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  1. From a selfish point of view I don't like when games adds easy modes, because I am weak and will eventually turn it on. Celeste is a good example. I loved the challenging gameplay and would have spend a lot of time on that game, but when I hit a difficulty spike, it didn't take long before I turned assist mode on, and after the first time, it gets harder and harder to resist. I'm sure I would have done the same for all the harder of my 100% games if I had the chance and I wouldn't have any plats to be proud of. I know that this is my own problem, but this is why I prefer games without easy mode. I was actually planning to play dead cells very soon, but I might skip it if this trivializes the play.
  2. The user that started the game can't, but the user that joined can. Now the question is, if you start the game with the guest account, and join with main account, will main account still get trophies?
  3. This is supposed to release in 10 minutes right? I find it odd that i can't buy this on PSN store yet and thought it might be a mistake in my region. Any of you that have the option to buy it yet?
  4. I played this game back in 2011 way before i cared about trophies, and just bought the game again (lost my old copy). When i looked at what trophies i had gotten back then, i wondered how i didn't unlock Rocker Server (Make a serve at or above 200km/h) since i played it quite a bit back then. I now tried getting it both in practice and exhibition mode and it seems like that trophy is just bugged for me, on both my old disc and the new i just bought (second hand). Anyone else tried this and hopefully have a fix for it?
  5. Do we know that diamond cards will ever be available in packs? So far the best cards in packs are very underwhelming.
  6. I believe they are still working on a VM: Bloodline sequal.
  7. Isn't this the battle royal game? If so, I believe they are all multiplayer.
  8. Thanks for the answer! I'm going the Asuka way myself but damn it's a grind!
  9. How did you get the last 2 diamond cards? By getting all medals in the last two proving grounds?
  10. Damn, thanks for the info! I bought physical (for first time in 5+ years, talk about luck!) and just realized there's a code for the Undertaker pack in the box. Sucks that digital buyers gets screwed though
  11. Maybe the 4/5 level card is hidden deep in Proving Grounds? Only place i can think of that isn't visible to me.
  12. What is the Undertaker pack? Can't find it under add-ons in the PSN store.
  13. I have now finished the quest, and no, it does not pop 'An Exotic Journey', even though it is a Forsaken quest. Amazing game, but really sad that they care so little about trophies.
  14. Does completing the quest 'Tex Mechanica Tournament' pop 'An Exotic Journey' trophy? My googling of it returned conflicting answers, so i'm hoping someone here have a definitive answer to this. Thanks in advance!
  15. This is gonna be the FIFA killer! You heard it here first ... and last.