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  1. In your (and your parent's) opinion. It's not for you to decide what is too much.
  2. There are a lot of sidequests in the citadel that acticvate when you go to a specific spot or talk to a specific person. Personally i found a map online, to make sure i didn't miss any. I am pretty sure i would have missed 'Completionist' if i hadn't done that.
  3. Edit: People have earned online trophies today, so servers are definitely up. When i tried some months ago i couldn't play online, so i assumed the servers were down for good. I see there is a boosting group now though, so maybe it was just temporary.
  4. The chance of me ever getting this plat just went from 0,1% to 0,0000000001%
  5. Damn, that sucks! I thought we were safe from those shenanigans when playing offline
  6. I thought for a second that my offline char was gone too until i realized it defaults back to having online selected on the main menu when you close the game.
  7. Dane here. This is far from the truth. Eriksen is rarely good when playing for Denmark. Schmeichel, Kjær, Højberg, Delaney and braithwait are in my opinion more important. And now younger players like Damsgaard, Mæhle and Wind have really stepped up too. Really hyped for the rest of the tournament, Denmark haven't been this good... ever?.
  8. That's what i thought, i just got confused by the wording Thanks again, that list is vert helpful! Didn't understand why some of them didn't pop when used without targets.
  9. Thanks Geridian! What does "can be applied to the mako" mean?
  10. This. If you're planning to go for 100%, just wait until raids. If not, maybe in Conflicts since you are 4 on a team there. 3rd option is joining a boosting session.
  11. I believe you have to be in a group with 3 other agents. I've tried with randoms (that i wasn't in a group with) in a safe house too, and i didn't get it.
  12. Cool, thanks for the answer
  13. Hi everyone! I recently started this game and as always am going for the platinum. In all the guides i can find it says i need to get the first tickle when i reach Selray for the first time and the second tickle after i beat the Sacred Beast's Lair. Thing is, i went to Komodo before Selray and think i will have to do Beast's lair before i reach Selray because of this. Have i missed this trophy and have to do it the opposite on NG+?
  14. Grats Five consecutive hands was a bitch cus it requires so much luck. I got lucky on that one and got it pretty early. 25mil isn't too hard but obviously also depends on luck a lot.
  15. It doesn't have to be done exactly like that, it was just the easiest method i found. I am pretty sure that the only requirements are: You have to be one of two players left on a table that started with atleast 3 players (including you). When you are only two players left at the table you have to get to the river one time, without being all-in. There's a good chance that you, like me, have gotten most of them naturally while going for the targets.