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  1. I've been thinking this week, and have now started seeing posts and articles pop up on a similar wavelength. What if Sony are removing all the old stores, to put all that content in PlayStation Now? Remove them from purchase, but have them readily available with a PS Now subscription. I've always quite liked the PS Now library selection, but Game Pass is pulling way ahead, and so far with very little response from Sony. That's what got me thinking; why keep all these old games, in old stores, on old consoles, where a dwindling number of people will come across them? Yes okay it is an inconvenience for current PSP, PS3, PSVita owners that maybe aren't playing on newer consoles, but there has to be a time when these things come to an end. So, why not shovel a load of old games which may never have seen the light of day again, into the world of subscription gaming. I for one would love to see this, but is it asking too much? Is this something you would like to see happen? I mean, it's better than losing them for good!
  2. Yeah, maybe they were just testing the water with it and will bring it back sometime! They've recently announced the roadmap for year one, so maybe they'll be rotating some game modes.
  3. It was a featured playlist, only available for 2 weeks.
  4. I'm thinking of picking this up too! The reason being that my friend loves it and insists I buy it, he plays it regularly and hasn't had a bad word to say about the playerbase!
  5. Apart from a 2hr speedrun, trophies don't seem all that bad
  6. Well, this came out of nowhere... The classic Xbox title is making the switch over to PlayStation! Straight up port, not a remake or remaster - but I loved this back in the day and can't wait to play it again 😁
  7. Are you playing solo or with friends? I never managed to find a ranked game solo, but when trying with friends we managed to get in a match. Always felt like the game either struggled with or didn't want, solo players to join in with ranked.
  8. I picked up Cyberpunk for £20, only five days after launch, thanks to a very unhappy gamer on Facebook marketplace 😂 Buy physical and don't like it, sell it. Buy digital and don't like it, tough luck.
  9. I was looking forward to the faster download speeds, then I remembered I only get 10mbps maximum anyway 😅 My favourite part has to be the controller. Can't get over how good it is! Initially, I was concerned it might be a bit gimmicky but I'm so impressed with it!
  10. If it's up for auction, I don't have a problem with it. If a buyer wants to keep bidding into the crazy monies then that's on them. What I can't stand is when they straight-up list with a ridiculous buy it now price. On Facebook marketplace, someone nearby has 2 up for £1000 each!
  11. I see no issue with loot boxes/microtransactions for cosmetic items. Mario & Zelda are overrated. 😬
  12. Yeah I've been a bit on the fence with whether or not it's actually a decent game, but just really fancied a new arcade racing game!
  13. Despite not adding any new trophies, do the DLC vehicles and events make obtaining the trophies any easier? There's only a £1.60 price difference between standard and special currently, but with PS5 on the horizon I'm being super stingy with money 😂
  14. Multiplayer and Co-op aren't included in the base game, Ubisoft has it in the post-launch plans expected December 3rd. Hopefully the multiplayer will come with additional trophies, as Watch Dogs 2 did with Showdown!
  15. Yes! I wasn't expecting much after the first game boring the hell out of me with the grind! The Crew 2 was a pleasant surprise, I picked it up cheap and wasn't expecting much but I ended up absolutely loving it! I got the platinum last week but I'm still playing it for the weekly challenges and having a blast 😁 As for DLC trophies, I wouldn't expect to see any. New disciplines have been added to the game over the past 2 years, and these didn't come with any so I'd be surprised if the upcoming update does bring new trophies. If you do get it, enjoy! And one tip - don't scrap epic parts! I had a pointless grind at the end of the game because I scrapped all my epic parts once I unlocked legendary parts, but these don't count for the trophy to equip all epics 🙃