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  1. So i didnt go through this game honorable and no saved. Right now im at the island washed ashore. So ill need to replay the game...
  2. Lol thank you this helped. Right to the point! Great Job!Great Job!Great Job!Great Job!Great Job!Great Job!Great Job!Great Job!Great Job!Great Job!Great Job!Great Job!Great Job!Great Job!Great Job!Great Job!
  3. I just got this game and bought the season pass and finished season 1 and in the middle of season 2 and when i load up the game and hit X to start i get stuck on the black loading screen with the batman symbol at the bottom right. Does anyone know of a fix from this that has experienced the same issue?
  4. So.. I really wanna hold off on getting these trophies because it is SUPER draining, just takes forever and my first go about playing as Hunter I failed by 100% loss challenge unknowingly and it restarted my progress on that trophy. Not to mention I havent even got the firefly trophy yet either!!! It's crazy. But my saying this is because i wanted to know if you guys think once the LOU2 comes out that they'll close out the MP faction servers? That's all i am worried about at this point because i really want to put this on the back burner honestly lol. Part of me wouldnt be too upset either if i missed out on these 2 trophies too but i just wanted to see what you guys thought on this.
  5. So i read MORE into that guide about the MP and it's true i have been doing it wrong haha. Even this second go i have been quitting games to get a days past and havent even made sure i had at least 1 healthy survivor. Also i have been playing the challenges that arent 100% loss and have been using the Mark Enemies as my objective and now on my first 100% mission i chose Mark Enemies and the first goal of the 3 is 28 so lol... Yeah i hope i can make it to the 12 weeks. Im not good enough to do them downs i dont think.
  6. Thats some very assuring information lol, thank you so much Tuga!
  7. I only wish my experience went that way. You got that good juju.
  8. Not for certain since this was my first time playing a Telltale but it was a serious downer having to do this. Also they arent providing any support per their automated replies when you request resolve for this. Think they threw in the towel.
  9. Beautiful, thank you so much!
  10. Hey All, How do I set my signature to show the picture of my PSNProfile.. Profile? I don't got much to offer yet but it's fun! Thanks in advance y'all!
  11. Literally what i did, i got to the menu where you can choose the episodes, went back to settings and went online, then downloaded the episode / installed, then went and turned the game back offline(might be extra to do that, but i turned it off just in case) then proceeded to play said downloaded episode.
  12. Think this is the first, or one of the first times i went to a forum for help on a matter like this and actually found good resolution lol. Its cool.
  13. Ok i think i got it now lol. Thank you Much Dj! Only thing though its just an image URL and it doesnt show it updating.
  14. It comes up with the same print though
  15. Ah what the hell lol that worked lol thank you. Everyone whos have this issue, do this. Never go online, if youre stuck just delete saved data. thank you for keeping on with this thread!
  16. Yeah not even that worked. I just uninstalled it and am going to try to start it up once it's done offline to see if it'll work then.
  17. Boo. I tried that and still no dice. Even tried to email support and they don't support anymore so it seems lol.. Well wasted my $15!
  18. How do i log out though if it only brings me to the point of the main menu where it says X to start?