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  1. Thank you for the great guide!
  2. I've been silently following this thread as well and I agree. You guys are doing an amazing job indeed! It's nice to see the community get together and work together to figure things out. I wish I could contribute somehow, but I wouldn't know any other way you guys haven't tried yet. Thank you all for your hard work! ♥
  3. Omg, thank you so much for posting this. I gave up on the plat, cause I just suck at beating games on hard difficulties. I can't believe this actually worked. Definitely going to spend the rest of the week getting the plat♥
  4. I blocked 20 people who spammed those weird messages
  5. I've been trying to get the platinum trophy for VA-11 Hall-A (PS Vita version). The 'In The Name Of Beauty!' trophy is the last one I still need. I've been trying for hours and I just can't do it. I did get the platinum for the PS4 version since it has a great trick to beat it. That trick just doesn't work for the Vita. If anyone has some tips/tricks, please let me know :C
  6. It's Fallout 76 for me. I'm not jumping on the hate bandwagon here. I'm a big Fallout fan, so I hoped it wouldn't be as bad as everyone said it is. I've put hours and hours into that game trying to like it, but god, it's awful to get through. I was trying to go for the platinum and you're supposed to get a trophy for getting to level 50. Once I finally reached it the trophy didn't pop, so I asked Bethesda support about it. They literally told me to just start over. Dropped the game right after that.