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  1. I don't get this trophy, I got to the final boss at 34 (on normal) killed 1st phase and it bumped me to 42... And does the 2 support members LVL matters?
  2. What a crazy day!! FOUR Kiseki games localization announced (and Geofront work being used as a base for the Crossbell Arc is wonderful news). Legend of Mana remastered released yesterday and it looks wonderful. And the Montreal Canadiens making it to Stanley Cup finals. Crazy...
  3. 1. Shogi, awful since the only way to make it through is with by either doing exactly like a video guide or using an app to cheese it. 2. Western style casino games, dont like gambling games. 3. Japanese style casino games, same reason as 2. Special mention Mahjong, I actually enjoy it, its just that in some of the games the requirements for completion are a pain to get.
  4. The trophy list is out at exophase, it's a matter of time before it's uploaded here. https://www.exophase.com/game/legend-of-mana-psn/trophies/ Any veteran of the game can chip in about what this plat entails? I only played this game a little bit back in the day and I don't remember much. No clue how long or hard this plat could be.
  5. Galactic Punt! nuff said
  6. This franchise is as simple as it can get, there's no wrong way to play them, just go along for the ride and enjoy. Maybe it's just not your cup of tea, I wouldn't force myself to like something, but I would give it another shot, it's a fantastic franchise.
  7. Thanks, got both!
  8. Shit like this always happens when codes aren't inside the box, generally for the first run of the print. Dealing with crappy and clueless customer service reps for a couple of avatars and themes sucks. I bought my game from an independent and they had the codes printed out and taped on my game case, glad they got that figured out.
  9. Saw that too, but finding someone willing to do this wont be easy.
  10. That doesnt bode well, might be time to give up. Thanks for the help.
  11. It does this both on the console and the website, might have something to do with the old version of the website gone. No i dont have a region 3 copy of the game, I will only buy one if I can get my hands on the DLC somehow.
  12. It seems to be impossible to buy the Muppets level kit on the South East Asians PS stores (tried Malaysia and Indonesia, same results), it says unable to purchase because I do not own the Rowlf Costume and that same costume came with the level kit, very strange. Last ditch effort to try to get this dlc before store closes. Its the only piece of DLC with trophies im missing. Looks im shit out of luck.
  13. Been a long time since i platinum'd it, so my memory is a bit fuzzy. Its not really hard, just about the same as other Senran Kagura games, but it is very grindy.
  14. Playing offline (console not connected to the internet) solved all collectibles tracking issues for me. I believe that the Ubisoft Connect app has issue tracking the collectibles and causes trophies to not pop when they should.
  15. Ubisoft Connect app is the culprit here I'm pretty sure. I had 14 deliveries done according to my stats on the Ubisoft Connect (You can see those from the app accessible from the game options menu, couldnt find my stats on the phone app) and I have done an insane amount and still no trophy.... So I have cut the internet connection from the PS4 settings menu, booted the game back up offline and what do you know.... 6 deliveries later BOOM...trophy popped. To add insult to injury after this I logged back online, Ubisoft Connect refreshed and my stats showed 20 deliveries... I had trouble with Oral history too, autopopped after the patch. Anyway now i'm gonna clean up paste up, drinks and darts offline just in case. Hope this helps.
  16. Any info on the hidden ones?
  17. Just checked with a used copy, and I was able to download all episodes with no problem. Been sitting on this used copy for a while I just had to check! Season Pass discs, what a stupid idea.
  19. Driveclub VR is really and odd one for me, I played it once and didnt even finished a single lap before i felt like crap and had to lie down for a long while. But i can play stuff like Eve: Valkyrie or Wipeout VR for extended periods of time without issue.
  20. Not trophy related but the Physical copy is up for pre-order at Limited Run Games. https://limitedrungames.com/collections/neo-frontpage/products/limited-run-313-ps4
  21. Sadly no, you dont get chaos points from any of the DLC. The grind isnt too bad tbh, once i finished the main game and all challenges i was nearly level 12. It didnt took that long to finish, i just fast traveled from base to base destroying everything with the wingsuit rockets,
  22. i had this problem with my old fat ps3 long ago, and i replaced the drive. But at this point it might be cheaper and simpler to just buy another ps3. Complare prices between a used ps3 and a bluray drive and make your decision. Its a pretty simple procedure but just make sure if you buy a new drive that it will be compatible with you ps3 model.
  23. If they learn from their mistakes from Mafia III, the rumored part IV would be absolutely fantastic. They nailed atmosphere, characters, setting and story but it was gameplay, side content and mission structure that could have benefited from a lot more variety. And i really HOPE that if Mafia IV happens its going to be that the rumored 70's Las Vegas setting. If those remasters happen i hope that a good amount of work will be put into them, these 2 games havent really aged well. I replayed Mafia II for the DLC and the 100% right after i finished III and , oh boy did it felt archaic!
  24. Physical preorders are live on Amazon Canada!!