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  1. Dang you have a ton of played games! Tried and didnt see xcom 2. Super fun and rewarding plat.
  2. Thanks for the update! This month has been great trophy wise. Finished all of payday 2 and a few other cleanups. Might hit my 95% goal by the July update! Although a lot of my leftover games are starting to get tough. MHW: Iceborne in particular.
  3. Decided to go back and try and do the base game Monster Hunter World. Started the expansion. Only 500 hours left
  4. Yeah, it's super low. I don't think I've seen any mention of its port release. Some missions can be rough but not bad. I think there are 25 missions total and you only need 15 of them at master. If you get good at making multi-cures its just time.
  5. If you are still accepting participants I would like to join. I'm currently 84.06%, would like to get over 95%
  6. Gotta say Persona 5. Looks like fun, gotta finish the backlog first though!
  7. I recently platinumed the NA version of this game. Took me about 30 hours to complete. Nothing on the list is hard, but completing all the levels can got a little boring near the end. Just make sure you have the marketing and malpractice expansion on and it's pretty straight forward.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a setting to change/control how fast the ingredient information cycles in the ingredients section? I would love to be able to look at the concentrations or upgrade machines without it switching every two seconds.
  9. Kingdom Hearts 3 for sure!
  10. Here is my list if anyone is looking for ideas. 0 - Ni No Kuni II - Revenant Kingdom 1 - Bloodborne 2 - Super Destronaut DX 3 - Stardew Valley ** 4 - Until Dawn 5 - Kingdom Hearts III 6 - Until Dawn - Rush Of Blood 7 - Hitman Go - Definitive Edition 8 - Heavy Rain 9 - Hollow Knight Stardew Valley only has one trophy left but has caused me more stress then graduating college...Hopefully, it will be over soon.
  11. I would love to sign-up! I didn't see a registration form on the main post or I just can't read. How do I register?