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  1. So has anyone said definitively if the flag trophy is unobtainable or if its just a grind. I was about to start this (2020) and If it is obtainable and a grind, so be it. If it is unobtainable I want to move on to something else.
  2. I just bought this for $0.74 and still feel like I over paid. This game is terrible. Everything about this game is bad. its lame. its boring. its very poorly made. I was surprised that I made it through without it crashing. With another development team behind this and considerable time to polish this puppy off, it might have been a decent game. This had potential to be something like Plague Tale: Innocence or Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, instead its just bad.
  3. There is a gold brick in which you have to melt a First Order snowspeeder mini build. The race was missing from my map until I melted the snowspeeder then it popped. Completed the race and the trophy popped.
  4. I, like most people here, have an enormous back log. I have two lists for PS4 and one for Vita. I no longer own a PS3. That ship has sailed and I have not interest in reinvesting in one. My two lists for PS4 include 1. games I want to roll credits on; keeping an eye out for missable trophies to minimize unnecessary play throughs. I do this to primarily enjoy a game without getting caught up in "I have to platinum this game" stresses. This list is in order by ease of platinum and series but mixed up enough to not get franchise fatigue as I work my way through my back log. My second list is by games I have finished and need to work on the platinum. This list is in order by ease of platinum as detailed by PSNProfiles>>PowerPyx and then by percentage completed according to PSN. I started trophy hunting a year and a half ago and this system seems to work for me. I have been able to rack up some easy platinums faster to bolster my numbers to catch up to the rest of you crazy kids.
  5. Not mention beware of games that review embargos lift day of release (by day of release I mean the same day that GameStop released the game on 4/25/19 @ 9:00pm.