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  1. A few more done for Round 2. B4- By an Independant Developer- Devious Dungeon 2 Its a Ratalaika game, so it's fairly easy to do, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it however. I enjoyed the first one, so picked up this during the current sale, I think it's a bit harder than the first, but ovalll still quite easy. I5- With a Female Protagonist- Broken Age Another one I picked up whilst it was on sale. I have a soft spot for these point and click adventure games from Double Fine, this was the only one I hadn't played yet, and I did quite enjoy it.
  2. Don Corneo sounds suspiciously like Mark Hamill to me... Wonder who the mystery new soldier is.
  3. Using cheats during a mission stops you getting credit for doing any of the objectives. You're fine using the cheats in between missions however.
  4. Couple more done for Round 2 G3: With a Number or Punctuation Mark in the Title: Dead Rising 2: Off The Record I quite enjoyed the Original Dead Rising 2, an d I found the equally as enjoyable. Just need to grind out 100k zombie kills, and find a co-op partner to get the multiplayer stuff out of the way for the Platinum now. O2: That you can beat in one sitting: Shadow of Loot Box Saw this was on sale, thought I'd give it a go, actually turned out to be quite fun, short and easy platinum, which tends to poke fun at various other gaming tropes.
  5. Screw it, gonna go for a 2nd one http:// 1 Down already. G5: Play as a Bad Guy or Antihero: GTA 4, Epidsodes From Liberty City (The Lost & Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony). These are both very good pieces of DLC, shame Rockstar never did any for GTA 5's single player.
  6. Job done, this has been a fun Event to do, would definitely do again N5- That Gives you the Feels- Final Fantasy 7 This was chosen for this category, for reason's anyone who has ever played this will understand One of my all time favorite games, basically the reason I even got a Playstation in the first place. (This was also my 100th Platinum trophy).
  7. Nothing for me either. Had my account nearly 10 years now, and the only emails I've ever had are the transaction confirmations and funds added ones.
  8. 1 More done. I1- That Takes "Forever" to Beat"- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Started this not long after it initially got released, played a good 60 or so hours on it and moved on to something else, as I had a bad habit of doing back then. Decided I wanted to finally get it beat, picked up a copy of the Legendary edition on Ebay for cheap. 142 hours to get the platinum and all the DLC trophies in total. One of those rare games that does live up to its Hype I feel. Did start having some issues towards the end, when the save file started getting a bit big, some serious frame rate drops here and there, and a couple of full on crashes also. Just 1 remaining category now: N5- That Gives you the Feels This one will also be my 100th Platinum trophy Another week or 2, and I should be done
  9. Probably going to grab the Superhot double pack, got a PSVR recently, and was recommended I give that a go.
  10. Another one done. I4- Reboot or Spiritual Successor- Mirror's Edge Catalyst Considerably easier than the original (The time trials are much more forgiving). Next on the list is going to be "That takes forever to beat", with Skyrim. Played maybe halfway through years back, but never ended up finishing it.
  11. Mirror's Edge, came with the console.
  12. Think I'll get this once it hits the Uk store, I adored the Redwall books when I was younger. Think I still have the first 10 or so actually.
  13. Nearing the end now, another game done G5- With Gorgeous Vista's- Horizon Zero Dawn This is another pretty impressive game, that I can't believe I waited so long to get done. Really hope a sequel isn't too far away Next up, will most likely be Mirror's Edge Catalyst for the Reboot or Spiritual Successor category. Then it will be a bit of a break whilst I work on other things. I'm intending for my final 2 category's to be platinum trophies 99 & 100
  14. Update Time! 2 More crossed off the list, get me a few more Bingo's (I'm on 5 now I believe.) B5- That You Can Beat in One Sitting- What Remains of Edith Finch Not something I'd have usually played, if it wasn't for it being free on PS Plus recently, found it to be quite creepy tbh. O3- Platform Exclusive- Marvel's Spider- Man This is just excellent, been meaning to get this for a quite a while, but was waiting for it to go on sale, which it finally during days of play. Loved every minute of it, bought the DLC, and really enjoyed that also. Hopefully a sequel will be released one day
  15. Another game complete, and another Bingo acquired, this time the row of 2's. G2- With player Choices or Multiple Endings- Steins; Gate This has been in my backlog since it was free with PS Plus. The story line is excellent, main character is a bit annoying early, but does become much more bearable as you progress.