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  1. ok how did you refuse them? there was no refuse button at a certain point they removed that at another point there where 2 options straight away or later after that that later became tonight. but verry early when they pulled this there wasnt an option to refuse it at all and at the time you did have that option you just got that notification again after a new update they even changed the update name a crapload of times so even if you put that upate in the list not wanted they would rename it and you got it again. I get that you dont like this but I am stating facts. you cna look them up easy enough yourself the thing with history is it cant change it happened so everything from the past is a fact. but hey if yu say microsoft themself are lying here go ahead. I am done for real with this now because I dont have the time or patience to have a discussion with people who even deny facts
  2. enjoy took me 5 seconds to google microsoft even admits it here
  3. I aksed around to over 50 people back then i was doing a lot with computers for family and friends and they all had that issue. it was big news back then people who hid that update that did it still got it in the end they made the notification in a way even that it didnt mather if you clicked on the cross or ok or whatever it was force installed anyway you dont even have to believe me you can google it yourself the internet is full of it. the only way to make sure you didnt get it was not update at all anymore. the forced update part is gone now but that doesnt change the fact that they did do it and I never found anyone before who not had this problem back then when they had an compatible pc also not on fora etc. but nvm I am done with this discusion if I get called a lier when I am talking about facts its not even an oppinion
  4. here you are just lying microsoft forced windows 10 on everyone they got a ton of bad pr for it it happened to anyone who had an legal version of windows 7 and or 8 and its not about getting those update I was forced to disable them because clearly I cnat trust microsoft with that power. also most of those updates are to ruin all privacy people haveand steal the same ammount of data windows 10 does. the things that get send to micrsoft is just rediculus they see every website you visit how long every program you use likely everything that you type even and I cna go on and on what microsoft pulls there is worse then what most viruses etc do
  5. suure works probatly just as good as virtual pc especialy on my close to 10 year old pc with an old version of windows 7 since microsoft forced me to not allow updates anymroe after they tried to FORCE instal windows 10. also even if I had a good pc that would mean i had to put that on my pc start it every time slowing down all other services and stuff on my pc etc. im not an icter I wouldnt even know how to do it if I wanted it mesages are taken down on vita browser and ps3 all my options.
  6. yeah sucks for me it was 1 of the few ways I ahd of staying in contact with my bets friends showw of the games we got in and everything and thats gone now:( so asside from the ocassional phone call I probatly cna never spopeak them again asside from the few times a year we see each other I didnt even knew the web version would go down as well:( worst part is the timing 1 of them lost his dad last night now its relay ahrd to be there for him as well. I will actualy be happy now if the last vita games are out now because that emans I will never have to support sony ever again
  7. not an option for me I dont have nor do I want a smartphone
  8. ok so I cnat use mesages at all anymore thanks sony I have no way anymore to contact the people for the boosting session I said up either so I am screwed:( how am I supossed to ever boost trophies now without any way to contact anyone
  9. wel here its down tonight I was able to help someone get the rocketbirds trophy only to wake up and it being down realy sad about this I used it a lot it was 1 way to stay in contatc with my 2 best friiends which I cnat do anymore now:( and in case people start recomend crap like whatsapp I dont have or want a smartphone and I dont wnat to use services from companies like facebook because they shit on privacy and everything you sya n there they see as well
  10. ok I missed that thank you:)
  11. in the near future I wnat to earn a crapload of platinum trophies in 1 single day I have like 13 japanese visual novels ready to get platinum. however would it be allowed to use 2 vita with my account at the same time? a few of those have like 10 choices so its easy to keep track. but on my list it might look a bit weird if I get the tropheis of 2 different games relay close to each other. if I ahd 1 vita it would seem like I swapped every 2 or 3 trophies maybe. that wouldnt be the truth but that would be what it looks like. thats why I am wondering if I would be allowed to use 2 vita with my account at the same time since novels are just autoplay with a choice oon ocassion I relay want to get all those plats in a single day thats why I am asking because I have never earned that many plats on a single day and more then likely never will again either
  12. soul sacrifice delta I dont know since I never played it I am pretty sure for the normal soul sacrifice you didnt need to but I am not sure since I didnt have the network passs so I never could freedom wars i cna 100% confirm you dnt need to send invites you cna just make rooms
  13. sorry then I am out of ideas I wish I could help more though
  14. ok that was gonna be my next question I hight doubt that this is the case but do you have an option with a friend for example to log into your account on another ps3 system? I doubt that you would see them there but I dont think you have anything to lose either