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  1. Legendary Phantom Thief Earn all trophies ‚ąöLetter You got all the trophies!
  2. Golden week sale and not a single tales game on sale </3 I was hoping to get tales of hearts. truly disappointing
  3. Legend of The X.R.C. Obtain all trophies -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Truest Self You obtained all trophies
  4. All collectible enigmas/suspicious traces Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4
  5. You don't need a guide, but I'll just explain what you have to be aware of. (I actually missed 2 characters episode trophies and had to reload an earlier save to get them) Just make sure to max bonds by switching out and fighting with different characters in the active party and whenever there's a character episode available there will be a special icon in the world map. In order to progress a character episode you would have to select the correct answer in the conversation if you choose the wrong answer the character episode would be locked out. In order to unlock the episode after choosing the wrong answer you would have to speak to aria and pay for her to rewind the time allowing you a second chance at the conversation, but you can avoid all of that by saving before starting a character episode. The character episodes that are related and can be completed if you alternate between them are : just make sure to max out all bonds and view all character episode as soon as they're available and you shouldn't have a problem with missing any trophies. However if you do miss a trophy, there is new game plus and basically everything and your level carries over and random enemy levels remain the same (but you can adjust them) so you'll be able to speed through the game. This is how I unlocked them but there might be other ways or workarounds
  6. Yes, kind of. Character episodes can be missable. Some characters episodes are related to one another for example if you dont have a certain "go home club" member affection high enough or haven't progressed far in his character episode you might not have enough time to complete a certain ostinato musician episode.
  7. 5-Leaf Clover Unlock All Trophies
  8. difficulty 4/10 time 35 hrs (in-game time) fun 6/10
  9. Jump Force Obtained all trophies. ngl, only got it for HxH
  10. Brilliant Etoile Congratulations! You collected all trophies.
  11. Dancing in Moonlight Obtained all trophies
  12. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Acquired All Trophies
  13. We happy Few. Buggiest most broken game I've ever played. The game crashed 17 times with constant frame drops. good story, mediocre gameplay, so not worth it