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  1. MGS1
  3. Driveclub VR is really and odd one for me, I played it once and didnt even finished a single lap before i felt like crap and had to lie down for a long while. But i can play stuff like Eve: Valkyrie or Wipeout VR for extended periods of time without issue.
  4. Not trophy related but the Physical copy is up for pre-order at Limited Run Games. https://limitedrungames.com/collections/neo-frontpage/products/limited-run-313-ps4
  5. Sadly no, you dont get chaos points from any of the DLC. The grind isnt too bad tbh, once i finished the main game and all challenges i was nearly level 12. It didnt took that long to finish, i just fast traveled from base to base destroying everything with the wingsuit rockets,
  6. i had this problem with my old fat ps3 long ago, and i replaced the drive. But at this point it might be cheaper and simpler to just buy another ps3. Complare prices between a used ps3 and a bluray drive and make your decision. Its a pretty simple procedure but just make sure if you buy a new drive that it will be compatible with you ps3 model.
  7. If they learn from their mistakes from Mafia III, the rumored part IV would be absolutely fantastic. They nailed atmosphere, characters, setting and story but it was gameplay, side content and mission structure that could have benefited from a lot more variety. And i really HOPE that if Mafia IV happens its going to be that the rumored 70's Las Vegas setting. If those remasters happen i hope that a good amount of work will be put into them, these 2 games havent really aged well. I replayed Mafia II for the DLC and the 100% right after i finished III and , oh boy did it felt archaic!
  8. Physical preorders are live on Amazon Canada!!
  9. No, you dont need to. I did get the true ending on my nightmare playthrough and i skipped those entirely. The true ending is only tied your friendship level.
  10. Street Fighter Alpha 2 and the original Killer Instinct
  11. Finished both of these a while back: - Tales of Vesperia (PS3) - Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (PS4) https://psnprofiles.com/Godwulf_MTL?search=tales of vesperia Puts me back to Lord of Spirits!
  12. I used my completed save file, but from what i understood is that Abby was saying to come back after you are done with your business. I imagine she meant to come back after you finished the game. Are you in post game? If thats the case then i dont know really. I didnt have any problem with this DLC.
  13. Just proceed further in the story, they will eventually appear on the map.
  14. My man! just started the game too!!
  15. I had no issue so far with the Gamefaqs guide, side events are all listed at the earliest time possible, ive missed none of them and im almost done with my plat. Also i paired it with the Collectibles guide here, eveything missable is marked in red, i used it mainly for enemies and save points.