you stopped finishing games or switched accounts. you obviously have some talent.
  4. This doesn't even make sense. You should never concern yourself with anyone's appearance and only worry about yourself and how you want yourself to appear.
  5. That's fantastic. I have 567 Plats and over 700 completed games but I would still never comment on games I haven't played to at least a significant point to where I knew what the game had going for it. I'm not saying whether you're right or wrong in any of those cases, just it takes away from the argument.
  6. How about because that's how pretty much everything and everywhere in the real world works? And how about addressing the real meat of the quoted post? One, showing obvious signs of cheating versus one where gut feelings and we don't get to see what's happening behind the scenes and circumstantial at best evidence is used to determine a users guilt?
  7. According to your profile, you haven't even played a couple of the games you listed and you have a tendency to not finish anything you started. So how would you know whether the "awesome" games you listed are so much better or worse than any other game?
  8. So I can confirm that indeed the physical and digital share saves. I can also confirm that the physical NA does not add a new trophy list so it is definitely not physical worldwide.
  9. Still working years later. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the video, BD!
  11. I doubt they are, but has anyone confirmed whether or not you can use your save from the digital on the disc version? Thanks.
  12. I see a bunch of posts stating that for certain trophies like 10 Trap kills, they have progress to 9 but when they come back to check, it shows 2 or something similar. Is there an actual tracker that shows these numbers in game? I have looked through the menus and can't find anything. Thanks. It would be nice to know how close I am on certain trophies.
  13. Appreciate the info. I will give it a go and let you know. Thanks again!
  14. Anybody know good locations post game to get any kill trophies that may have been missed? Specifically I am looking for hack a droid kill and explosives. Thanks!
  15. I didn't see anyone else mention this. The coin grind is a pain but I decided to go the good old fashion route and change the date and time forward. This works in respawning the coin crates without having to wait 24+ hours.