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  1. Sorry about the Angry Birds i didn't want a 99 or 98 percent trophy with the near feature disabled. I hid the game with its trophies.
  2. Proassassin931 Angry Birds Trilogy This is my mistake as i have edited this timestamp as the near feature got disabled for me. It was the only trophy preventing me from getting the platinum. VVVVVV The guy who finished it under 20 hours was slow?
  3. Assuming this thread is still open- Dual in the Desert 2019 is going on now.
  4. i was denied the ps3 platinum coz i didnt have a PS3 camera to take a mugshot. Was not an option back then coz i was still in school and allowance was limited.
  5. If your playing on the Pro try putting the boost option off in settings and try it. I've had those problems when i played AC liberation but didnt encounter such problems in AC3. Also u could try disconnecting the net and finish that mission then reconnect again.
  6. I got this on my first try with fully upgraded ship. What i did was made sure to use the chain shot to stop all 3 ships 1 by 1. and then just come next to the front of each ship and dead stop completely then put half sail and hit the front of them. this opened up their barrels which allowed me to fire my swivel guns at them. I replayed the mission 2 just to test whether it worked out and all the 3 times i did it, the barrels got exposed that way without sinking the ships. Just make sure u don't go full sail and hit the front. Even while just next to them the small ships can sink easily. Also watch out for the waves be ready to duck down while it hits and then go half sail into the front of all 3 ships. Hope this helps. Amongst all the privateer missions The wolves one gave me the most difficulty while trying to protect the 8 merchant ships. 😤
  7. its a MP trophy. In MKX u were required to pay 1-10 points after a king of the hill match so prolly if u wanna knock this out of the way u have to play and pay 10 points in each game.
  8. Happened to me once in new orleans when i was going to charm a guy up the balcony. The moment i climbed up it crashed. I guess it randomly happens. Some other games also i've experienced random crashes and i prolly think it has to do with boost mode.
  9. As many who played the HD Remastered this glitch carried on to the PS4 version also. If u didn't get the trophy unlocked after the credits incase u went and replayed a memory to get a constraint u missed out and the trophy didn't pop then just do the last mission ( don't need 100% just complete it), after the credits the trophy will pop.
  10. I think the servers are still online.There are people still getting the MP trophies. Also there is a session set up for the game aswell. So u can go for it. MP trophies are easy and wont require much of your time.
  11. 😂😂
  12. I feel as though Sony is doing it mostly with the version exclusives which are only available on their platform like horizon zero dawn, spiderman, God of war, now Detroit.. they might even make more for many other exclusives idk let's see but something is better than nothing lol.
  13. Yeah got it aswell. Looks good
  14. Maybe to u it may not mean anything but to the people who played their games, getting trophies feels like an accomplishment, one they can talk about to other gamers and prolly challenge themselves even more while also having fun at the same time.
  15. The last one i remember doing was Friday the 13th. Grinding for those kills and matches was a total pain in the ass. 😨