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  1. 10 Points to Gryffindor - Collect all Trophies Very entertaining game, especially for lovers of the saga!
  2. My first Game: god of war 3
  3. PSN: strelok_ch I will accept any request, I play several hours.
  4. Good luck to everyone who keeps trying to get the trophy.
  5. What bad luck, I bought a month for 5$ u.u
  6. Thanks! your guides are very helpful.
  7. Wolfenstein 2 platinum me costó más de 10 intentos. debes aprender todo sobre las diferentes etapas del recorrido y perfeccionar tus movimientos para lograrlo en pocos intentos. Me alegra leer que has progresado. pronto obtendrás platino. en cuanto a las fases en las que más debes entrenar. eso depende de tu experiencia. deberías ver tus mejores estrategias y entrenarlas.
  8. I don't hide trophies but I respect the people who do. in short, each one is the owner of their profile.
  9. Same here, goodbye fall guys
  10. Platinum Fall guys Level 430
  11. Platinum Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout difficulty 10/10.
  12. I think the store is random for everyone. and it is not necessary to buy the cheap ones since it is totally lucky that the legendary one comes out. I'm waiting Legendary pattern
  13. Remake de Final Fantasy VII, creo
  14. Orc Slayer worst Game ever
  15. It took me two years to get 100% but it was worth it. it is a matter of taking the rhythm and having the ideal companions.