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  1. Without disc I only buy digital games.
  2. Lol. We know this things now. Amazing spoiler
  3. I expect Sony dont do that
  4. it's completely normal 😋
  5. Master of PowerUse every powerup in the Ninjago Battle Arenas
  6. with a lot of effort I achieved 100%. and it's really nice for me.
  7. Excelent. Strelok_ch
  8. Very very hard, i think u need do one first
  9. Almost Wolfenstein 2
  10. Dead by daylight
  11. I thought better and if the others want it is fine.I don't need it I wouldn't want to be selfish with other people
  12. I had no problem, you just have to complete the story and then get the collectibles in free mode!
  13. PSN ID: strelok_ch Systems: PS4 I accept blank friend requests. I love complete every game (100%)
  14. Lego Harry Potter my next one