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  1. Uncharted games are the bessssssst
  2. Sorry I got to it from the main forum and I didn’t see it up top - obvious I don’t look at the forum much, I see it at the bottom now
  3. What game?
  4. Mastodon - lots n lots of mastodon
  5. How do you get good karma and how do you get the ploy?
  6. So, I hit clan, then it brings up the screen to invite clan members. I invite the other person, hit search session and it brings up that message “unable to start session because you are in a clan by yourself” it split up the clan and sent me back to main mp menu
  7. I can’t do sacred land - every time I start clan match it says I’m in a clan alone - even though I added a person to my search - anyone else having this problem?