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  1. That is great news! Thanks for your reply. Would love an update when it's fixed.
  2. It isn't broken, but it feels like it is until you get good at it. Keep at it and you will get there
  3. The DLC "Escape From Anti-Escape Island" released today, but there is no trophy list for it. Does anyone know if there will be trophies? Can't wait to play it anyway. The base game was really fun in co-op.
  4. Ita a PS5 bug. Trophy will unlock within a few hours
  5. You did earn them once and got rewarded for it. The trophies you autopop, you didn't earn. It's not your fault that the game has autopop, but if you upload a save just to get free trophies, that's a decision you make. It's your profile and you can do what you want with it, i just don't understand how it is satisfying to get trophies that took zero effort. Same as i don't understand the appeal of shovelware.
  6. To be fair, autopopping is taking it a step further. As much as i am against shovelware, at least you have to click x a number of times. Autopopping is literally downloading trophies that you didn't earn.
  7. Cyberpunk is truly great and can definitely not be considered a flop. What else have they made except for that Gwent game?
  8. How would it die? The shovelware players don't really talk in the forums since all the debate these apps inspire is shittalking (we are gonna miss out on a lot of that though). I think it will make more people care about the leaderboard as well, since you suddenly could be competitive without wasting time and money on that garbage.
  9. How so? I looked it up, and you are right. You could actually call that a game. Seems like they are also filtering the worst shovelware games. Nice!
  10. This only affects the non-games. No games have been hidden. Also, i don't think you know what the words censorship and hunting means.
  11. This site was created for trophies for playstation games. Then these 'buy trophies' apps, became a thing, and they release so many of them with multiple stacks each that all the actual games got hidden because of them. Most people here don't buy those so the change was made to please the majority. Also, not promoting them and hopefully hurting the sales for these scummy "developers", that only exist to pray on trophy addicts, is a good thing imo.
  12. I am not trying to troll or be mean, but i just can't come up with other explanations than you are doing something wrong. My guess is also that you press the buttons too fast. There could be a glitch with a specific game i think. There could definitely be something wrong with the controller or console. But since you tried different consoles, controllers and played all the different Arkham games (two of them twice), it seems near impossible for you to be that unlucky. I have also played them all on different consoles and have never experienced it.
  13. The community is already apart thanks to these 'buy trophies' apps. There are the 'trophy hunters' who plays games and likes to hunt for trophies in them. Then there's the newer breed, 'trophy buyers', who doesn't really play games, but instead, buys their trophies. Many from the latter group used to be hardcore trophy hunters, that now has to "play" all these apps or lose the rank they fought so hard for for years. And most of them seems to hate it just as much if not more than the rest of us. These apps do nothing good for the community and the hobby. If you think otherwise, i'm guessing you're an addict that won't admit it. If not, i would love to hear arguments for why these apps are a good thing.
  14. Since you have changed both controllers and consoles, there doesn't seem to be any other explanation than you not being as good as you think you are. I remember i had a hard time getting combos when i played Arkham Asylum for the first time, until i learned the timing. On topic: I am really dissapointed about hearing how bad the game is. As a DC fan i was really looking forward to this 😢
  15. Thanks everyone! I thought about it, but since it just happened in that one game, i thought it couldn't be dust. I will clean it and see if it helps.