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  1. yeah its an solid 8 at least
  2. the content manager is just broken not my fault for sony dropping the ball in that regard. I tried fixing it but it wasnt on me it was sony who ruined that option. and about it working for others I have 1 other friend stopped working for him as well. and to be ahead of you crap like reinstalling etc I already tried with no succes and plus isnt an option I am not gonna pay for a crap service thats just blackmail and scummy to take money from customers. so yes it is imposible for me unless I wanna pay which isnt an option
  3. and I just got nr 10 dungeons and bombs this is my last plat to report here after thinking about it its noth worth it anymore if it doesnt get update or your number of plats gets lowered for no reason
  4. yeah that doesnt work either because the software to make backup on vita has been broken for probatly a year already by now and it took forever to use it anyway so it would have sucked to begin with but now its literaly impossible
  5. yeah I cant use the cloud I dont have ps plus thats why I said I cnat do the save scum trick so I would have to do it legit
  6. I relay want to play it but I have no idea how difficult it is since AI cnat use the save scum trick so its probatly too hard for me to be able to get it
  7. just got nr 9 myself physical version of roommates had so much abd luck with this one glad to have finaly be done with this one edit: I just noticed my plat amount has been lowered why? I ahd 6 in the rankings before now 3 while that should be 9 at this point instead
  8. ok small update I did NOT have this issue at all so as long as you have the most recent patch at elats you should be fine. I am not sure what version is on the gamecard but I didnt have it on version 1.07 sucks that my speedrun chance is ruined though but it is what it is
  9. theoretical? lol its 100% gonna happen altough I dont exactly know when it already happened on the wii it happened on the wiiu and it already happened on the dsi as well and it will happen soon on the psp as well it even happened already on the vita with playstation mobile. so realy your just plain wrong there and again you CANT BUY a digital game you RENT it and its just dumb to think they keep the servers op forever. ofcourse they wont it costs money to keep them up. and a digital future no one should want in the first place because there would be no more competetion at all so no reason for a game to ever become cheaper as well. finaly I am done talking to you you dont know anything about me yet you start assuming stuff thats just plain untrue and even if it was true in no way shape orform would you have the information to make that assumption at all. I relay dont mind discussions at all but relay saying the hobby means hardly anything to me while I own 1000ds of games just makes no sense so this is my final reply to you
  10. digital games have drm just look at the ps3 even if you have them all on a harddrive when that batery is dead or those servers are down you cat use them anymore. also even if you have your games on a harddrive if your system dies they are gone when the servers are gone as well with a physical game I get a new system put it in and can still play said game. also disc going out of print makes no sense how does that affct me if I have the game? realy thats not an argument at all and when the servers are down you can never redownload your stuff your totaly dependant on sony in this case if sony sais we close the store your screwed. and your final argument thats rich I own over 3000 games and I never had a game die on me yet so while it is possible if you take care of your stuff it wont hapen anytime soon scratches on disc only happen due to users unless its an 360 game. also physical games you cna replace digital games you cnat replace when servers are down not legal at least
  11. its not odd al all you dont BUY a digital game its renting them for an unspecified amount of time it can be taken away from you at any moment and you have no controll or say in it. you never own a digital game ever. while my phsyical I own and unless I sell it I will still own it in 50 years
  12. personaly I rather not play a game at all then getting it digital for even a penny I refuse to pay for air. altough I am first to admit physicla isnt everything anymore either to to games being incomplete and requiring patches etc thats the reason I dont care about ps4 or 5 at all or any console after that. also even if you dont wanna carry an additional device with you (which I highly doubt is a serieus thing anyway) phone games in general are just bland boring cash grabs that dont even qualify as games if you ask me. and I dont know anyone who even plays games on their phone. even so I realy like laying on beb playing a game before going to sleep for example. and about persona 4I dont know the game well because I wont play it due to the time limit the softlocking thing was more persona in general altough I am pretty sure it applies to persona 4 as well and yeah realy funn having grinded 10 hours being unable to beat the boss and do all the grinding all over again plus some more try again and hope you cna defeat it then or your screwed again. I genuily dislike people buying their games digital tbf because they are the reason gaming for me will end verry soon at least modern gaming. I just have to accept that though no mather how much it sucks
  13. added the comming east asiasoft releases comming this thursday list should be complete once again
  14. it would give hackers a free pass just for that alone I am against it I might be o with it if you still need to hide the game you just dont get a leaderboard flag for it but even then its a free pass for hackers since there are no consequences edit: I noticed I accidently bumped an old thread sorry it wasnt on purpose
  15. while I agree with you for the most part there are some things you should considder as well first of steam for many people not an option at elast nto for people like me who want their stuff physical. I dont buy digital period rather not play a game then rent it which a download in essence is also steam isnt portable either which is another reason to go for the vita also the final thing I disagree with is eprsona 4 being a good game I own a full vita set and I wouldnt even put it top 100 a time limit in an rpg breaks the game for me and I dont care about that socializing either thats also 1 of the reasons I dont care for fire emblem 3 houses. also allowing yourself to get softlocked in a game sucks (stuck on a boss with no wya to grind anymore)