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  1. Have the same issue with disc
  2. Late reply but you also can buy it in the Hong Kong psn store which i did
  3. So normally you need to summon Mr Slave while being in Mr Slave to unlock the trophy which i forgot to do so today i was going to the crab people and did get in a fight with a bat over there and i didnt want to do the battle so i did summon Mr Slave and the trophy did pop for some weird reason so if anyone still needs this trophy this is the second way to get it
  4. Same and you always can see what is left to do but what about those games that pop multiple trophies at the same time? Like in 36 Fragments you can earn multiple trophies at once would that bug the trophies or not?
  5. Thank you for the reply i guess this will help me get my goal of 100 platinums
  6. So a couple months back i heard about that glitch that you were able to play games from diffrent regions on your vita for example : US digital games for Vita on a EU acc i never used it myself since i wasnt 100% sure if it was allowed or not but i saw Hakoom and the others at the top of the leaderboard been using it does anyone have more information about this?
  7. This can be deleted/closed
  8. Nice man thx for letting me know edit : the trophies did pop out of order now when i was redoing 1 test just hoping this doesnt get me flagged now
  9. So yesterday the patch did go live for the game to get rid of the bugs but becuase of the new patch the game instantly crashes when you try to launch it. No matter howmany times you gonna try to launch it it will keep crashing so imo the game is not worth buying untill they got another patch what will fix this.
  10. The patch did go live yesterday but now you cant even start the game anymore lmao