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  1. Second coil of bahamut (savage) can be done unsynced you're thinking of the 3 ultimate fights that are not required. "Hardest" ones are probably the 5.0 Savage DLC trophies since you cannot unsync yet.
  2. You do but it doesn't actually let you download from the store no. You get the PS4 version through the main menu (they call it PSVR access) or through that other method with "manage game content" on the PS5 home screen. I think you would need the PS5 disc in the PS5 anyways to play the PS4 version like other PS4->PS5 upgradable games.
  3. You've got two options, either from the main menu of the game where you'll see a tile like the one below (1st pic) or if its not there just press L2/R2 on that tile to get to it. Second option is from the PS5 home screen and hovering hitman 3 press the options button and go to "manage game content" and you'll see the 2nd picture. Just hover the VR access and it'll give you access to download it from the PS store. Either option should work and I'm pretty sure it is the full PS4 game since I now have the option of switching game versions but I haven't actually booted the PS4 version yet so not 100% on that. The game version (PS4/5) sizes are nearly identical at 59 GB each as well.
  4. Yes the PS4 and PS5 versions are separate installations. You can continue playing the PS4 version on PS5 along with playing the PS5 version if you choose to download/install the upgrade on the PS store. When you're hovering the game's icon you can press the three dots to go into the PS Store to download the upgrade.
  5. Might have to restart the game it was buggy for me when it came to the camera. Just move the camera around the evidence and/or move back a bit until it says "target in view", otherwise it won't register.