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  1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It's being saved for Plat 150
  2. Been a while since my last update, been playing a lot of Fallout 76 recently. B2- Starts With The First Letter in Your PSN- Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Been wanting to play this for a while now, was always a bit too expensive for my liking however. Finally came down to what I'd consider a reasonable price. Quite enjoyed it, combat took a little bit of getting used to, and could be a little glitch y at times, but the storyline is very good imo, I look forward to the sequal
  3. Console Sega master System Snes Sega Saturn PS1 PS2 Nintendo Wii PS3 PS4 Sega Mega Drive (Recently Discovered in my aunt's attic, and gifted to me) Handheld Gameboy GBA GBA SP DS DSI 2DS PSP PSVita
  4. There is a little leeway for mistakes, but only really 1. When I finally S ranked extreme, I died at around 2.8million points, with about 30 seconds left on the clock, fininished with 3.35million, then all the bonuses took me to a little over 3.5. Does come down to a little RNG at times,and you have to guess which way the ghosts are going to go.
  5. Update time. B4- Sci Fi or Fantasy Themes: Kingdom Hearts: Dream, Drop, Distance Only one in the series that I'd never played before, quite enjoyed it tbh, more so than I thought I would. O3- Originally Released in 2020: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Been waiting a long time for this one, and whislt it does have a few problems, I did enjoy it. Intrigued to see where they're going to go with this now, hopefully the wait for the 2nd part isn't too far off (2-3 years would be nice). I'll be coming back to this in a few months for the platinum (saving it for 150). I2- Adventure: Uncharted: Golden Abyss Got myself a PSVita recently, so finally got to play the only uncharted game I was missing. WHilst the touch screen controls can be a bit annoying, I did think it was quite fun overall.
  6. I'm currently working on the grindfest that is Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (ps3 version), been working on it on and off for the last couple months. Down to my final trophy for it now, which I can probably get done tomorrow (Lvl 99 Riku).
  7. Another one crossed off the List. O2- That you started, but didn't finish: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Played this on the PSP, but never actually got around to ever finishing it. I was loosely aware of the story, but was nice to finally play through the whole thing.
  8. Update Time. G2- You think you will Dislike- Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The card based gameplay always kind of put me off this one, I played this a bit back when it was o the Gamboy Advance. The redone version is definately an improvement over how I remember it being. The fact you essentially need 6 playthroughs for the plat (3 with each character), also put me off a bit, hasn't bene too awful so far though tbh. Did a playthrough with each character on Normal mode, mainly for the storyline, then moved onto kingdom hearts 2 for a bit, finished that, then came back to do a playthrough on both characters on proud (which wans't that hard tbh). I'll be coming back to do the eay mode playthrough, and all the grindy stuff soon. I3-Developed in a Foreign Country: Kingdom Hearts 2 Probably one of my all time favourite PS2 games, and imo, easily the best game of the series. I did everything on beginner mode, and will be returning to it sometime soon to do the critcal playthrough for the platinum Currently doing Birth by Sleep for started but never finished (Played on the PSP, but never managed to finish it for some reason). Taking the longer route around, and doing a playthrough on each character on normal mode, before a playthrough on critical later on. I've finished the Terra playhtrough, and about halfway through the Ventus run.
  9. Update Time. I5: With Player Choice or Multiple Endings. After 2 playthrough's of Kingdom Hearts (and another yet to do), I felt like doing something a bit more relaxing. The Wolf Among US had been recommended to me by a few people, and it finally went on sale again, so felt like giving that a go. I loved it. The characters are all quite interesting, and the storyline is great. Hopefully the wait for the sequal isn't too long
  10. That makes 4 games I was interested in this year with delay's. Fully expecting Resident Evil 3 remake to be next...
  11. Well, here we go again Should be able to fill in a few of these already. Beat in 1 Sitting: Untitled Goose Game Aliens of Robots: Terminator Resistance That you Meant to play last year: Brutal Legend With Mini Games in It: Kingdom Hearts
  12. Top 3 Games: Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection- 165 Hours Red Dead Redemption 2- 135 Hours Fallout 76- 127 Hours 1967 Hours over 258 Days (pretty sure this is wrong, no way was there over 100 days with no gaming, I have a feeling it hasn't tracked PS3 time) Trophies Earned (Pretty sure these are ever so slightly off, by my count I had 56 Plats for the year.): 1443 Bronze 572 Silver 249 Gold 54 Platinum
  13. The superpower does indeed count as a unique kill
  14. I got this one done as a pure fighter., using a pretty cheesy method. There are 2 items you'll want in your inventroy at the end of your first run, invisibility ring (found in shop in Urgoth's Beard as I recall), and Kiel's Goblet (6 uses, fully heals the drinkers, makes them fail morale at the slightest bit of trouble, Kiel's Helmet counter acts this, both are found in Durlag's Tower). Use the goblet spareingly throughout the run, ou'll need a lot of uses of it (you'll have 36 uses in total) You aren't actually going to fight Sarevok, so nothing else is really needed, although a necklace of Fireballs, or one of the potions that does similar is helpful to trigger the fight. Make everyone go invisible at the start, move 1 character up, chuck a fireball at Sarevok, then go invisible again as soon as possible. There's a permenant trap on the skull symbol in the middle of the room, lure Sarevok near this, Keep walking back and forth over the trap, healing as needed with the goblet. The damage from the trap will eventually kill Sarevok. One of the wizards will sometimes follow you down as well, I did the same process to get rid of them as well. Not the prettiest of methods, but it works.
  15. Couple more updates. Doubt I'm going to manage a 2nd complete Blackout, but I think I can manage at least 1 or 2 more games before the year is up, for a couple more bingo's O3- That gives you the feels- Life is Strange For anyone that's ever played this, it should be somewhat obvious why it's under this category G2- With player Choice, or multiple endings- Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Both excellant story driven games, featuring a fun and interesting cast of characters. I might do LiS 2 next.