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  1. Just finished it solo took me lots of attempts but you just need to be lucky that the ball lands at 1 of the 3 other characters so you earn 2 points by a single catch
  2. Had the same happening with the new zombie map tried it on my other ps4 and it worked fine guess the slim barrelly can handle the game
  3. Firebase Z keeps crashing for me when i try to pause the game on solo just to answer my messages anyone else having this issue?
  4. Yup had the same happening i completed the 14 first matches and left the 15th match after I got the 3 kills without dying and it was still locked even though I saw the reward popping in the 15th game. Probally the same for the double kills and 2 finishers with the knife in a single game
  5. After trying to get the remaining trophies for the campaign my ps4 crashed twice within a 15min time frame, the second time it crashed it seemed to corrupt my entire game and deleted itself and now I have to redownload the entire game again The first time playing the campaign also corrupted my save when I was nearly at the end any solutions on this?
  6. I believe you just have to beat the last level but I'm not 100% sure but there is a level select in the game
  7. I can confirm this is possible got the trophy on my second attempt. I saved my game right before you need to hook the container and that is were the game did put me again after launching the game again
  8. Grabbed it thank you (free in the belgian ps store)
  9. It's not compatible in this game you need to start from 0 with no cards again sadly
  10. Nope you start with nothing you need to buy the cards once again from the packs or earn them in battles
  11. After it is done you would need to do your 5 days again though since it deletes all your progress but you couldn't do anything with your current save data anyways
  12. Had the same thing going on it did fix after i deleted my save
  13. Without debug menu it would take a couple hours
  14. I am currently trying my 5th different date (i changed dates on my ps4) but no matter what i select the game just freezes so i changed my date back to what its supposed to do but it still doesn't do anything whenever i open a mode it just freezes Edit: After deleting my save data the game works fine again
  15. Have the same issue with disc